Projects of houses measuring 4 by 6 meters

Compact houses measuring 4 by 6 meters can often be found in suburban settlements. These buildings are easy to place on a plot of six acres. You can even build such a house with your own hands without excessive financial costs.. Despite the Spartan layout, these designs have been popular for over 30 years..

Advantages and disadvantages

Since Soviet times, most of the dachas were 6 by 4 meters in size. They later received the status of housing. As a rule, the layout in small houses is unpretentious.. In one-story projects, most often there is enough space for a recreation room, a compact kitchen and a sanitary unit.. If desired, the usable area can be expanded with an additional attic floor.

Small houses are usually built quite quickly (on average per month). There are some designs that can be assembled in as little as seven to ten days. Despite their compactness, the 4 by 6 buildings are also functional. A comfortable living space can be located on modest lots and at the same time accommodate several rooms. And there will still be space for a garden or garden beds.

Due to the compact area, the houses are quite warm, you can live in them all year round. The attractive and miniature structures are more like fabulous exhibits. The low cost of construction is another advantage of 6×4 houses, since special equipment is rarely needed. When using a wooden or metal frame, buildings are also environmentally friendly..

Most of the projects have a free layout, which makes it possible to independently choose the area of ​​the rooms and their location. At the stage of laying communications, they can be hidden under the skin. This will save space and some money..

However, with all the many advantages, some difficult points should also be taken into account.. The daytime zone must be united into a single whole. Despite the small footage, it is important for the child to provide a personal bedroom. If the project is on 2 floors, then the square meters on the main level should be vacated for the utility room.

At the same time, it is advisable to make bathrooms on each floor one below the other to simplify the supply of communications.

Typical layout

There are a large number of options for house projects 4 by 6 meters, of which it is easy to choose the one suitable for any requirements. For example, if the site is too small or you do not want to change its layout, then you can choose a building with an attic or mezzanine. Most often, such structures are erected from a bar.. Such a wooden mini-house will be very spacious inside due to the space in the attic..

Roof structure is a separate point that should be considered when choosing a project.. Modern options can be hip, gable or broken. It should be noted that the scheme with the second level should imply a ceiling height on it from 2.5 meters. The frame of a compact house can be made of wood or metal. However, for any structure, you will definitely need a foundation..

Among the projects of 4×6 meters houses, a special place is occupied by frame houses, which are divided into several types.

  • Shield option consists of ready-made structures, the assembly begins with the connection of the walls, which are considered load-bearing. Then the installation of partitions between the rooms is carried out. At the last stage, the roof is erected.

  • Frame type is placed exclusively on the foundation. Next, the installation of the rafter system and the packing of the lathing take place. After the roof is installed, the frame should be sheathed with mineral wool and chipboard.

Ready-made construction projects 4 by 6 meters can be ordered by specialists or even simply downloaded on the Internet. This is due to the fact that they are easy to adapt to certain conditions. For example, a typical project with one floor includes a living room combined with a bedroom (8 sq. M.), A children’s room (5 sq. M.), A kitchen, a bathroom and an entrance hall. If you wish, you can equip the attic floor, to which you can transfer the bedrooms, and due to the free space, expand the kitchen.

In second place in popularity after frame houses are houses made of timber.. A structure can be assembled from this material in just a couple of weeks. It is worth noting that the dimensions of a six-meter bar are convenient for assembling structures 6 by 4 meters. The log house is also good because it does not need finishing inside. The log version also has attractive characteristics, especially after treatment with special agents..

Houses made of foam blocks have good heat and sound insulation properties.. Moreover, they are easy to trim. The low weight of the blocks allows you to abandon a strong foundation. Another advantage of the material is its affordable cost..

Also popular with modern customers are houses made of SIP panels, aerated concrete and even a block container..


On a small plot, a one-story half-timbered cottage will look great. The plan of such a house includes a compact entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom and lounge. As a rule, this is enough for a family of two to three people.. If you wish, you can make a project with a terrace or a large porch. Such additions will make it possible to organize a place for recreation in the summer..

Double decker

A two-storey house 4 by 6 meters can be regarded as the best winter housing option. Its area of ​​24 square meters is easily heated, and it is enough to accommodate everything you need. At the same time, there will be enough space on the site for arranging a garage, garden or garden beds. Moreover, it is very convenient that a small footage can be divided into 2 floors.

The best layout of such buildings is suitable for the comfortable living of the average family.. Layout drawings show that most common rooms are located on the main level. In this case, the upper floor is reserved for bedrooms. Thus, the day and night zones will not overlap. It is important that the two-story version has a comfortable bathroom, or even better – with two.

Design options

The modern half-timbered style came from Germany and is universal for modest economy class houses. Customers especially like it because the structure can be erected quickly on the basis of a wooden frame and sandwich panels.. As partitions between rooms, you can use a metal profile along with drywall. Mineral wool will be the best insulation in this case..

The facade should be plastered and sheathed with wooden planks, preferably using dark shades. It is worth noting that such crossbars look very impressive against a background of light colors. A feature of the style is the storey ledges. They not only protect the entrance to the house from precipitation, but also expand the area on the second floor..

Nowadays, you can also find structures in the half-timbered style with massive stone foundations, brick walls and a roof made of ceramic tiles.. This makes the buildings visually imposing and majestic, and also resistant to even very harsh climates..

Moreover, the brick does not have to be completely covered – it can be combined with plaster and wooden elements.

Chalet-style houses originally from the Swiss Alps amaze with their massiveness and reliably protect from wind and precipitation. These buildings are characterized by a large gable roof, which protrudes quite noticeably beyond the walls for a protective purpose. Also, the style is recognizable by the impressive longitudinal and transverse beams, which can be seen both outside the building and in the interior..

If the building has an attic floor under the roof, then a spacious balcony must adjoin it. The bottom of the house is usually finished with stone and the top with wood. This makes the building even warmer. For a good view, the window openings are made quite large..

In some modern versions of the chalet, you can see the lower finish made of brick and concrete, and the upper one made of profiled timber.. At the same time, the roof is not always gable – there are also flat options. However, even with the latest materials and original design solutions, Swiss houses continue to be easily recognizable and attractive. This is facilitated by the simplicity of the style with a very small number of decorative elements, the use of natural materials in one or another amount, reliability, durability and environmental friendliness. It is worth noting that the chalet style has a lot in common with the country style, as well as with the eco-style houses..

Finnish houses fit perfectly into natural landscapes and look special against the backdrop of untouched landscapes. Many people recognize this style from the volumetric frame structures and roofs with a sharp top. Finnish-style cottages also give out a simple shape that looks impeccable. Modern construction of such houses involves the use of not only wood, but also brick and aerated concrete. A special color is created by planking to imitate massive timber.

Finnish architecture has a columnar foundation. The pillars or piles are combined into a structure that makes it easy to deal with if the relief of the site has irregularities. So, if there is a high elevation difference, then you do not have to spend money on leveling the soil base before laying the foundation..

It also allows you not to harm the natural landscape..

In Finnish houses, you can always see a harmonious combination of stone and wood.. Moreover, it can be used to decorate the facade or use it in the interior. Small houses look very impressive if there are huge boulders or stone blocks next to them, laid in a chaotic manner. Quite often, houses are complemented with an outdoor fireplace, which is a feature of the Finnish style. It is attached not far from the main entrance, while the chimney is made very high, as if it goes into the sky, and the firebox is oriented towards the street.

An outdoor fireplace is another characteristic of the Finnish style. It is located entirely outside the house and is very often attached to the side of the main entrance. It is usually collected from natural stones. The fireplace chimney stretches upward, going into the sky, and the firebox is oriented towards the street.

Examples of projects

Successful house designs 4×6 meters must be carefully thought out. For example, additional meters can be carved out by connecting the guest room with the kitchen or by making the staircase to the attic floor as small as possible. On the upper level, it is reasonable to arrange a couple of compact bedrooms that will not be walk-through. Particularly interesting look options for houses in which the foundation is replaced by piles.

An excellent solution is the projects of small houses, complemented by a balcony and a terrace at the same time. So, they expand the living space, transferring part of it outside. This is especially valuable in the warm season, when the terrace can turn into a dining room in the fresh air..

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