Projects of houses from a bar with a size of 6×6 meters

Private houses made from environmentally friendly materials will always be in demand – the demand for them is not decreasing, and it is the use of a natural basis that lies in it. Not everyone can afford a large house, but it is already easier to become the owner of a small house, country or residential. For example, a small house 6×6 m from a bar.

Pros and cons of small wooden houses

How the advantages and disadvantages of such buildings will relate to each other depends on the size of the family and the purpose of using the house.. It is not always easy to heat a large dwelling for a married couple or a family with 1-2 children, especially if some of the rooms are empty most of the time. But if the house is acquired by a young couple who are just planning an expansion, they can start from such a dwelling..

Pluses of houses:

  • in winter it is easier to heat it – saving on energy resources;

  • the construction itself will be cheaper, because building materials are also needed less;

  • home repair and maintenance will also not be particularly costly;

  • there is more land on the site for a garden and a vegetable garden;

  • a spacious yard is a real prospect if the house takes up little space;

  • it is often easier to create a cozy atmosphere in a small space of a log house;

  • more lifting option for a family with a very limited budget.

Objective minus one – it will be cramped in such a house. But here either compromise, or save further, and build a bigger house.

However, there are many people who are ready to start with a small house, rather than live in a rented apartment for some time, which is incomparable with cost savings.

And if this house is two-story, it is already more promising, and its layout will be more perfect. In addition, you can contribute to the expansion of a small house in different ways: for example, make a closed ring in one attached block with a hallway (there will be no hallway in the main area of ​​the house). And also in such a house, you can make fewer partitions, use non-swing doors, and finally find compact furniture for arrangement. In a word, you can adapt to a modest footage, and use it with maximum rationality is also realistic..

Arrangement of rooms in a one-story house

Let’s say a house made of laminated veneer lumber or a mini-bar is purchased, and you need to decide what will be inside. How exactly to place rooms in order to both win space, and do everything according to the rules of ergonomics, and not violate the comfort of life, we will consider examples.

  • Standard Option. You enter the house through a small vestibule that leads into a spacious kitchen-living room (that is, a combined space). From the large room you can get into the other two – the bedroom of adults and the bedroom of the children, or just two rooms, the purpose of which is decided by the requests of the owners. The bathroom is small, adjacent to the vestibule. The house does not have a terrace, instead of it there is a large porch.

  • Large kitchen option without a well-defined living room. But the living room area can theoretically be distinguished in this rather large kitchen. The winner is two isolated bedrooms of 8 squares each. The bathroom is bordered by the hallway and kitchen. This is a floor plan, assuming there is also an upper floor where the living room will be. But, as a rule, a common room on the second floor is made very rarely. Therefore, indeed, you can combine the living room with the kitchen, and this will be a good solution..

  • Large bathroom plan. Not all owners of such houses need two bedrooms. And by abandoning one of them, you can afford to increase the footage of the bathroom, as well as make a larger kitchen-living room. For a country house, this option is optimal. This house has a terrace where the family will dine in warm weather..

  • Terrace option. It is more clearly shown how a house can look like with a combination of a kitchen, living room and dining room, as well as two 8-meter bedrooms, the entrance to which comes from the side of a large room. That is, one of the bedrooms will not be a walk-through. The advantage of this house is the terrace.

Obviously, you can come up with other solutions, but these examples are used more often due to their practicality and comfort..

Layout of a two-story house

Other possibilities are opened by a two-story building. More often, the tactics of dividing the house by floors into zones is chosen: on the first – a communication area (living room, kitchen), on the second – bedrooms, that is, a quiet zone.

Here are examples of projects.

  • On the ground floor there is an entrance hall of 7.5 m2, which is a lot. It is adjacent to a 3-meter bathroom. On the same floor, there is a kitchen and a living room, which are actually one room. The kitchen is 8.5 m2, which is also a lot, and the living room is 12.5 sq. m – not very much, but enough for a small family. On the second floor of the house, there are two bedrooms of 10 squares each, a three-meter wardrobe and a hall with the same footage. The staircase from the hall leads down to the hallway.

  • A similar solution, but still there are differences. On the ground floor there is a hall through which you enter the house. From it you can get to the bathroom and the kitchen-living room. The staircase is predictably located in the hallway and leads to the second floor, where there is also a wardrobe. From the hall there are two doors to the bedrooms, they are of equal size

  • Sometimes the attic is also considered the second floor, as in this example. The house begins with a terrace, from which you can go to a small vestibule. From the vestibule to the kitchen, not the smallest one, by the way. From the kitchen you get to the sauna, which is the main difference of this house. A room adjoins the kitchen, which probably becomes a living room. And from it already – into the bathroom. The staircase to the attic is between the kitchen and the living room. On the second floor, on both sides of the stairs – two bedrooms.

  • Finally, another typical solution for a 6×6 m house. A small vestibule adjacent to the bathroom, both open onto a fairly spacious hall with a staircase. Nearby there is a large kitchen, which is quite ready to accommodate the living area in terms of footage. The staircase from the hall leads to the second floor, and there are two bedrooms.

Again, this is not the only way of planning houses. But it becomes clear that such houses are quite convenient options for a family with 1-2 children. Many apartments have no more footage, but they certainly do not have a terrace and a plot of their own, ready to be transformed in the hands of the owners. And this is the main plus of small houses.

Review of the best projects

And now about how houses look like from a profiled (and not only) timber 150×150 mm, how they look in the context of the site. And this will be a description not of the internal layout, but of the facade features of the structure..

  • The house is built of glued or profiled timber. One floor, no garage, no panoramic windows. The roof is gable, there is no balcony. But there is a small square terrace that can be used rationally, especially in summer. For example, place a small coffee table and an armchair there..

  • And this is already a house with an attic floor, made of glued or profiled timber. It has two rooms, no garage and panoramic windows. There is a very attractive terrace. The roof is gable. The kitchen is separated from the living room according to the project, the bathroom is 3 square meters.

  • Another house with an attic, with three rooms, a gable roof. The owner decides how to use the space inside. You can make one not very large kitchen connected to the living room, and then there will be room for another room on the floor. You can give the first floor to the kitchen and living room, and make only one bedroom, taking it to the attic.

  • This house has one floor, glued or profiled timber is used for construction. Three rooms and a terrace in the asset, a gable roof. Entering the house, you find yourself in an entrance hall, from there into a large room (probably a kitchen combined with a living room), from which you can get into two isolated bedrooms.

  • One-storey typical house with three rooms, without terrace and garage. Inside the vestibule is a small entrance hall, a kitchen-living room of a little more than 14 squares and two rooms: one with a footage of 7.40, the second – 6.47. The house looks pretty due to the successful roof solution: two roofs, a small and a large one, form an interesting architectural touch..

If the house is made to order, the executing company develops an individual project. He takes into account all the wishes of the customer. You can replace an individual project with a standard one, and this will help save not only money, but also time..

After all, the development of an individual project on average takes from 2 to 6 weeks. Experts advise the customer in detail: on the timing of construction, on the features of shrinkage, finishing and much more..

In general, we can say that small houses do not lose their relevance, for many people they become the only opportunity in the foreseeable future to acquire a private house, which is not equated with a summer cottage.

Many firms develop furniture for these houses, offer modular projects that have already proven themselves in this area. And this is a good option, because such furniture is made taking into account compatibility, the neighborhood of rooms and functional areas..

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