Overview of projects of one-story houses with an area of ​​70 sq. m

Living in a private house gives a person peace of mind, peace and health. The mini-buildings in question can be cozy and absolutely comfortable if they are designed for 1-2 people. Competent design and thoughtful planning are important.

Advantages and disadvantages

Oddly enough, but the demand for such buildings is increasing every day. To try to understand what is the secret of the popularity of “kids”, it is necessary to find out the advantages and disadvantages of mini-buildings of 70 square meters. m.

The most commonplace reason is a huge imbalance between the income of the population and prices in the primary and secondary housing market.. Even a seedy room in a shabby communal apartment somewhere in the province costs at least a million.

  • A one-storey house of 70 squares is characterized by an affordable price, a high construction speed and a small need for a land plot.
  • Saving time – contrary to laws. A full-fledged large house is under construction on a turnkey basis in 2-3 years, a mini-house of the same functionality – 2-3 months, if you use the modular technology of frame houses.
  • Reduced heating costs. A frame mini-house with insulation of 15–20 cm can be heated with a wood-burning stove, which will cope with the task in an extremely short time. Such a volume of living space can be heated with electric and infrared heaters at low cost..
  • Ergonomics and efficiency – the minimum cleaning area, everything is close, almost at hand.

The profitability of such houses is higher than that of large mansions.. Mini-houses will not only pay for themselves when sold, but also make a profit. Utility bills are incomparably lower than apartment bills.

Unfortunately, the “babies” also have disadvantages – the same limited space dictates some requirements in everyday life. For example, the inability to receive a large number of guests with an overnight stay – there will be nowhere to accommodate them. If you want to have several children, you will have to think about changing your home.

House plans with a terrace

It should be noted that if we compare a mini-house and an apartment, then the first is approximately equal to a one-room apartment, both in area and in layout.

  • “Baby”, a residential project of which practically does not differ in its functionality from a comfortable apartment, has the advantages of being close to nature and low maintenance costs. The layout provides for an entrance from the courtyard to a large terrace attached to the front wall.

  • The next variant resembles the shape of the English letter Z. There are 2 verandas attached to the house on opposite sides. Layout with an increased set of necessary premises – kitchen-dining room, living room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom. All rooms are located as conveniently as possible, although they are small in size.

Other layout options

A miniature attic house of 70 m2, somewhat like a Christmas gingerbread, looks like a scaled-down version of a classic country cottage. The model is an excellent example of a mini-house, while it fits perfectly into any landscape. One and a half residential floors have significantly increased the area of ​​living space. By giving the attic to a large bedroom, the planner managed to make the kitchen-living room and bedroom on the ground floor more spacious. True, a bathroom is not planned here, but if you wish, you can take away a couple of squares, slightly shrinking the rooms. A terrace with a porch is attached to the house.

The next option can be safely called an example of ergonomics and talented work of an architect in the layout of a miniature living space.. There is a terrace attached to the house, fenced with railings, which makes it more comfortable and closed. On the ground floor, there was a place for an entrance hall with a wardrobe, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living-dining room and a staircase to the attic. The attic is given over to a couple of bedrooms, an office and a lounge area. In such a house there are already more square meters, and a small family of 3 people can comfortably live there..

Houses of such a plan can be built from any building materials., and not only the quality depends on the choice, but also the speed of construction – a house made of aerated concrete or a frame house is being built many times faster than a brick one.

Design and arrangement

Proper arrangement of interiors and decor with limited meters requires a special approach to the design and selection of furniture. It is impossible to overload small rooms with unnecessary furniture, otherwise it is impossible to get a comfortable and cozy space.

  • The number of premises should be minimized to the level of comfort.. For example, the house should have a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room. Everything else is added as much as possible – this is why a pre-thought out and competent layout is so important..

  • Interiors of rooms. The bedroom must have a bed and a wardrobe, in the kitchen there must be built-in appliances, a kitchen set, a dining table that can be replaced with a bar counter. The living room has a seating area with upholstered furniture. The ideal place for a TV is a wall.

  • In the bathroom you can place not only a sink and a toilet, but also a shower, if there is no bath on the site.

The accent in the interior will be textiles – curtains on the windows, bedspreads, pillows and more. Do not forget about such auxiliary elements of the storage system as the mezzanine..

Examples of projects

  • One-story frame mini-house with an attached garage for one car. The house has all the necessary active and passive zones – 2 bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom, an entrance hall and a laundry room. It should be noted that the area of ​​the bathroom in 5 squares allows you to put a washing machine there, so the laundry can be painlessly replaced with a furnace or dressing room..

  • Aerated concrete mini-house project with a terrace. The layout provides for the presence of an entrance hall, a spacious studio that combines a kitchen, dining room, living room. The house has 2 bedrooms: one is smaller, the second, more spacious, there is space not only for a bed and a wardrobe, but also for a workplace.

  • Functional design with minimal footprint. A terrace with a panoramic window-door is attached to the brick house. Inside there is a studio that combines a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, 2 unequal bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower and a small entrance hall.

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