Projects of frame houses with a size of 7×7 meters

The study of 7×7 meter frame house projects can be very promising for many developers. There are projects with a bay window, an attic and a garage, projects of one-story houses with a terrace and other solutions. They are even performed at times in quite different styles of architecture..


The area of ​​a frame house of 7×7 meters allows, albeit in a meager version, to satisfy the basic needs of most developers. But not everything is so simple, and it is imperative to analyze the nuances of the frame construction itself.. Typical for him:

  • environmental friendliness;

  • simplicity;

  • high speed of work execution;

  • comfort (if thermal insulation, waterproofing is correctly performed);

  • small value of the load and its uniform dispersion over the base;

  • high demands on the quality of materials;

  • the need for enhanced fire protection;

  • mandatory use of accurate diagrams and drawings with verified calculations.

Layout options

Houses with a bay window are in deserved demand among buyers and individual developers. This solution allows you to visually reproduce dwellings typical of the United States and England. The upper part of the bay window can be of very different designs. Its visual form also differs..

The classic format is used much more often than the half-window; reinforced glazing increases the level of illumination.

But it implies the use of reinforced concrete slabs with anchoring into the walls of the building.. It is in their intervals that bay windows and interwindow racks are placed. From the outside, this building element must rest on the foundation. It is necessary to take care not only of its beautiful appearance outside and inside, but also of high-quality insulation. This point should also be stipulated in the design documentation and reflected in the drawings..

It is worth considering that bay windows significantly increase the cost of work. The consumption of materials increases markedly. It is especially important to pay attention to the competent construction of panels and roofs. Another disadvantage is that because of the bay window, the building area increases. On small plots of land, this solution is unacceptable..

Projects of houses with an attic deservedly attract the attention of even experienced architects. Its use allows you to expand the usable area of ​​the house in comparison with simple one-story buildings..

The attic level is noticeably cheaper than the full-length floor. The previously prepared rafters are used as a facade. The creation of a thermal barrier and the layout of roofing materials are greatly simplified.

Another advantage of the attic is its increased aesthetics.. Functionality is also worth emphasizing. The warm playground can be used in almost any way. but:

  • the attic is more exposed to the effects of wind, sun;

  • rain beats harder on its roof;

  • additional waterproofing is required;

  • the design and decoration of the internal volume becomes more complicated;

  • when building a house from scratch, it is sometimes more profitable to build a full-fledged upper floor instead of an attic.

You should also pay attention to one-story houses with terraces.. Their use is much more attractive than designs that have only the main street entrance. It is convenient to have tea drinking on the terrace during the warm season. Therefore, almost all architects and designers recommend providing terraces at the planning stage..

Such an entrance group should be thought out as strictly and clearly as possible so that there are no slightest problems and inconveniences..


The classic approach is truly versatile for a frame house. It can be used both in metropolitan areas and in suburban areas. The typical feature is the use of well-defined geometric shapes.. The roof must be symmetrical. Materials for finishing the facade are chosen according to your taste.

Scandinavian style means:

  • visual emphasis on reliability;

  • cladding exclusively with wood;

  • abandonment of terraces;

  • obligatory sloping roof.

The ranch format is borrowed from the practice of American rural building. This solution allows you to significantly save money..

But you don’t have to save money if you choose a roof of a complicated shape, and not the usual gable layout.. The facade of the ranch house is trimmed exclusively with wood. An imitation of a bar will look good.

If you set a goal to achieve visual catchy, you can choose the half-timbered style. Some Gothic features are typical for him. But at the same time, it is unacceptable to “bump” into pure Gothic, we are talking exclusively about single elements. It is best to use roof contours for this purpose. The saturation of the space dividing the supports is often arranged in the form of double-glazed windows.

Examples of projects

One of the options is:

  • 5-meter hall;

  • guest area 8.4 sq. m;

  • bedroom of 6.5 m2;

  • furnace room just over 4.2 m2.

Another solution includes:

  • a couple of bedrooms – 6.2 m2 each;

  • 6-meter hall;

  • living room for 8.5 “squares”;

  • kitchen with an area of ​​8.5 sq. m;

  • 10 meter terrace.

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