Projects of aerated concrete house with a garage

Aerated concrete house project with a garage is a very relevant and demanded solution now. It is necessary to study the features of two-story and one-story small buildings, as well as pay attention to the plans of country houses with a bath and a sauna “in one bottle”.

Advantages and disadvantages

The increased interest in aerated concrete houses with a garage means that those people who are thinking about building housing should take a closer look at these structures.. Aerated concrete is inferior in density and strength to most other stone materials, therefore, for the same strength, you will have to build a house with thicker walls. But on the other hand, the load on the foundation is reduced with identical characteristics. Thus, this building material allows you to construct warm buildings with a height of 2 or even 3 floors without any problems..

Experts note that the gas block is less effective in terms of thermal insulation than ordinary concrete.. But the widespread opinion that nothing can be attached to it is deliberately wrong. There are special types of fasteners, sufficient for household needs.

There are no toxic components in aerated concrete, so they will not be released even with strong heating. In addition, such material has a very low background radiation level..

And also aerated concrete:

  • serves significantly more than wood;
  • has excellent breathability;
  • reduces heat outflow (even in cases of using fairly strong and dense blocks);
  • easy to machine and cut;
  • creates problems with cladding;
  • due to the presence of lime it can damage metal pipes.

Now it is worth talking about whether it is right to equip a garage directly in the house. Such a solution allows you to simplify its heating. It will be easier and more comfortable to start the car even in severe frosts. Going out to her and getting behind the wheel in bad weather is much more pleasant.

However, there are also downsides:

  • taking away useful space in the house;
  • increased level of fire risks;
  • extraneous noise;
  • the need to store toxic substances near the home.

Layout of a house on one floor

The construction of compact one-story country houses from gas blocks is quite reasonable. It is economical and affordable even for people with rather limited finances.. With a skillful approach, it will not be difficult to fit into one floor everything that is required for a comfortable life. In the first version for today, the garage area is about 23 square meters. m. Therefore, even a large jeep can be easily accommodated in it..

If we talk about small cars (small cars and the like), then in such a garage it will even be possible to perform the simplest service activities with them.. You can get to the garage from a technical room or a dressing room, which, in turn, can be accessed directly from the porch. The area of ​​the hall for people entering from the porch is 8.7 square meters. m, which allows even a large family not to be crowded.

The areas of the bedrooms are almost the same – from 13 to 14 m2. It is easy to change their size in one direction or another, based on the needs of customers. In favor of the house is the covered terrace of 13 sq. m. The kitchen, combined with the dining room, is of the same size. For guests and family “get-togethers” there is an impressive space – 21.6 “squares”. The composition is completed by a 5-meter porch.

As you can easily see, such a house has absolutely everything you need for a full life.. There is practically no real benefit from choosing one-and-a-half (that is, equipped with an attic) dwellings: they almost do not provide additional functionality. However, some people are interested in projects of houses with a bath or sauna. In this case, a different layout is more suitable. There is also a garage with an area of ​​12.5 sq. m – this is enough for a small car or for various types of garden equipment.

The boiler room of 4.7 “squares” is responsible for maintaining comfort in winter.. You can get there from the meter-high porch. The location of the bathroom, steam room and washroom near the boiler room is quite reasonable from a technical point of view. The central place in the composition of the dwelling is occupied by a hall-living room with the function of a miniature kitchen. There is also a bedroom, an entrance hall, a terrace.

Typical plans of two-story houses

With all the popularity of one-story cottages, many people prefer two-story buildings. They look more impressive and leave more room for decoration and planning delights.. One of the drawings implies the presence of a canopy.

Depending on the plans of the owners, this shed can be used for both parking and leisure..

On the ground floor, a porch with an area of ​​almost 6 sq. m. From there, people pass into a 16-meter guest room, which communicates primarily with the kitchen. And through the vestibule you can also go to the boiler room. There is, of course, a bathroom. A separate pleasant element of the building is a 14-meter porch.

Highlighted in the attic:

  • two bedrooms;
  • hall;
  • balcony;
  • the second light.

There is also another planning solution.. A sauna and a shower room will be equipped on the ground floor. These spaces isolate the garage from the main rooms. A couple of rooms are being prepared in the attic. There is also a second light.

What to consider when choosing a project?

From the very beginning, it is worth deciding whether you need a standard or completely individually drawn up plan. The second option is noticeably more expensive, but it takes into account even the slightest nuances of the arrangement. The next important nuance is the type of aerated concrete used and the type of finishing material for the facade. Ideally, they should be matched with a balance:

  • cost;
  • durability;
  • thermal qualities;
  • design characteristics;
  • sanitary and environmental parameters.

Ideally, there should be one more living rooms than the number of residents.. Whether there are one, two or even three floors, you still have to equip a bathroom at each level. You need to pay attention to the cost of projects. Each additional corner, any decoration and additional element greatly complicates the work and makes it more expensive.

Other important nuances:

  • the term of the project;
  • the ability to carry out construction in a specific area;
  • detailed study of water supply, heating and ventilation.

Examples of projects

The simplest corner house can look pretty good. In this version, the garage is located just on the corner. The main living quarters are located in the adjoining wing. The structure looks laconic, does not contain any unnecessary elements. There are no unnecessary architectural decorations either.

A two-story building may look, as already mentioned, more impressive. During its construction, extensive stone inclusions are used. But in the end it turns out to be even more interesting in appearance than a building made of one aerated concrete. The windows are made in a simple square shape, but they look original. The roof of a complex structure again creates an interesting design effect.

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