Projects of houses measuring 6 by 7 meters

The area of ​​the houses is 6×7 m, slightly more than 40 squares. However, with a competent approach to planning, this small space can be made functional and comfortable.. Let’s try to figure out which layout in such small dimensions will be the most successful.

Advantages and disadvantages

Houses 6×7 m are compact structures of almost square shape. Most often, such houses are erected in summer cottages and garden plots in conditions of limited land allotment or for a small family. Given that the footage of the building is small, most often the internal space is dispensed with additional load-bearing walls – the layout is free, and if necessary, it can be changed.

The small size of the house helps to solve the age-old problem of the private sectors. It is no secret that the building density in them is so high that it leads to a number of serious violations of sanitary norms and fire safety rules..

Failure to comply with the distances between the house and the fence, the house and the septic tank, as well as between the fence and the neighbor’s house are just a few of them..

Houses 40 sq. m can be built even on the smallest areas. Most often they are built with attics – a family of 2-4 people can comfortably accommodate in such buildings. At the same time, the attic can have a very different purpose: it is used as a bedroom, a recreation area and meeting friends, even as an office.

The construction of an attic house with an area of ​​6×7 m can significantly save money on construction work. Installation of an attic block will cost much less than a full second floor. Moreover, it can be built in one season. And the usable area will almost double in comparison with the one-story.

Nevertheless, this architectural solution has its drawbacks. First of all, they are associated with an unusual shape.. The attic is located immediately under the roof slope.. Therefore, here you need to be especially careful about the choice of roofing, hydro- and heat-insulating materials, otherwise the microclimate in the room will be uncomfortable.

The attic is an attic space. Accordingly, it has a sloped ceiling, so not anywhere in the additional room a person can stand up to their full height..

This leads to a significant limitation of the functionality of the room, most often a bedroom or office is located in this area..

Such houses are built from different materials.. The most profitable is a log house with an attic – its construction will cost less than a similar structure with a roof of aerated concrete. At the same time, a two-story house with an attic will always cost more than a one-story one, but the rooms in it will be more spacious. In addition, here you can allocate space for a utility block without prejudice to the living space..

Layout options

The layout of a house, especially a small one, is one of the most important stages in the construction of a structure as a whole.. A house with a size of 6 by 7 m turns out to be small. Therefore, even at the design stage, it is necessary to carefully consider the location of the main rooms and utility rooms in order to use the provided area as ergonomically as possible..

There are many layout options for compact homes. In order to save space, most of them involve a complete rejection of corridors and a combination of bathrooms. The unification of the living room helps to free up useful meters – in this case, the room will be much more spacious, but at the same time it will not lose its practicality. And for the zoning of the kitchen block and the resting place, they put an elongated island table, or equip a bar counter.

Window sills in such houses often turn into small shops. The staircase in the layouts of buildings 6×7 m is usually multifunctional – each step is used as an additional storage module.

Such an interior looks stylish, while allowing you to expand the space by eliminating the use of chests of drawers and shelving..

One-story houses are built for a small family of 1-2 people. Such a structure can be erected at any site in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the projects will be distinguished by simplicity, convenience, economy and compactness of layouts..

Usually, the entrance to the house is through a small vestibule, it is located next to the garage. On the right side of the hallway, a bathroom and a boiler room are placed, a living room with a kitchen block – on the left. The bedroom is located opposite the entrance.

Advice: in such houses, it is very important to ensure the rational placement of window openings. This will create sufficient lighting, make the layout at the discretion of the owner of the building..

For a family of 3-4 people, it is better to give preference to attic structures, such houses have an original design. Usually a small terrace is placed in front of the entrance. On the ground floor, they equip a kitchen combined with a living room, a bathroom and a utility room.

Depending on the number and occupation of residents, the attic can be used in different ways.. Here you can arrange two isolated bedrooms or a bedroom and a dressing room. A good solution would be to place an office or home theater room in the attic..

An excellent option for houses 6 by 7 m is a two-storey attic house with a veranda. In this case, it is possible to provide for all the functional rooms that are only needed. At the same time, the kitchen, the living room, and the living rooms will be comfortable and spacious. Additionally, compact auxiliary blocks are placed here. The veranda itself is made square, rectangular or given another original shape..

Here are some examples of layouts:

  • small attic garden house with a spacious terrace;

  • two-story building with a veranda;

  • layout of a two-story attic building with one bedroom on the top floor;

  • Here you can see the plan of a two-story building with several bedrooms in the attic.


When arranging a small house 6 by 7 m, it is very important to correctly select building and finishing materials. Most often used:

  • solid / glued timber;

  • log house;

  • rounded logs;

  • frame system;

  • gas blocks;

  • foam blocks.

The most common solution for such houses is foam blocks. They provide effective noise and heat insulation, are durable and fire-resistant, and such a house can be built in one month. Of course, inside such walls do not look very aesthetically pleasing, so you will additionally have to carry out plastering and decorative cladding of walls in the house from blocks.

Wood will be a good choice for eco-style lovers, it is a safe and very beautiful material.. However, wood is susceptible to burning and rotting under the influence of moisture. That is why it must be covered with special impregnations that increase resistance to fungi, as well as avoiding wall fire. But wood looks spectacular in the interior, such walls are usually not plastered or painted, leaving in their pristine beauty.

When arranging the interior of a 6×7 m house, it is important to make it practical and ergonomic, but at the same time as convenient as possible. Small spaces require special design.

To visually expand the boundaries of rooms, fill them with light and space, large windows and bay windows are made in such houses. And all interior surfaces are decorated in light shades, the same applies to furniture and home textiles..

The living room is combined with the kitchen. In this case, the common room turns out to be spacious and opens up more possibilities for color experiments. In such an interior, you can use contrasting combinations and even dark shades..

A rare private house does without a fireplace, especially if the family lives in it all year round. The fireplace can be electric or wood burning. In any case, he must solve two problems at once – to decorate the interior and serve as an additional source of heat..

If you do not like rooms with combined functionality, and you want to separate the kitchen unit, try to make it extremely practical and compact. A good solution here would be built-in appliances and transforming tables..

Despite the fact that the footage of such houses is limited, with a competent approach to design, the interior can turn out to be quite stylish and cozy. However, be aware that store furniture is not suitable here – it will have to be ordered in a workshop according to individual measurements.

Examples of projects

In general, the arrangement of a residential building of 6 by 7 squares makes it possible to use a variety of solutions for planning interior premises. The extent to which functionality in them will be combined with beauty, comfort and ergonomics, directly depends on the design of buildings and the quality of repair and construction work.. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular schemes for cottages of 40 sq. m:

  • suburban loft with an asymmetric roof;

  • one-storey house with a veranda;

  • one-story house with a small ladder;

  • wooden two-storey attic house with a spacious veranda.

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