Projects of houses measuring 7 by 8 meters

A small house measuring 7 by 8 meters is perfect for a young family. The construction of such a cottage does not require large costs, while, if you choose the optimal project, all residents will have enough personal space. You can use a similar house as a summer residence, choosing the appropriate layout with a sauna and a spacious terrace..

general information

The area of ​​a one-storey building with dimensions of 7 by 8 will be 56 square meters. Such an area is comparable to a typical three-room apartment, but at the same time, you can expand the space by means of a basement, attic or second floor, add a balcony, a terrace and a garage.. All sorts of superstructures in the total amount significantly increase the usable area, making a suburban home quite comfortable for a family of 2-4 people.

It is important to choose the right project for a house 7 by 8, so that later you do not experience difficulties. Consider not only immediate needs, but also plans for the future, for example, if you have children growing up who will need a separate space in the future..

There are several key points to keep in mind..

  • Features of the land plot. Although a house with such dimensions will fit even in a small area, sometimes the features of the soil impose some restrictions on construction. To avoid difficulties, it is advisable to first consult with a specialist who can conduct geodetic surveys.
  • Climate. Weather conditions affect the choice of materials for construction, arrangement of the heating system.
  • Residents’ needs. It is safer for sedentary people and children to live in a one-story house. You can also immediately provide them with rooms on the ground floor so that they do not have to climb the stairs if you intend to build a two-story cottage..

You can make a layout with a common area like a studio, when a kitchen, living room and dining room are combined in one space.

The absence of walls allows you to free up extra meters and create a feeling of free space. However, this solution is not to everyone’s taste, so it is better to discuss this option with the household in advance..

In any project, regardless of the location of the rooms, there is usually a certain set of rooms: personal (bedrooms, children’s) and general – kitchen, living room, dining room. Also, the plan will include a bathroom, an entrance hall, and often a pantry. Other premises, for example, a dressing room, an office, a workshop, a training room, as a rule, are added individually, at the request of the customer, although sometimes standard solutions provide for something similar.

Attic projects

In a one-story house, many are cramped, especially if the replenishment of the family is expected, and it is expensive to build a two-story house. There is a compromise option – a cottage with an attic. In this case, the walls in the upper part are formed by the roof slopes, so the construction of the building is cheaper. At the same time, there is enough space inside for arranging a pair of full-fledged rooms..

A one-and-a-half-story house is also suitable as a summer cottage option. Usually, in such projects, a large studio is located below – this is a common space that includes a dining area and a place to relax. Also on the ground floor there may be a sauna, a bathroom. The attic is reserved for the bedroom.

You can organize one large room or two smaller ones to provide space for guests.

If we consider a mansard-type house as a permanent dwelling, it is worth paying special attention to roofing work.. In winter, the roof freezes, which can lead to the formation of condensation and dampness, and in summer, the roof is very hot from the sun. All this can cause inconvenience, therefore, when building a house of one and a half floors, you need to properly lay insulating materials, install a ventilation system.

House layout with garage

Most people living outside the city in a private house have a car, because they need to travel to work and on business, and the infrastructure in the village may not be too developed. For personal transport, it is better to provide a garage to protect the car from the influence of weather factors.

The layout of some country cottages provides for an appropriate room under the same roof as the house. This allows you to save a little – less material is consumed during construction, it is also quite convenient that you can install a door and immediately get into the garage from the living space without going outside.

However, such an extension takes up space – there is not much space left on the first floor..

With this in mind, it is better to build a two-story cottage in order to provide all the necessary rooms.. Typically, the plan looks something like this:

  • below – a garage, a common studio area with a kitchen and living room, a bathroom;
  • upstairs there may be a bedroom, a nursery, an office;
  • you can also make a balcony above the garage.

This option is suitable for small plots where every meter of land counts.

If your property is large enough, then, perhaps, a separate garage will be more convenient – you do not have to save space by thinking over the layout of the house.

Other plan options

There are different ways to add a little extra space. These can be various external annexes – a terrace, a balcony, as well as the arrangement of the basement floor.

With basement

Living rooms at the very bottom of the cottage are not the best solution, because there are no windows, and the atmosphere will turn out to be oppressive. For this reason, usually a layout with a basement floor provides for the placement in the basement of technical rooms with a boiler room, you can also make a storage room, a workshop or an additional bathroom there..

The construction of such a house will require some additional work:

  • digging a pit;
  • arrangement of a solid concrete floor in the underground part;
  • basement walls can be a continuation of the strip foundation, but they are also erected from aerated concrete or brick;
  • good insulation and a drainage system are needed to protect the basement from moisture.

A 7×8 house with a basement floor can include other annexes to get additional squares. For example, you can make a room with a bay window or a balcony if the cottage is two-story.

With terrace

One of the advantages of country cottages is the possibility of outdoor recreation. To comfortably accommodate and enjoy good weather, you can make a terrace. Usually it is equipped on the south side of the house, allocating 6-8 square meters for an open rectangular area.. Although the terrace may have a canopy, it does not have walls, so it is only suitable for summer vacations..

If you want additional space for year-round use, then it is better to think about a veranda with a stove.. It is completely closed and glazed, so even in cold weather it will be possible to stay there..

More often, the veranda serves as a storage room, but if it is properly insulated, then you can make a living room there and expand the total area.

With a balcony

The recreation area can be located at the top of the house.. There are several options for placing a balcony.

  • Above the bay window. If a similar architectural solution is planned on the ground floor, then on top you can make a beautiful balcony with an unusual shape.

  • Remote design. In this case, the balcony protrudes slightly forward, it can be supported by supports in the form of columns. A space with a canopy is formed below – there you can equip a terrace.

  • All along the wall. A spacious balcony is well suited for outdoor recreation, you can put chairs and a tea table there.

The presence of such an extension gives additional meters of usable space, and also improves natural lighting – more sunlight will enter the room.

Usually the project involves one balcony, but sometimes there can be two of them – in this case, they will be small. Also, the structure can be open or closed. The latter option allows you to insulate the balcony and turn it into a winter garden or attach it to the room..

Which material is better?

Walls account for about a quarter of all construction costs. In order not to face unpleasant surprises, it is important to choose the right material for the construction of a country cottage.


This is one of the traditional options. A brick house can last more than a hundred years, and this material also has other advantages:

  • resistant to mold and biological pests;
  • does not burn;
  • well protects against noise.

Among the disadvantages is a lot of weight. A brick house will require a stable and therefore more expensive foundation. Also, this material requires careful adherence to the technology when laying, so it is important to find a good specialist, and such masters take a lot of work..


This is a good alternative to bricks. Block materials are durable and lightweight, while the consumption when laying is less due to their size. Depending on the characteristics of the composition, several varieties are distinguished, from which you can build a house.

  • Gas blocks and foam blocks have approximately the same performance characteristics. These materials are readily available and easy to process. There is one difference – a house made of aerated concrete will require additional protection from moisture, and such measures are not needed for a structure made of foam blocks. Buildings can be given any look, for example, make an unusual finish under stone walls for a gas block construction.

  • Cottages made of expanded clay blocks are quite popular. It is an environmentally friendly material that retains heat well. Unlike foam concrete and aerated concrete blocks, the raw material does not contain synthetic additives. The products have a “breathing” structure, so an optimal microclimate will be maintained inside the house. Blocks can be used to build cottages up to three floors.


The construction of a wooden house can involve a traditional log house or a modern alternative from a bar.. Both options have their own characteristics..

  • Houses from a bar do not go through the shrinkage stage, and this material is also lighter than a log, so construction is faster and does not require the use of specialized equipment. Wood looks good in the interior and allows you to do without additional wall decoration.

  • A log house will be strong and warm. Also, due to the characteristics of the material in the premises, the optimal level of humidity is maintained. Construction from a log is difficult to call affordable, in addition, you have to wait until shrinkage occurs.

For a small cottage, timber is preferable – it is cheaper, it is easier to work with it, while it has all the positive properties of wood.

Frame constructions

This is a new technology that allows you to quickly erect buildings. The frame can be wooden or metal, and panel boards are also used for wall cladding. These houses are affordable, do not sag and allow you to save on the foundation.. The weak points of such structures are noise insulation and tightness..

The most popular materials for construction are timber and foam blocks..

They are distinguished by an optimal price-performance ratio. However, other options also have their fans, and when choosing a material, it is worth considering the individual needs, the characteristics of your site and the climatic zone.

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