Overview of projects of frame houses measuring 6 by 4 meters

More and more people want to have a home made with their own hands. The trend is quite understandable: home owners want to independently develop a project, plan the location of the building and the number of floors. Houses 6×4 meters are very popular.. A frame building option with these dimensions is much cheaper than a second home.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of such projects include those presented below..

  • Fast construction time. Some types of buildings can be built in as little as a week. The average time for such a construction is about a month..

  • Small size and great functionality. A house with such parameters is compact, so it can be erected even on the smallest plots. The homeowners will have at their disposal several cozy rooms, as well as a bathroom and a kitchen. There may even be a little space on the site for a garden or vegetable garden.

  • Good thermal insulation. Since the house is small, it heats up very quickly..

  • Frame buildings are very beautiful.

  • Environmental friendliness. Only environmentally friendly materials – metal and wood – are used in the construction of “frame frames”. The main one is wood, clapboard, drywall or basalt fiber are usually used as cladding.

  • Interesting layout. You can choose the location of the house and determine its footage.

  • Saving money. It is much cheaper to build such a house than to build a monolithic structure of stone or brick. In addition, with this option, you will not need to use special equipment. A compact building is very easy to heat, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on communications.

“Karkasnik” is considered one of the most unpretentious housing options, especially when it comes to pouring the base. The construction is very light and you do not need to lay too heavy and massive foundation under it..

Cold and wind will not be able to penetrate into the house, since the structure is somewhat similar to a thermos – it is cool in summer, and warm in winter..

However, even such houses have some disadvantages..

  • Fire risk. It is believed that houses built using Canadian technology have poor fire hazard characteristics. The main part of the house is made of flammable material. According to statistics, the main cause of fires is malfunctioning wiring, stove heating or faulty appliances. In this case, it is not the walls themselves that start to burn, but the decoration, furniture and other interior items. Only then does the fire transfer to the supporting bases. To prevent a fire in the house, the building must be erected in accordance with all the necessary rules. It is extremely important to timely insulate the wiring and chimney, impregnate the wood with special compounds.

  • Short service life. We are talking about the natural decay of wood, as well as about its susceptibility to the effects of fungus. However, this problem can be solved with good ventilation and vapor barrier. In addition, the tree will need to be treated with special antifungal agents..

  • Poor soundproofing. This factor begins to bother tenants only if the house was built incorrectly. When installing walls, it is necessary to pay attention to the density of the slabs when fitting. There should be no gaps in the structure, otherwise sounds from the street will be heard in the house. If the construction technology was carried out correctly, extraneous sounds will not be heard in the rooms.

Variations in layouts

A house with parameters 6 by 4 meters can have either one or two floors. Many site owners like the second option more, since its layout gives more room for imagination.. Usually a small attic is placed on the second floor. A beautiful staircase must lead to the second floor..

There are both one-march and two-march options.. Next to the house, you can create a small but cozy terrace, which will make the appearance of the building more beautiful. The terrace can be equipped with its own roof or you can equip such a room directly under the attic. In this case, you can increase its area..

The ground floor space usually contains a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room.. It is also necessary to equip a staircase that will lead to the attic. This room usually contains a bedroom, although you can always divide the space on the second floor into two rooms..

There is an option to create a bedroom and living room or equip two lounges.

There are a huge number of interesting options for planning a small house.. It is enough to show imagination, to think about which option will “work” in this case. You can choose a ready-made project or create your own plan for your dream home. Self-design opens up great opportunities – it allows you to save on materials by choosing the cheapest and most affordable resources.


Small houses can be created in any style. However, the following factors will be important:

  • architectural nuances of construction;
  • load;
  • type of finish;
  • geography of the building.

Consider the most popular options.

  • Classical. Will never cease to be relevant. Buildings in classical style will look great within the city, and will also decorate any suburban area. This style is characterized by the use of correct shapes, geometry and symmetry..

  • Scandinavian. The word itself is associated with something warm, reliably protected from the cold. This view is quite consistent with the functional characteristics of the style. Wood cladding will look great. Typically, Scandinavian-style houses have only one floor and are perfectly protected from severe frosts. Such houses can often be found in the north of Russia and Europe. Such buildings have a special roof, sloping roof. The decoration of the premises is usually very laconic and simple. Modesty and unobtrusive beauty are in harmony with the natural landscape. Buildings often do not have balconies or summer areas for recreation.

  • Bungalow. During construction, weather conditions have to be taken into account. During the summer heat, it is most comfortable to relax in a bungalow. When building such a structure, thin sheets are used that can be assembled into single walls. The bungalow house will always be cool even on the hottest summer day. The roof of such a building is gable, covered with tiles. Although other, lighter materials are often used. A distinctive feature of the style is the summer terrace, which is usually not glazed..

This is a great option for a vacation, but it is not very suitable for a full-fledged stay..

  • Ranch. The style of the ranch is characterized by the imitation of village housing. In fact, houses that are common in the southern American states are taken as a basis. These models are more popular than ever in Russia. To build a frame, you do not need to spend a lot of money, and the style itself does not imply large investments. The ranch is the most popular option in the economy segment. The roof of such a house can be either gable or have a more complex configuration. The exterior of the house is very simple, but there must be a veranda nearby and several windows on the facade. Wood is very often used as a decoration..

Examples of

Before direct construction, it is necessary to carefully consider the design of the future house.. The family will spend a lot of time in the building, so you need to determine the number of rooms, the general interior and hundreds of other important details..

  • The photo below shows a building designed exclusively for recreation. A beautiful terrace has been designed in the main area of ​​the site. There is a relaxation area where you can set up a grill or barbecue. On the second floor there is a small balcony from which you can view the landscapes.

  • The light wood finish looks beautiful and makes the structure visually lighter. Thanks to this technique, the building looks very spacious and large..

Even a small house can become a real fortress, where you can take a break from the bustle of the world and spend time with loved ones.

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