Overview of house projects in the mountains

Living outside the city has recently become more and more popular. Fresh air, your own plot, silence, a large amount of free space – there are many reasons. On the Internet, you can find many different projects of one-story and two-story houses. All of them are divided into standard and individual.

The cheapest is the first type.

Plans for one-story cottages

There are several different types of single story house projects. The first thing to pay attention to is the type of material used when erecting load-bearing walls.

  • Natural wood. Houses in the mountains are often erected from timber or rounded logs. Structures by the lake are often built from natural wood..
  • Brick. You can build a warm house from bricks. Reliable load-bearing walls can be obtained from this material..
  • Frame technology. Similar structures have recently become more common. This is due to the low cost of project implementation. However, such houses are not erected in the snow-capped mountains..
  • Various wall panels, for example, foam blocks or aerated concrete. These modern materials are very popular today..

The choice of a project on this basis is carried out taking into account the conditions in which the construction of the structure will be carried out.

For example, a stone is erected if frosts or strong winds are observed in the region..

Projects are divided by design and functionality. The following types are distinguished:

  • with an attic;
  • with a garage;
  • with swimming pool;
  • with terrace.

In some cases, the creation of a basement is provided. Such a project is much more difficult to implement and much more expensive..

A one-story house with a garage and an attic is often erected at the top of the hill. This option is considered the most popular, it resembles a mansion.. Its features are in the following points:

  • the garage can be insulated;
  • attic allows the most efficient use of space.

You can choose a project of a one-story house with a terrace. If you place it at the foot of the mountain, then you can enjoy the fresh air. A wooden house with a sauna is a rather classic solution.

Regardless of the features of all projects, one-story houses are characterized by certain pros and cons. The advantages are considered to be:

  • construction work is much cheaper; if desired, installation can be carried out independently;
  • this type of structure is ideal for older people with children, since there are no stairs;
  • there is no need to strengthen the foundation;
  • much less time is allotted for the construction of the structure;
  • cost-effectiveness of construction and finishing.

A country one-story house is much more common than a two-story one. Regardless, there are several disadvantages to consider when choosing the right project:

  • increased costs for roofing;
  • similar structures are suitable for areas with a small area.

If you wish, you can make a glass terrace or a gazebo after the completion of construction.

With panoramic windows

Panoramic windows – a modern solution that makes rooms more spacious, more light enters them. Many projects provide for the creation of such windows.. When choosing them, you need to take into account the following shortcomings:

  • double-glazed windows used for panoramic glazing are much more expensive than conventional ones;
  • due to the increase in openings, a heating problem may appear.

Panoramic glazing will make the house really interesting. Before implementing such a project, you should consider some of its other shortcomings – the lack of privacy secrets, because anyone can see everything that happens in the room, and the dependence of the atmosphere in the room on the weather outside the window.

With swimming pool

Recently, the owners of country cottages are increasingly striving to complement the living space with a swimming pool. When choosing a project, you need to decide on a placement option:

  • next to the main room;
  • on the basement or ground floor;
  • by creating an additional covered structure.

If the pool is created on the first or basement floor, additional strengthening of the foundation, insulation and insulation of the structure must be carried out. The cost of the project is significantly increased due to the creation of an additional ventilation system, water supply and sewerage, heating.


Variants with an attic are widespread.. This is due to the fact that many houses have a large gable roof. The resulting space underneath can be used to create living spaces..

Terrace houses ideal for mountainous areas. This is due to the beautiful view and clean air. The terrace can be open and glazed.

Beautiful projects of two-story houses

If the area of ​​the plot is relatively small, but a spacious house is needed, then attention should be paid to two-story houses. It is much more difficult to build them, especially in the snowy mountains.. Modern projects that are very popular are characterized by the following factors:

  • lack of a large number of decorative details;
  • large panoramic windows;
  • highlighting individual structural elements against the general background;
  • simple forms.

Such structures are also easier to build. Most of the problems arise with a two-story house with a fireplace. Such an element of the structure should be erected exclusively by specialists. In winter, the fireplace creates a simply unique atmosphere in the house..

Design features

When decorating a country house, a variety of materials can be used..

Modern trends are in the combination of wood panels and stone.

In addition, unusual results are achieved with the following materials.

  • Wood and laminated panels. The second option is often much cheaper, but at the same time it has higher performance characteristics..
  • Decorative plaster. It is applied to the substrate as a mixture, after drying it forms a seamless surface..
  • Panels imitating natural stone. This offer is much more expensive, but it looks very attractive..
  • Clinker bricks and tiles. This material is environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Porcelain stoneware is considered one of the best finishing materials, as it has high moisture resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. The only but significant drawback is the high cost.
  • Decorative siding. There are options for sale in wood, vinyl, metal or cement. Their main advantage is ease of installation and attractive appearance..
  • Sandwich panels are considered a modern proposition. Such a finishing material not only looks attractive, but also provides reliable protection of the structure from temperature extremes and high humidity..

A modern and cozy house is being built exclusively using environmentally friendly materials.

Examples of

  • The combination of wood and marble is a modern solution that brings incredible comfort to the house. These materials create straight lines and simple shapes. An unusual atmosphere can be provided by installing panoramic windows.

  • The minimalist stone building looks great – minimum of bright details, flat roof and interesting shape.

  • High-tech house in the snowy mountains it also looks quite strict, but at the same time stylish.

In conclusion, we note that some companies are engaged in the development of projects to order. A similar service is chosen when you need a house with a unique layout and properties..

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