Projects of a house from a bar in size 6 by 8

The idea of ​​a country house has been occupying the minds of the townspeople for nearly two decades. Fresh natural air, clean ecology, privacy on your own plot, family health. These are the qualitatively important factors that make life in the country attractive. The article will focus on houses made of 6 by 8 timber.

Advantages and disadvantages

Houses 6×8 m are relatively small, but the most appropriate size among small houses. This footage is distinguished by functionality, the ability to arrange rooms with maximum comfort for the owners and sufficient variability. Lumber houses are guaranteed reliability, durability, short construction time. There are several more advantageous factors:

  1. one of the most important is environmental friendliness, which consists in natural materials;

  2. thermal insulation – construction technology provides impermeability to drafts, tight closing of the building material, absence of deformation – in this, houses from a bar are out of competition;

  3. For the construction of a small house, it is not necessary to use a monolithic, very expensive foundation; it will be successfully replaced by a pile form.

Timber houses 6×8 m are relatively small financial costs (compared to more impressive dimensions), the quality and reliability of the building, as well as the following parameters:

  • minimum construction time;

  • high quality and natural materials;

  • comfort and optimal area of ​​freedom;

  • practicality – low heating costs;

  • savings not only in construction, but also in subsequent operation.

Houses made of natural wood fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Cottages made of 6×8 profiled timber look not only stylish, they have a soul, they are alive, unlike brick and cinder block.

The owner of such a house is undoubtedly in good taste. Construction technology requires the use of only high-quality modern roofing and insulation materials for walls and ceilings in finishing works.

As for the shortcomings, they also exist, but with some conventions. This mainly concerns the violation of technological standards during the construction. Failure to comply with construction rules is fraught with:

  • freezing of premises in the future;

  • serious heat loss, condensation formation in the internal space.

In addition, the construction of a house with an attic, in addition to increasing the usable area, will inevitably lead to higher costs. The most favorable orientation of rooms for cold regions is the southern and southeastern sides. In warm areas, windows may face west, but the north side should be blank..

This arrangement provides the interior space with a longer period of natural light and also improves thermal insulation.. Regions with steppe and forest-steppe climatic zones are characterized by strong winds, therefore dense plantings around the house and fewer windows are recommended.

Projects of one-story houses

For single-level houses made of laminated veneer lumber with dimensions 6×8, simpler designs and constructive solutions are characteristic in comparison with two-story options and cottages with an attic. All this has a positive effect on the cost of construction and repair and finishing works..

The design plan of one-story houses may include a basement, a veranda, or a more spacious option – a terrace. In addition, at the request of the customer, they create projects with a basement floor, built-in or separate garage..

These projects are ideal for couples and small families with one or two children..

One-story log house

Houses of such a plan are not only very popular – demand is constantly growing due to their advantages:

  • cozy and beautiful appearance;

  • reduced terms for the construction of a log house and finishing works;

  • the possibility of erecting a building on a point foundation.

For recreation areas adjacent to the house (terraces, verandas), a place is allocated on the south side, but for the bathroom and toilet, the eastern and northern locations are suitable.

The customer can change the internal layout at his discretion. This is what a standard project usually looks like..

  • Living room. Size within 10 m2. Modern trends allow more rational use of space – the living room is combined with the kitchen, which gives one spacious room with an area of ​​20-25 sq. m.

  • Bedroom. One room can occupy up to 15 m2, if there are two bedrooms, then the area of ​​each room is reduced to 9 m2.

  • Bathroom. Combined shower room with toilet will significantly save on footage and finishing work.

  • The corridor. The presence of a boiler room requires a decrease in the entrance zone, but this is only if the house has stove heating. Where there is gas or infrared heating, the boiler room is not provided.

  • Boiler room. Its footage is approximately 2×2 meters, located in the area of ​​the entrance zone, a separate entrance is recommended.

To preserve the free area of ​​the internal space, craftsmen prefer to lay a layer of thermal insulation outside.. Often, to save space, architectural bureaus develop projects without corridors, arranging an entrance directly to the kitchen area, combined with the living room. The entrance hall can be located near the door or on the insulated veranda attached to the house.

Timber house 8×6 m with an attic

The presence of an attic allows you to provide separate rooms for children, elderly parents. Another option for a house with an attic is two different-sized bedrooms, one of which can be used as a guest room, and the second bathroom.. On the first level, in addition to the main room, you can place a boiler room, a bath or a shower room. This is not just an improved housing option, this is a real savings when arranging a two-level house.

The attic on the attic floor allows you to significantly save money and get a residential floor under the roof of the house. Moving the bedroom to the second level will free up the first floor and give space for the living area, the ability to equip an additional room. On the ground floor there is a large kitchen-living room, hall, bathroom, hallway. The upper level is dedicated to a spacious bedroom, a second bathroom, and a lounge area. Instead of the latter, two smaller bedrooms can be arranged.

Many people choose a project of this type, because it becomes possible to organize a larger number of living rooms at the expense of an additional floor..

House 6 by 8 with balcony and terrace

The building can be used both for permanent residence and for seasonal residence, if it is erected on a garden plot. The principle of planning is no different from all of the above, much depends on the individual preferences of the owners. Small but cozy, the house is filled with light, as large window openings provide rooms with natural light.

Country log house 8×6 m

The project of a country house with an attic is made of profiled timber and is capable of serving both seasonal and permanent residence with the whole family. The footage of the house with an attic will allow a family of several people to live comfortably in the country.. All arrangements of windows, doors and stairs depend on the wishes of the customer, even if the house is being built according to a standard design.

The crowns in the country house are insulated with flax fiber, as in the construction of an all-season house. The proposed project is designed to be able to use the attic space as an attic.

The bowstring of the wooden staircase leading to the second level is made of timber, the steps are sawn into the bowstring, the shape of the railings and balusters depends on the customer’s preferences.

No matter how many projects of log cabins made of profiled timber with a 6×8 attic have been developed, in each of them the center is given to the hall, from which you can get to the kitchen-living room, to the stairs leading to the upper level, to the bathroom and other rooms. Sometimes the hall is connected to the living room, giving the owner even more space. Projects for 1.5 floors (with an attic) are most in demand in summer cottages for those families where there is a large number of guests.

They are no less popular among young families expecting the appearance of children who will need children’s rooms.. Houses with an attic are usually planned with two exits – a central one and a side one. This is convenient for those who have a vegetable garden on the plot, a greenhouse has been installed, and a garden is growing. The balcony on the upper level is almost a must-have in the attic. It is always included in typical projects. The area allows you to equip a built-in dressing room, where exactly it will be arranged is given at the discretion of the owners. Zoning principles will help make your home even more comfortable.

Layout of two-story houses

More and more owners who prefer a suburban lifestyle are building two-story houses. The internal organization of the space depends on a well thought out layout.. The classic concept is high-quality ergonomics: on the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, on the second one or two bedrooms, a second bathroom, a lounge area, if there is only one bedroom, a balcony. Two-storey houses 6 by 8 from calibrated or profiled timber look great without cladding. In this case, the material is covered with special antiseptic compounds, protective oils, which gives the walls a beautiful and juicy shade..

At the same time, a house made of wood differs not only in textured architecture, but also guarantees excellent thermal insulation.

The entire usable area in the house is divided into active and passive zones.. The first includes a kitchen, a living room, the second includes a bathroom, bathrooms, bedrooms. There is no corridor in the standard layout, which significantly saves scarce meters. The classic layout of the second floor includes a recreation area, a bedroom, and possibly a children’s room. If there is no need for a nursery, you can equip an office. There must be free access to the bathroom from both floors.

Kitchen, dining room, living room may well be in the same room, a large room on the ground floor. The space is visually zoned with furniture, finishing materials. In this way, the illusion of a spaciousness overflowing with air is created. The close location of the kitchen and bathroom will reduce the length of water supply lines. The second floor has good sound insulation – this contributes to good rest and office work.

Design ideas

Compact house with a bedroom on the second level

Such a house can be safely called a rustic one. Outwardly, it looks compact, but this is what gives it charm and comfort. Despite this, it is quite roomy and comfortable for a small family of 2-4 people. The first floor is a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, possibly a boiler room. The second floor is given over to a bedroom or a room for another purpose.

Light-colored cottage

The owners of the two-storey cottage have chosen light finishing materials and contrasting roofing. The basement of the house is finished with light artificial stone. Exterior design looks extremely impressive. The house is designed for a large family – it has several rooms, three of which are located upstairs.

Women’s project

The rectangular building of the two-story cottage impresses with its clear geometric lines. The gable roof, light pastel palette in the decoration resembles a Barbie house. Ideal home for a young family. The second level is occupied by two bedrooms, on the first there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom and much more..


This project is designed in the style of a ranch, will fit perfectly into the countryside, suitable for a farming family. Three bedrooms, a hall contribute to a calm rest after a hard day’s work, in the office you can safely work with business documents. Sand-brick scale in the decoration of the house is close to the style of a bungalow.

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