Projects of frame houses measuring 6 by 9 meters

For suburban construction, future homeowners prefer that the construction of houses takes little time and is inexpensive.. Many of them choose projects of frame houses, for example, 6×9.


A frame residential building with an area of ​​6 by 9 meters has a number of features and advantages.

  • The dimensions of such buildings are ideal for small land plots within the city. The compactness of 6×9 m projects is obvious.

  • The small footage of the house of 6×9 m determines its low cost. Projects of such frame houses have gained popularity among newlyweds and young families with a child..

  • The construction of frame-type buildings is used in the suburban area or within the city. Due to their small area, they are suitable for construction in areas with various geometric shapes and difficult terrain..

  • The projects of such houses are developed with special care in order to use the entire usable area. Use competent architectural techniques to make projects comfortable and practical to use.

  • Construction companies adapt standard projects of frame houses with a size of 6×9 meters to the local climate and the nature of the land cover. According to the individual wishes of the customer, a typical project can be adjusted.

  • There are various projects and layouts of 6×9 m frame houses, ranging from standard and ending with an individual layout with an attic or garage. For construction, not only the latest technologies can be used, but also advanced building materials.

Attic projects

Such project drawings are liked by many developers who love the comfort, coziness and special design of such a home.. A non-standard version of a sloping roof allows you to make a frame house of one and a half floors, placing a full-fledged room in the attic.

A residential attic gives homeowners a number of advantages:

  • the picturesqueness of the building is increased;

  • makes it possible to increase the usable area due to the attic and shelves with “mezzanines” built into the high attic roof;

  • there are unlimited opportunities for registration with the author’s design solution;

  • a room in the attic with a sloped roof and overhead lighting looks quite original and romantic.

There are some disadvantages to frame houses with an attic..

  • Living space in an attic room is smaller than in a conventional room.

  • In a residential attic, the roof for the winter period must be insulated, insulated from moisture. This translates into a considerable amount..

  • Attic furniture is often made to order, which also costs money..

  • Unusual shaped windows in the attic room, recessed into the roof, at a price more expensive than classic frames.

Ideas for planning houses with a terrace

Detached houses are distinguished by the fact that you can change the layout at the stage of project development in order to create additional comfort for future residents. This is done as follows: they attach an attic, a terrace, a veranda. These annexes change the appearance of a 6×9 m frame building, giving it a certain style and shape..

Frame house 6×9 m with a terrace gives you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, after all, the terrace has an open area, which is made on a foundation of a monolith or piles. Often it is made adjacent to the house, on the second floor or, in general, on a flat roof..

Depending on climatic conditions, the terrace is open, with railings and equipped with a roof.

Terrace houses have a number of advantages.

  • Affordable build price.

  • Increase in area. In the summer season, gatherings are arranged on it over a cup of tea, receiving guests, relaxing, sleeping or sunbathing..

  • Putting things in order. The terrace allows you to maintain order in the home by removing clothes and shoes, leaving them at the entrance.

The project of a 6×9 frame house with a terrace has its own specifics.

  • The base of the house and the terrace can be built either jointly or separately. The terrace level must be designed so that the structure is dry.

  • In central Russia, a terrace is usually made from the south or west side so that sunlight illuminates it..

  • The structure must be positioned in such a way as to open up beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding nature and garden landscape.

  • The roof material is chosen of a lightweight type, without violating the general style of the house..

An open terrace is an open space between the house and the surrounding nature. It is usually done at the entrance to the house..

And a few more features of the terraces.

  • Fencing. They are decorative or protective. Decorative fencing consists mainly of plants: flowers or shrubs. If the terrace is higher than 1 m from the ground, then a shield fence is made.

  • Canopy or roof. The fundamental roof can be exchanged for a removable one, consisting of an awning or umbrella.

  • Private terrace option. Then the house and the terrace are connected by a garden path, effectively decorated with lighting or an arch in the form of a tunnel..

  • Roof terrace. Nice place for early tea, admiring nature.

  • Frame house on high piles, with an attached terrace. If you arrange a roof over it, then it will become a wonderful place to relax..

A variety of materials are used for the summer cottage terrace..

  • Made of wood. Wooden terraces are quickly built, a little money is spent, various options are used, an aesthetic appearance. But such a terrace needs care, which consists in treating the tree with an antiseptic and oil impregnation..

  • From paving slabs. A solid foundation is required to equip such a terrace..

  • Stone terrace. The massive base provides the strength of a structure made of stone such as slate, granite or basalt. Has a very presentable look.

Plans with garage

For residents of suburban frame houses measuring 6×9 meters, with private cars, the issue of having a garage is an acute issue. There are two types of them: combined with the house or separately located.

The garage connected to the house is subdivided into built-in and attached.

A garage can be built next to the house on the same level as the ground or basement floor. A garage combined with a house is relevant if the structure of a frame house is located near the gate of the main entrance to the site.

The advantages of a combined garage with a house are:

  • the monumentality of the building;

  • low consumption of building materials, since the garage and the house have a common wall, foundation, partitions, roof;

  • general communications;

  • common entrance and driveway territory;

  • comfortable transition zone from garage to house.

Negative sides of the garage attached to the house:

  • the ingress of exhaust gases into a residential area;

  • sound from a running motor;

  • fire and explosion hazard;

  • the largest area of ​​the 1st floor under the technical part.

To prevent these shortcomings, it is necessary to apply projects of frame houses made by competent specialists:

  • powerful ventilation system;

  • small garage windows;

  • double door system between the garage block and the living area;

  • use of materials with sound insulation;

  • installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system;

  • the lack of living space can be compensated for by the first floor and the attic.

There is an option to build a garage in the basement of a 6×9 m frame house.

This option is suitable for uneven areas so that the groundwater is deeper. You will need to spend money on waterproofing to exclude high humidity in the garage. It will be necessary to provide for drainage from the site for the garage in order to exclude flooding of the lower level. It is worth equipping an inclined entry platform, as well as drainage from all sides of the garage box so that rain and melt water does not flow. In addition to the garage, a sauna, boiler room and other utility rooms can be built in the basement..

How to choose a project?

Projects of frame houses with a size of 6×9 meters are selected based on the following conditions and parameters:

  • consider the terrain and the size of the site for construction;

  • determine the nature and type of soil on the land;

  • think over the material of the building and select tools for it, taking into account the climate conditions and the presence of nearby groundwater;

  • the budget allocated for the construction of a building measuring 6×9 meters.

Frame houses measuring 6×9 m can be built independently, or you can resort to the services of construction companies. In either case, it is necessary to consider beautiful, interesting and comfortable projects..

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