Projects of a country house with a size of 6×6 meters

For living with a family, a 6×6 m house is too small, but for a summer residence it is quite comfortable. In small areas, every meter is important, everything that was spent on construction could become a garden bed. In the article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of small houses, consider the optimal designs of such buildings.

Advantages and disadvantages

The biggest plus of a 6×6 m house is its economy.. Let’s take a closer look at what you can save on.

  • First of all, on building materials.
  • Compact building can be built without basement and basement.
  • You can save on the project, since most of the 6×6 m houses are typical buildings.
  • Often, in dachas, amenities and water are contained on the site, which allows you to save on communications inside the building and save 36 sq. m of usable area for living room and kitchen.
  • In a small house, it is much cheaper to operate a dwelling – less costs are spent on heating and electricity.
  • A little money will be spent on organizing the internal space.
  • The smaller the building, the more free land remains for the garden, vegetable garden and recreation area.

There is only one drawback of such houses – to live in it very closely. But for a temporary stay it is quite suitable.

Layout with terrace

The terrace is a functional extension for frame, block, brick and other types of houses. It has a common wall with them and a flooring at the ground floor level. The extension is installed on a common foundation with the building or on its own basis. It may have a low hedge with wooden or concrete balusters covered with railings, but it may consist of a wide deck without any railings..

As a canopy, the terrace has:

  • detached roof;
  • a roof shared with a country house;
  • overhanging balcony located on the attic floor;
  • portable seasonal awnings, if the terrace belongs to open-type options.

People who come to the dacha with one purpose – gardening work, do not need a terrace. It is more rational to attach a veranda, it is covered, you can keep garden tools, seedlings, seedlings and other joys of country life on it.

The terrace is needed for those who, apart from work, know how to relax with their family and friends. For them, under a canopy, you can install country furniture – sun loungers, an armchair, a sofa made of artificial rattan, you can equip a dining area with a dining group or a children’s corner with a swing.

A holiday cottage will definitely have increased comfort, even within the size of 6×6 m. For this, a second or attic floor is being built. It is the bunk houses that are most often complemented by summer extensions..

Consider the projects of summer cottages with terraces, as well as, we will understand the examples with their location and constructive variety.

  • Small summer annex (4.2 sq. M) integrated into the cottage and is located under a common roof. From this, the building loses part of the usable area, but acquires a terrace adjacent to two walls at once..

This option is convenient in windy regions where blown decks need protection..

  • Terrace measuring 19.43 sq. m occupies the entire facade of the building, through which the entrance to the house is carried out. The cottage contains three small bedrooms and a hall, which allows you to receive a sufficient number of guests..

  • Small country house with a bedroom on the attic floor. The parameters of the 6×6 m building include the terrace itself (6×2 m), above which there is a balcony (4.5×2 m), which has become a canopy for it.

Consider the design features and the location of the terraces.

  • The extension is located at the front door and occupies the entire wall of the house.. Its canopy matches the appearance of the common roof, safety is provided by an elegant fence made of curly balusters.

  • Compact, but well protected from the sun and wind terrace, built into the country house. It takes up half of the facade wall. These dimensions are sufficient for installing a comfortable chair or a small table with stools..

  • The terrace stretched to the entire facade of the building is located under the attic balcony, he also acts as a canopy. The balcony is protected by a common roof with the house.

  • An enlarged attic floor hangs over the summer extension. Thanks to him, the terrace does not need a canopy..

  • Terrace combined with a veranda. In total, the structure occupies two adjacent walls of the house..

  • The country house has a front and side entrance. Each door has spacious summer annexes with their own awnings.

  • Large-scale bunk terrace contains open seating areas on each floor.

House plans with attic

For a country house with temporary residence, it makes no sense to invest in a full-fledged second floor, it is enough to build an attic and the family will be provided with one or two bedrooms.

The presence of an attic floor should be considered at the project stage. Not every one-story house can be raised to the second tier over time.. If an add-on is planned, the following technical points must be considered:

  • the foundation of the house is installed more durable, capable of withstanding double loads and all sorts of deformations;
  • in the presence of a second tier, the pressure on the walls increases, which means that they must be thicker than that of a one-story building;
  • the attic rafter system must be entrusted to specialists, a full-fledged place of residence for the whole family depends on its reliability;
  • the residential superstructure is significantly different from the attic, so work should be done on strengthening the walls;
  • in the project, it is necessary to designate the stairs and the heating system (stove, boiler, fireplace);
  • if a country house is planned to be built with a veranda, it is better to build it on a common foundation, but for safe shrinkage, make a gap between it and the house;
  • on the attic floor, walls should be removed from 1.2 to 1.5 m, this will facilitate the creation of furniture in a room with sloping walls, which are also a slope of the roof, in any case, furniture for the attic will most likely have to be ordered.

The presence of an additional, albeit inferior floor, will greatly simplify the stay of the family in the country.. But such a project also has its drawbacks, which it is better to know about in advance..

  • The construction of an attic will make the project of a one-story house more expensive.
  • The roof is in direct contact with the street so that you can live comfortably under it, the roof should be properly insulated. By the way, because of the bias, this is not easy to do..
  • The noise of the rain pounding on the roof is unbearable. Reinforced sound insulation will be needed.
  • Due to the slopes of the roof, it is difficult to find the right glazing.
  • It is better to choose non-metallic materials for the roof, on hot days the surface of the house heats up a lot. To level such moments, you should consider a reinforced ventilation system..

Consider projects of country houses 6×6 m with mansards.

  • Building with a terrace (2×3 m) and an attic floor. Due to the partially raised walls, the roof slope takes only 1.5 m, which made it possible to place two full-fledged bedrooms on the usable area (6×4.5 m). The first floor was occupied by a kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom and a sauna. Due to the presence of a vestibule, the house is kept warm.

  • The project of a country house is suitable for those who already have a summer kitchen, shower and amenities on the site. The building is completely devoted to living quarters, the dimensions of which are larger than in the previous example. The first floor is occupied by a living room and a bedroom. The staircase to the second tier is located in the hallway. In the attic there is a large single bedroom – 6×4.5 m.

  • The third project also contains a full attic bedroom. The first floor is occupied by a living room, a kitchen and a large hall. The terrace is built into the area of ​​the house, thanks to which it is protected by two walls and a ceiling. But this arrangement reduces the usable area of ​​the building by 3×1.4 m.

Houses 6×6 m with attics can look different:

  • cottage with balcony and terrace;

  • a beautiful holiday cottage in the country;

  • you can live in such a dacha;

  • a house in a modern style for those who are used to having a rest in the country.

Other project options

There are many options for budget garden houses. They are built from timber, foam blocks, aerated concrete, as a heating system, they are supplemented with a stove or fireplace. Those who are ready to invest more than the minimum supply the building with a veranda, terrace or balcony. You can spend even more and build a real two-story house, albeit small in size.

A full-fledged second floor differs from the attic version in that it has more usable space. The presence of even a small attic protects the room from external noise, cold in winter, heat in summer.

To arrange the second floor, you do not need to call specialists and install special furniture. Of course, the attic weighs less and is cheaper, but the comfort of living on it is much lower..

Even a small two-story house is suitable for a family of two, three or four.. It can contain a kitchen, plumbing rooms, a small living room and a couple of bedrooms, everything you need for a normal living..

You can consider projects with a veranda, which are a great addition to the small area of ​​country houses. The covered extension serves as a buffer between the street and the building and helps to keep warm in living quarters. For a summer residence, a veranda is invaluable as a cool room for growing seedlings. In summer, you can dry fruits and herbs in it, store garden tools. Houses with verandas look very attractive:

  • beautiful radius extensions located on the facades of houses;

  • side veranda.


For people with good taste and imagination, even compact country houses have a beautiful stylish design. For summer cottages, rural areas are most suitable – country, provence, chalet, rustic. Young people who need a dacha for relaxation build houses in a modern style. We offer for viewing examples of small cute buildings:

  • chalet-style summer cottages;

  • example of English country;

  • cozy provence;

  • Norwegian design;

  • modern style;

  • modern in the architecture of compact houses;

  • a loft-style house in an area with a difficult landscape;

  • unusual high-tech cottage.

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