Platbands on windows in a wooden house

Platbands are considered to be decorative strips used to frame window or doorways. It is worth understanding what types of decorative elements are distinguished, what materials are used in the manufacture of platbands, and about their installation.

What it is?

It is customary to supplement all windows in residential premises with platbands.. Such products are designed to perform protective functions and act as a decorative element for facades.. Since ancient times, they have been installed to protect the home. It was customary to carve various patterns or figures on them, symbolizing the creatures protecting the home, who are the keepers of the hearth..

The use of these decorative elements allows:

  • decorate the facade and give it a complete look;
  • focus on the architecture of the building, highlight the style used;
  • visually change the window dimensions, making them wider or higher, if the design requires it;
  • visually combine buildings with other buildings into an integral ensemble.

Their protective properties are no less important.. Platbands in a wooden house must perform certain functions:

  • minimize heat loss;
  • reduce drafts and protect from winds;
  • protect from outside dust;
  • serve as reliable sound insulation

These decorative details on windows are most important for wooden buildings..

The material used for them begins to dry out over time, deform, increasing the gaps. Installing platbands in a log house will reduce destructive processes, minimize the consequences of previously appeared gaps.

Species overview

There are different types of the described products, which differ in shape, size, design features, as well as the materials used for them.. They are divided into overhead and telescopic options. In log houses, you can see both telescopic and overhead elements. But when choosing one of the options, it should be borne in mind that during installation it is usually necessary to remove the frame, which is difficult in wooden rooms.

The disadvantages of platbands include rather high requirements for the quality of the work performed.. At the same time, it becomes necessary to provide protection against precipitation and other atmospheric manifestations, which is important when using materials with a wood base..


Models are subdivided into simple options and carved products. Simple planks without frills and patterns are used for buildings made in a minimalist style. You can make them yourself from ordinary edging strips, or using molded structures with a relief pattern on the outside.. Similar options are suitable for a plastic window, especially if its surface is smooth.

In this case, it is enough to make the structure in the form of a simple rectangle.. Cutting the ends of the planks at an angle will make the frame more visible. You can release them beyond the perimeter or complete the structure in the form of a rhombus.

Artificial aging of the material, wood burning with a soldering iron or brushing will make this facade element more noticeable. In addition, models can be painted in different shades, using burning or painting..


Carved elements represent a complex and also more expensive design option. But it is the carved platbands that can most subtly convey the atmosphere, emphasize the style of a log house, decorated under a tower or a hut. Carved elements in the wooden tower can be overhead or slotted.

  • Slotted models look like slats with a pattern cut through, through which you can see the wall in the gap. To make them, it takes a lot of time and the presence of a special tool. For this, a drawing is initially selected, later transferring it to plywood or fiberboard in the form of a template. Next, the pattern is transferred to the boards. Using tools, cut through openwork holes. In the future, the sections are equalized and polished.

  • Cutting overhead models is considered less time consuming and easier to perform.. To do this, cut out a wide variety of details in the form of flowers, wooden curls, patterns and geometric shapes, fix them on the bar. You can emphasize the resulting pattern by coloring the substrate and decor elements in different shades..

Such elements are the best way possible to give the room individuality and originality..

Materials (edit)

Platbands, like other decorative elements, in a wooden house are influenced by various factors in the form of temperature fluctuations, rainfall on the surface, sun rays. In addition, the products are attacked by various insects that can cause considerable harm..

Considering these factors, it is customary for facade decorative elements to be made of materials suitable for this, which have high resistance to negative influences.. Often they require surface treatment with special compounds and careful maintenance. Products made of plastic, iron or polyurethane can be purchased in stores, and wooden models can also be made by yourself.

For living quarters trimmed with wood or built from this material, wood trims are suitable. This material is not basic; other, more modern materials can be used as a replacement..

When choosing, they are guided by the personal preferences of the owners of the house, as well as the practicality of the material, its environmental friendliness, durability, ease of care.

When choosing wood, it should be borne in mind that this material, without taking care of it, will eventually begin to lose its original attractiveness, and its properties in terms of operation will begin to deteriorate.. If you do not take care of wood products, they begin to swell due to exposure to excessive moisture, dry out under the hot rays of the sun, lose color and be attacked by insects that spoil the material.

All these problems can be solved by carrying out measures for the processing of products with special means, as well as work on the regular renewal of the protection layer.. An important criterion when choosing platbands is the choice of wood. So, the most durable and durable models will be made of beech, oak and walnut. The disadvantages of hard varieties include the fact that these materials are quite expensive, they are difficult to process..

More affordable options include platbands using linden, birch and alder. The finished products from them look very attractive, besides, it is not difficult to work with such material. But in order for the products to look at the proper level, it will take about 2 times a year to update the elements with coating or impregnation..

When doing the elements yourself, it is better to use soft coniferous wood in the form of spruce, pine or cedar. The use of resinous wood will resist natural factors without the use of additional care.

Decorative platbands made of natural wood will perfectly complement any interior, decorate the room with an interesting decor, emphasize the style and its uniqueness. Wooden platbands are often decorated with beautiful patterns or interesting ornaments. Painting in a variety of colors or processing with special compounds will allow you to give the platbands harmony.

Products made of wood have a lot of advantages, but they also have certain disadvantages, consisting in the susceptibility of the material to changes in temperature, its drops, high humidity. Also, the material has low resistance to combustion..

Very often, plastic models are installed in wooden residential premises, taking into account the convenience and practicality of the material. It can be used to make models of any shape and color. Often the color imitates natural wood.

Unlike wooden structures, such models are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, high humidity and other unfavorable factors.. In addition, the service life of such products is higher than that of wooden platbands. Plastic models can be produced for installation not only outside the house, but also inside it.

When purchasing a product, it is important to ensure that it can withstand low temperatures and UV radiation..

Reasonable cost is an undoubted advantage of products made from this material.. A significant disadvantage of plastic options is the presence of artificial components in the composition, which affects the environmental friendliness of the material. At the same time, the variety of models from this material cannot boast.

MDF is used as intermediate options between wood structures and plastic models.. Wood waste and sawdust are used for production. This material is popular due to its naturalness. The presence of a special composition that impregnates the slabs can significantly extend the service life of the finished product, increase resistance to adverse factors. The disadvantage of MDF boards is the low strength of the material, especially in comparison with previous models.

One of the interesting options for the manufacture of window frames is polyurethane. Such models are distinguished by high resistance to negative influences, moisture. Outwardly, such products look like stucco molding, which is why they can act as a spectacular decor for wooden, stone and brick houses..

The advantages of polyurethane products include:

  • a wide range of products and the ability to choose planks with a different look and decor;
  • the possibility of using not only straight moldings for framing windows, but also individual elements assembled into an ensemble.
  • products can be painted in any tone;
  • are lightweight;
  • have low thermal conductivity, which has a positive effect on window insulation.

Platbands made of aluminum or galvanized steel on wooden facades are extremely rare. Most often they are used when it is necessary to hide the seams, during installation work. Aluminum models are similar in appearance to plastic slats.

Their advantages include a long service life, as well as increased strength. Disadvantages include poor compatibility with windows made of other material..


Installation is carried out only after the completion of all finishing works on finishing the facade. Installation of platbands directly depends on the material used in the process of work.

  • To install wood trims, craftsmen use glue, screws and nails. The fastening of simple models occurs when their edges are cut at a certain angle – 45 degrees. The deep arrangement of the windows involves the use of extensions. When assembling carved models, it is necessary to take into account the drawing and composition. It is important to make the docking of the elements without violating the general concept or pattern. Having installed the platbands, they are treated with an impregnation intended for wooden products, painted or varnished. To prevent cracking of the wood, place the carved parts along the grain.

  • Plastic models are fixed with self-tapping screws, special compounds. Often, manufacturers produce options with latches or profiles that provide flush mounting.

  • Polyurethane window decoration elements are very easy to install. This material has good flexibility, making it easy to fit and fit. It is cut using a sharp knife or hacksaw, fixed to the base with special glue or with liquid nails.

  • Sheet metal products painted with durable paint, installed in place using self-tapping screws according to pre-made accurate measurements.

Thanks to the choice of a suitable material and the preparation of products for installation, ready-made structures can serve for a long time, protecting houses from cold weather, winds, dust and other factors, additionally being an original decoration of the facade.

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