Original design projects for a country house

A country house in recent years has become for many Russians not only a luxury item, but in some cases a place where they spend most of their time. Days spent in the bustle of the city, in a gassed metropolis, with a frantic pace of life become torture, so living outside the city is not only a way to maintain peace of mind, but also a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

The next fact that prompts citizens to buy a country house is the opportunity to build their dream house, taking into account personal preferences and with a free layout, next to which you can set up a garden or vegetable garden.

Structural features

The construction of a cottage or a private house should always start with a project or layout. Above all, it is best to heed the advice of experienced designers, who will not only provide you with valuable guidance, but can also offer you turnkey architectural projects that will be much more economical than developing a custom plan. If you insist on any features, then they can be “inserted” into the project of your future country house.

The design of any construction should include the following aspects:

  • ease of planning for all family members;
  • structural strength;
  • long-term operation;
  • security.

If your architect is a professional in his field, then he will be able to correctly distribute all future buildings on the territory of the site where your home will be located.

Ready-made solutions will significantly reduce your costs and speed up the construction time, since it is much more troublesome to raise a building from scratch and will entail unforeseen costs. Moreover, in the process of preparing a project, you can first get acquainted with its working drawings, discuss the nuances, and then sketches of the future cottage,

The next point is the size of your cottage. It depends on your financial capabilities and the number of family members. If the future housing is designed for retirees, then a small one-story house measuring 10 by 10 square meters may suit them. Then they will not have to spend money on the construction of, for example, the second floor and, accordingly, the stairs leading there. The foundation of such a private house will also take much less time and money..

If you are a supporter of ecological materials, then such a small house can be built from rounded logs – in this case you will achieve a stylish solution and low cost.

If a country house is planned to be built spacious, even two-story, then you will have to correctly calculate the number of rooms so that each family member or future guests has “their own” territory. In this case, it is necessary to consider a very popular option: a house with a size of 200 sq. meters. Today, many developers are ready to offer you a huge variety of layouts for such a spacious home. And here not only the architecture of a country house is important, but also the technology by which it will be erected..

It is necessary, according to experts, to take into account the climatic features of the territory. Most often, such houses are erected from beams or the same rounded logs. Frame structures are less commonly used. Brick houses are no less popular – they are reliable and warm, built “for centuries”, have high sound insulation and retain heat well..

In houses with a size of 200 sq. m. a family of 4-5 people will fit perfectly. Cottages of this size can be one-story, two-story, it is possible to design an attic. Experts recommend, in this case, to choose a full-fledged first floor with a large number of rooms, and design an attic instead of the second..

Next to such a structure, you can set up flower beds, plant a garden or break a rock garden..

With a competent layout in such a house, you can arrange all the necessary functional premises, including guest rooms..

Exterior design

Of course, one of the obvious factors when designing a country house is its exterior, or simply – its appearance. Of course, every man in the street wants his house to leave an indelible impression on guests and neighbors. And not only the house itself, but also the surrounding landscape, into which the structure of your choice will perfectly fit.

According to experts, in order for the house to be visually attractive and original, several basic key design principles must be followed:

  • Relationship between design and symmetry. A proportional exterior is a guarantee of a “complete” look of a private house built in any style. Let it be both Georgian-style pointed roofs and the correct symmetry of the entrance doors, framed by perfect windows..
  • The texture of your chosen building materials. There are a lot of them: tiles, bricks, aluminum siding, wood, etc. It all depends on the style you choose. You can safely choose between cedar tiles or stone finishes, decorative plaster or facade tiles.

  • The color palette has a stunning effect. Many designers offer to make your home interesting by combining two shades that correctly set off each other. Light colors will make your one-story cottage look taller and more spacious. If you want the opposite effect, use dark tones at the top of the house and keep the bottom light..
  • The right roof is the key to the success of your building. It is necessary to correctly select the material that suits you – heavy slate or tiles, lighter tiles or an expensive metal surface. It all depends on your budget and the possible endurance of your building..

  • Stylishly decorated porch will give your cottage an original flavor. Here you can not hold back your imagination: contrasting shades, stylish lighting, an original bell or knob for knocking on the door, an abundance of green spaces in unusual pots – all this will make passers-by more than once pay attention to your house..
  • Landscape. The space surrounding your country house, planted with different flowers or shrubs, can make your home unforgettable. True, a lot depends on the climatic conditions and the patience of the owners, but the result is worth it.

Interior style

Choosing the interior of a country house is as serious a task as in a city apartment. Thanks to the interior, you can realize your dreams, express your attitude to the world around you. Given the fact that the space of a suburban home is most often larger than in ordinary apartments, you can maintain it inside in the same style or combine different.

First of all, the style you choose should be comfortable and cozy., after all, it is here that you can take a break from workdays and enjoy the surrounding view. Moreover, the interior of a country house includes not only the decoration of the living quarters, but also a veranda, a summer terrace, an attic, a staircase leading to the second floor. It is necessary to rationally use every meter of space so that all the guests gathered in your suburban home can appreciate your work..

If the space allows, then in addition to the necessary functional rooms, such as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and nursery, you can afford a playroom for children, a billiard room, a sauna and a gym. Many people prefer to decorate their country hideout with a fireplace, in front of which you can relax after stressful days..

Typically, designers suggest choosing three traditional styles for country houses:


Country – this style assumes an abundance of natural colors and materials. This choice is especially good in a wooden house. The finish of this style is natural, you can imitate a tree, but be sure to exclude parts and accessories made of glass, plastic and metal. The walls in such rooms can be pasted over with wallpaper in a “flower”, you can try with a striped pattern or even a cell.

Walls with decorative plaster or decorative stone will also look good. The floor in such a country house also needs to be made of wood, but the ceiling can simply be plastered in white or decorated with wooden beams. A fireplace fits perfectly into a country-style living room.

A kitchen in this style “requires” a massive wooden table, you can place earthenware plates on the shelves, an “aged” sideboard, hang linen towels with embroidery.


The Provence style guarantees you a cozy atmosphere. Floral motifs, light furniture made from natural materials, light walls are what you need to decorate your country house. The upholstery of the sofa and armchairs can have a spicy detail – frills, wicker boxes, porcelain dishes, vases with bouquets of wild flowers on the shelves, a snow-white bedroom – this is how you get a real corner from France.


Chalet – minimal noble decoration, wooden ceilings and walls, no ultra-modern household appliances. Wooden walls can be decorated with stuffed animal heads or hanging weapons. “Antique” candle-shaped lamps are suitable as accessories, animal skins can be thrown on the sofa and armchairs, and the upholstery can be made of leather, fur or wool. By the way, bright lighting is unacceptable in this style, the tones should be muted. A fireplace is required in the living room – it is with its cozy lighting that the design inside the living room will become unique and stylish.

However, it is not at all necessary to adhere to the above recommendations. If you prefer a classic style, then the furniture in your home can be dark in color. Interesting accessories can be placed in the lobby of the cottage: a grandfather clock, if the space of the room is spacious, practical hangers at the entrance, you can place a fireplace in the back. In the bedroom, light shades are desirable, pastel colors are ideal. Walls can be decorated with reproductions of paintings by famous artists.

As for the kitchen, within the framework of the classic style, metal parts can be used here, and the walls can be tiled..

The presence of an unusual staircase will make the hall of your country cottage unique. Such a design can become a feature of your home, the main thing is to choose the shape that will harmoniously fit into any project.

It has long been accepted to use a staircase in multi-storey structures, and even if your house consists of a ground floor and an attic, the staircase will not only become a decoration, but can also carry a semantic load – small dressing rooms are very conveniently arranged under its frame or compact baskets are simply disguised for the necessary trifles.

A staircase in a classic style can add solidity to your room, and a laconic model will emphasize the elegance of design.

Today, designers offer more than one option for staircase designs.: screw, rotary and marching. All structures are made of materials suitable for the style of the room you have chosen: marble, glass, granite and wood. For example, if you are a fan of high-tech and your country house is not like the others, feel free to use glass, plastic and metal. Country-style staircases and chalets must be made of wood, although sometimes experts advise to make them from rough stone.

Beautiful examples

You can make your suburban housing extraordinary using various proposals of modern designers.

For example, supporters of environmentally friendly materials who are not afraid to experiment can be offered the so-called inverted roof, when lawn grass or flowers are used instead of tiles or slate – such is the unusual green carpet on the roof..

Inside such an eco-home, be sure to take care of bright lighting. This can be achieved not only with the help of lamps, but with a large number of windows that let in a lot of sunlight inside the room. The space between windows or glass walls can be painted in light colors – then you will achieve a feeling of transparency in the air and visually increase the area. A chandelier in the shape of a bunch of deer antlers will complement the eco-design of your living room or large kitchen.

A wooden house outside the city can surprise guests not only with walls made of logs, but also with an original woodpile in front of the porch, as well as an open veranda in the same “wooden” style, where you can comfortably arrange a comfortable sofa with a knitted blanket thrown over it – such is the wonderful village arrangement.

Your own imagination and practical advice from the best designers will help you choose the best design for a cottage outside the city..


You will learn more about how to create an original project of a country house from the following view.

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