Projects of houses made of aerated concrete measuring 10×10 meters

Projects of houses made of aerated concrete 10×10 meters are quite common, among them there are both two-story and one-story options. Along with typical houses with a gas-block boiler room, another layout is possible. It is also worth considering specific examples and samples..

Advantages and disadvantages

The building with a total size of 10×10 m is quite practical and convenient. It pretty much crowds out the elite cottages that are already going out of fashion in the recent past, in which one care of various surfaces was an adventure. Heating, the organization of communications are also quite simplified and become more economical. Of course, from the point of view of prestige, such a dwelling loses, but the very desire for such prestige goes away gradually. Space limitation also allows you to:

  • save on building materials and installation work;

  • allocate more free space on the site;

  • facilitate scheduled preventive and major repairs;

  • speed up construction – it is quite possible to start work in the middle or late spring, and settle in before the leaves fall;

  • to harmoniously equip a small-sized area without violating aesthetics and rules on distances to other objects.

The layout of 10×10 m with one floor is suitable for single residents or small families. If the family is quite large, you just need to provide an additional tier. A compromise solution is often the arrangement of an insulated attic. An increase in the total area is also possible due to plinths. Bay windows, balconies, verandas and awnings will diversify the look of the building.

But another question may arise: why is it necessary to build from aerated concrete, if there are many other building materials. The reasons for this are its many advantages. Each high quality aerated concrete block has excellent heat-shielding characteristics..

It is often noted that in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, single-layer gas-block buildings, devoid of insulation, show themselves well. True, in each specific case, it is more correct to calculate this moment separately..

The likelihood of making an installation error is small even for novice builders. Refusal of insulation means that there will be no steel fasteners that become cold bridges. The gas block does not burn and does not support the combustion of other materials. In terms of environmental characteristics, it is not inferior to natural wood of the best varieties. Even surpasses it, given that there is no need for treatment with antiseptics and flame retardants.

On the basis of aerated concrete, more capital buildings are created than those erected using the frame method. Large manufacturers can immediately offer the full range of additional equipment required. If necessary, the blocks can be easily modified directly on the construction site. But aerated concrete also has obvious disadvantages:

  • it is recommended to lay load-bearing walls in blocks of high strength, which have weak thermal insulation properties;

  • as a consequence of the previous point, in reality, instead of single-layer masonry, a two-layer one with dressing is more often used;

  • even first-class products, subject to installation standards, crack;

  • it is possible to reduce the risk of cracks only when arranging a weighty monolithic foundation, which is not cheap;

  • without plaster and decoration, the aerated concrete house will not stand for a very long time;

  • if it is necessary to suspend construction for the autumn and winter months, careful conservation is needed.

Projects of one-story houses

A very good impression is made by the project with a hall of 4.9 sq. m. Washing in an eight-meter bathroom seems to be quite comfortable. Bedrooms for 13, 17 and 19.2 sq. m will also delight the owners.

An alternative solution involves the organization of a large (19.8 m2) hall. There are also bedrooms of 10 and 13 sq. m, a boiler area of ​​4.8 sq. m, and the kitchen area reaches 11.5 sq. m.

Plans for two-storey houses

Typical layout of a house with a height of 2 floors from a gas block with a boiler room area of ​​5.9 sq. m may also include:

  • three-meter wardrobe;

  • 30-meter kitchen and living area;

  • 14-meter bedroom;

  • a four-meter hallway;

  • modest vestibule.

An alternative solution contains:

  • vestibule;

  • hall;

  • living room;

  • cabinet;

  • bathroom;

  • a terrace (however, the area of ​​these rooms themselves is not indicated in any way in the plan).

Examples of

A good project provides for the output of the windows of the children’s room to the south or southeast. At the same time, the sleeping rooms are oriented to the north-west. Placing them on the second tier of the building is quite reasonable. In the attic, the space is used for guests or for personal relaxation.. Complete or partial combination of kitchens with dining areas is quite harmonious and, in addition, saves space.

Even externally, a 10×10 m aerated concrete dwelling looks quite attractive. The photo shows the construction that has not yet been fully completed – but even in this object, all the advantages of such buildings are clearly visible. A roof made of metal material with a slope will be a worthy aesthetic completion of the project.

Optionally, the size of 10×10 m implies a strict square – the layout can be something like the one in the photo. The use of a porch under a graceful roof and wrought-iron decorative grilles significantly improves the appearance.

In general, it is this appearance that should be given more attention.. Hip roof will immediately emphasize the classic building format. To make the house look more stylish, it is trimmed with natural materials. Overlappings are usually made on wooden beams. In addition to metal tiles, cement-sand tiles can also be used for the manufacture of the roof..

An attached garage on the surface usually has a pitched roof. It is recommended to finish the facade in a contrasting manner. For decoration, in addition to plaster, facing brick is also suitable..

If necessary, any of the options described above can be easily adjusted. And it is better if professionals are engaged in this business..

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