Projects of houses from a bar in size 6 by 9

Houses made of 6×9 (6 by 9) m timber are a solution suitable for single people or married couples who, for some reason, cannot have children, or such couples have an only child. 54 m2 is not large enough to rival more spacious living space.

Room layout options

A log house made of ordinary or glued timber differs in the cost of construction: “for shrinkage” or “turnkey”. In the second case, the cost of the work includes almost all the mandatory stages, without which the future owner cannot do, in the first case, only the main structure is being built without doors, windows and some other attributes. The future owner has the right to order atypical works that increase the level of comfort.

With terrace

In this version, the kitchen-living room occupies 18 m2. Two bedrooms – 9 m2 each, bathroom – 4, hallway and terrace – 6 each, vestibule – 3. Entrance from the terrace, passage into the house through the vestibule with a small window. In each of the rooms there is a window, the only place fenced off from daylight is the entrance hall. However, in the kitchen-living room it would be possible to place not one, but two or three windows – this is the “visiting card” of a house with a terrace. As well as making the terrace glazed and insulated, replacing the inner window (false window) with a door, or completely remove the wall, replacing it with supporting supports, for example, in the form of columns. There is no second floor or attic in such a house..


With garage

Let’s take the previous example, it clearly demonstrates what can be done with a project by changing it, say, for a garage.. In order for such an area to accommodate a garage, there are two options.

  1. Combine the kitchen-living room with a terrace, and take away the resulting space for a garage. Then the kitchen is transferred to one of the bedrooms. Such a house would hardly be suitable for a childless couple. Few people want to huddle in a 9-meter bedroom.

  2. Attach a garage with a workshop to the house. A change in the project will be required – this house will no longer be 54 m2 in total area, but much larger. One car requires at least 15 m2 – family members must drive into and out of the garage in the car. At the same time, it is free to get in and out of the car. Here, a large passenger car, for example, a Toyota Land Cruiser jeep, is taken as an example. The garage area should be with a margin. If you have a van, for example, a Gazelle, then, in addition to further expanding the garage square, you will need to raise the height of the garage ceiling to 4 meters. But a truck (for example, a KamAZ tractor) may require a garage (hangar) 5-7 meters high with a second light – the upper tier of windows or common panoramic windows on both sides. In this case, the rest of the house is also built as a two-story or with a second light in the kitchen-living room. A spacious workshop convenient for all types of work, which plays the role of a garage, also requires at least 7 m2 of territory.

The garage and workshop can also be located in the basement.. This is a kind of technical floor under the house, for which, according to the Subsoil Law, private homeowners are allowed to deepen no lower than 5 m from the ground surface. Remember that without special permits legitimizing deeper deepening of the premises, your legal rights in this part on the piece of land you bought end exactly at the 5-meter mark. This applies to dacha, suburban and multi-apartment construction..

With a balcony

Balcony projects also do not require major changes. As a finished version – the next project.

  1. On the first floor – kitchen-dining room for 12, bathroom – 4, hall – 8, living room – 24 m2. Porch – 3.6 m2, not glazed.

  2. Second floor: two bedrooms 15.75 m2. Upper hall – 10.5 m2, balcony – 2.4 m2.

You can take any two-story or attic house and supplement it with a balcony, cut a doorway for the door next to the window, install supports under the balcony, the base of which is concreted and dug into the ground. This is done when, because of the balcony, they do not want to seriously increase the cost of building a house. A balcony with a parapet and supports can be assembled independently, for this you only need thick-walled corners and professional pipes, fittings from 14 mm in diameter, as well as a bar and a board.

Atypical layouts

Let’s look at an example of an atypical layout.

  1. Porch – 4 m2, kitchen-dining room – 12, bathroom – 6, vestibule – 3, hallway – 9, living room – 24 m2. All this is on the first floor.

  2. Second floor: bedrooms of 13.5 and 18 m2. The upper hall – 10 m2, stands out above the porch from one end and has a window overlooking the front (front) side of the house.

Not every site owner will agree to such, in his opinion, pretentious layout..


How to choose a project?

The choice of a project is carried out according to several main criteria.


The area is common and useful. If a person lives alone, there is still no need for him to build an unnecessarily spacious house.. This is primarily due to the increased maintenance costs of such a structure..

The tax burden on square meters from the state also plays an important role: if, according to the current laws, a pensioner pays mainly land tax, and not a penny to the state treasury for a building, then he may not reckon with how much he will pay according to the law.

What can not be said about the officially working age of citizens: the larger the square of the building, of all the floors in total, the more pay for each individual citizen. Some citizens, in general, can be registered with their parents, and live in the country in fact in a container house with an area of ​​20-40 m2, insulated and equipped with the latest technologies.. And only certain circumstances – the beginning of family life, the death of ancestors and others – can affect the final decision on the status of this housing. Living alone, you can, in general, not order any projects, but make a “samostroy” – a farm building, legally unsuitable for comfortable and permanent residence, but insulated according to the highest category.


Location of the site. It depends on how beautiful and picturesque the countryside and the landscape are, to which option the future owner will lean: second light, terrace, balcony, veranda. One or more of these attributes will affect the applied functionality of the project and the home itself.. A forest nearby, a river or lake, a reservoir, the sea or ocean nearby, a panoramic view of the city nearby, a district, development – all these factors have an important impact on the choice of a particular project.

Plot size

Plot size – if we are talking about rebuilding half, a third or a quarter of a large house into two or more apartments on the territory of a common yard, then the crowding of neighbors, the limited rectangle of the land have not the last effect. Reconstruction of an existing house will be required – for example, a second floor add-on with a balcony or even a homemade loggia (in the image and likeness of a regular loggia in a high-rise building).

The finalized plan can be changed in accordance with the recommendations of employees of the BTI, MFC and other structures – and legalized as a new project, according to which the reconstruction is underway. In special cases, part of the house is carefully demolished, taking measures to ensure that the other part in which the neighbors live is not damaged.

Part of the house officially ceases to exist, and close to the neighbors, according to the boundaries agreed with them, a new building is being erected according to a different project that fits into the territory freed from the previous construction. So, if out of 220 m2 of a common courtyard estate you own 54 m2 of a common area – along with the walls of your previous building, and the size is 6×9, then you have the right to build a new house without going beyond the boundaries of this territory (according to the cadastral plan). If you bought a new plot in an actively developing summer cottage settlement or in an existing one, say, for 5 acres, then you have the opportunity for projects that significantly exceed the limits of 6×9 m.

The main stages of construction

Features of the main stages of construction and finishing. Small details of the project – a profiled sheet on the roof instead of metal tiles, the shape and location of porch balusters, gutters, door sizes, and so on – you can change as you wish. If there are quite a lot of similar proposals from you, and you want an original house that does not look like most typical projects, it makes sense to leave thousands of ready-made options and develop your own.

As a rule, such a step is taken by experienced self-builders, who know the strength of materials well, who know how to properly handle building materials – in general, people with a technical and analytical mindset.

Among the self-builders there are masters from construction companies: from designers to multidisciplinary handymen, whom life and work have taught certain things in their activities. As a rule, they build for themselves, without turning to anyone for informational help and advice. And only by hiring other work teams to speed up the process, the speedy completion of the construction. These professionals are able to modify any of the ready-made projects in their own way in a matter of minutes..

When choosing a project, it is important to comply with the legal requirements for suburban-suburban construction so that service workers are not forced to demolish the building or part of it if it does not meet the standards and laws in force in the country today.

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