Projects of houses measuring 11 by 9 meters

The article briefly analyzes the projects of one-story and two-story houses 11 by 9 m.Attention is paid to the layout with and without a plinth. All the plans presented are suitable for frame buildings and structures made of aerated concrete blocks, buildings made of foam blocks and brick houses of the classic model..


In the proposals of architectural bureaus and individual workshops, projects of 11 by 9 m houses do not take the most place. But still, these buildings definitely deserve the attention of potential developers. When using them, you can guarantee the optimal amount of available space and at the same time rationally work on any land plot. As always, you can choose between a typical (adapted) and a completely developed project from scratch.. Rectangular cottages:

  • comfortable;

  • can solve the problem of an oblong section;

  • easily adapt to the needs of consumers (you can build both a chic and a relatively modest building).

Drawings of one-story cottages

Most often, for the construction of such cottages, either various types of timber or blocks of aerated concrete are used. Both materials have proven themselves well for a long time and do not cause any significant complaints. One of the house options 11×9 m can be supplemented with a terrace of as much as 11 sq. m. At the same time, its main premises are:

  • a pair of bedrooms of 18 m2 each;

  • hall with a size of 11.8 squares;

  • sanitary unit 5.6 m2.

You can build a good building from foam blocks.

In this case, provide:

  • 10-meter porch (which can also be converted into a decent terrace);

  • two bedrooms of 15 or 16 sq. m;

  • 3-meter hallway;

  • hall and sanitary facilities;

  • living room over 26 m2.

Layout of two-story houses

When planning brick houses 9×11 m with a garage, a vestibule with an area of ​​at least 2 square meters can be distinguished on the ground floor. m. The size of the parking space in this case can be 15-19 m2. And also this project has:

  • kitchen just over 14 m2;

  • guest area for 25 squares;

  • bathroom, slightly short of 6 sq. m.

The second floor of the structure, as is often the case, was assigned to a pair of bedrooms. The area of ​​one of them is 10.8 m2, and the second is 13.1 m2. The size of the bathroom is 3 sq. m. Additionally, an office of 8 m2 is provided; the central hall, where the staircase is also located, allows you to move between all these rooms.

For your information: the same structures can be erected not only from bricks, but also from a gas block, as well as using frame technologies.

Some people refuse both aerated concrete and a log house attic. They prefer pretentious forms and the use of foam blocks. It is such a dwelling that is presented on the plan – it has 5 living rooms, including 3 bedrooms. Facing bricks are used for decoration. On the ground floor, from one of the porches you can get to the boiler room, and from there to the garage.

Even on the first tier, there was a place for:

  • kitchens;

  • cabinet;

  • bathroom;

  • hallway;

  • guest area.

Plinth plans

This decision is also quite justified in the limited area of ​​the site. It should be emphasized that it is advisable to organize, first of all, a garage in the basement tier. Here its area is 18 sq. m.The workshop located on the opposite side is even slightly larger. Additionally highlighted:

  • boiler room;

  • pantry;

  • laundry area;

  • corridor connecting the individual parts of the base / plinth.

The upper and attic floors have:

  • porch;

  • cabinet;

  • kitchen;

  • wardrobe;

  • a pair of bedrooms;

  • bathrooms.

But you can do something completely different. For example, having equipped a sauna on the lower tier.

The rest of the premises, except for the hall and the boiler room, will have an arbitrarily chosen purpose.. On the ground floor there will be a wardrobe, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. The uppermost tier of the house will be given almost exclusively for bedrooms – except for them, only an additional bathroom is provided.

Design options

You can decorate a 9×11 m country house with vinyl siding. This solution looks beautiful and noble, it can fit into a variety of styles. But for areas with a particularly cold climate, such a solution is hardly suitable. And, according to a number of tenants (shared in part by designers), the most correct design is metal siding. True, its aesthetic and practical merits are pretty much overshadowed by the need for careful installation.

And you can also use:

  • decorative plaster;

  • cladding with natural bricks;

  • facade decoration with tiles;

  • mineral plastering.

Beautiful examples

The photo shows a house made of aerated concrete with an elegant two-tone facade. Its porch is complemented by an original looking awning. A roof of complex shape, of course, will complicate construction, but also create a pleasant aesthetic effect.. Plants used for framing the home can also be called a successful solution..

Ease of use will be guaranteed by the terrace located behind.

You can build a dwelling 11×9 m and from a bar. In this case, it will be easier to perform a complex shape and even equipping with a bay window. The roof of an atypical scheme is painted in a catchy, cheerful tone. There is also a small terrace – this time at the main entrance. The narrow dark gray stripe at the base also looks good.

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