Projects of houses with an attic and a garage

Today, people are trying with all their might to rationalize free space. Projects of houses with an attic and a garage are a vivid proof of this..

The design of such cottages has a number of features that you should familiarize yourself with before starting construction..


Houses equipped with an attic and a garage are more popular in our country. This is due to the advantages of such structures, which lie not only in the financial side of the issue, but also in the convenience of such structures..

  • The presence of an attic floor adds a few square meters to the living or total area of ​​the cottage. This indicator may be small, but it can completely change the house, allowing you to organize any missing room..
  • The attic provides an almost complete replacement of the second floor, providing significant cost savings in construction and procurement of materials.
  • The attic is a fashionable and stylish solution that completely transforms the overall look of the house. Not only functional, but also aesthetic indicators are improved.
  • The attic under the roof serves not only as a room. With the help of it, the roof structure is also insulated, because before entering the house, a draft must penetrate into the attic room. If you insulate the attic well, organizing living space here, you can completely get rid of drafts..
  • Like the attic, an attached garage will cost significantly less than a free-standing equivalent..
  • Significant space savings can be easily achieved with an attached garage. This is especially true if the site cannot be called large..

Materials (edit)

One-story or two-story mansard houses can be built using a variety of materials. Not only classic options are popular, but also modern counterparts that are easy to use, and also allow you to create a structure as soon as possible..

For example, you can order a ready-made typical cottage made of sandwich panels, and then simply assemble it in the likeness of a designer, when all the details are delivered. Although not everyone likes simple solutions. Someone prefers a more expensive way of building from a bar, which has many subtleties.

In order for the construction in any case to be fast and of high quality, you must first understand the specifics of the materials and the nuances that distinguish them from each other. Only when all the factors are taken into account will you be able to do all the work correctly.


Wooden one-story houses have been known for a long time. This material has a number of positive characteristics, including the ability to provide optimal noise and heat insulation characteristics. Also, timber raw materials are environmentally friendly, therefore the tree is perfect for the construction of residential buildings.

On the other hand, wood is highly flammable, so the risk of a fire increases, which can destroy not only the entire living space, but also the garage with the car there. Also, the raw materials themselves are expensive, therefore the log house option is not suitable for those who are limited in finances. However, these disadvantages are offset by the durability of the building. On average, log houses, if built correctly, can last up to 50 years or more..


This option also cannot be called cheap, although brickwork is a traditional one. Like wood, brick perfectly insulates noise and prevents heat from escaping from the house. Brick walls are one of the most stable, so you don’t have to worry that they will not withstand the weight of the attic.

It is noteworthy that in this case, the attic can be done after the end of construction, even if it was not in the project. The strengthening of the load-bearing walls is not required, as a result of which the construction process will be significantly cheaper. It is impossible not to mention the solid, reliable type of construction. Thanks to such material as brick, a house with a garage will look like an impregnable fortress. Few people want to try to rob such a structure, as a result of which the car will be relatively safe..

Gas and foam blocks

Structures built of aerated concrete or gas silicate blocks have all the same advantages as brick buildings.

However, blocks are much lighter than bricks, resulting in several specific nuances:

  • Firstly, due to the lightness of the material, construction work can be carried out even alone..
  • Secondly, the load on the foundation is greatly reduced..
  • Thirdly, the ability of the walls to withstand the weight of the roof with an extension also drops dramatically. Because of this, it is necessary to plan the attic even at the design stage..

A garage made of gas silicate or foam blocks can be attached to the house later, without fear that the new building will not adhere properly to the existing facade. However, it is important to carry out all the preparatory work, as well as use the foundation of the same type as that of the house (usually a lightweight pile or grillage option is chosen).

Frames and sandwich panels

The construction of a frame house is easy, but here it is important to take into account several significant factors.. When planning a veranda, it is important to include it in the project at the stage of preparation.. This will allow you to correctly calculate the load on the frame. Otherwise, it may not stand it, and the structure will simply fold like a house of cards. There shouldn’t be any special problems with creating a garage..

As for the sandwich or SIP panels, they are supplied as a set. The buyer only has to assemble the structure. Sandwich panels are manufactured according to the existing plan, taking into account all the rooms and premises provided for by the project, including the garage and the attic.

It is not possible to plan them after making the house, so you need to take care of their availability in advance..


As a rule, in projects with an attic and a garage, a roof is provided that immediately covers both the garage and the main building. Sometimes one of the attic rooms can even be arranged above the garage. For these purposes, in theory, any structure is suitable, but in practice it turns out that some roofs require too large financial investments or cannot be mounted in a windy climatic zone due to excessive height. There are several types of roofs that are ideal for creating an attic under them..

These include:

  • gable;
  • hip;
  • half-hip.

The last two options refer to four-slope.

The attic under the gable roof will turn out to be small, narrow and uncomfortable, however, this option is the easiest to implement. It can even be designed on its own..

Mansard structures under hipped roofs are full-fledged rooms.

When planning an attic and garage, it is best to use a complex roof structure that allows you to organize an attic over almost the entire area of ​​the house..


The biggest problem is insulation. On the one hand, it is not necessary to insulate the garage in any special way. It has a wall adjacent to the house, so the temperature in it will always be higher than outside. It is much more important to take care of ventilation here..

It is much more difficult to insulate the attic. It is important to completely prevent the appearance of drafts, the penetration of cold wind. It is also necessary to ensure that the waterproofing is at the proper level. The penetration of precipitation into the room will by no means contribute to a favorable microclimate..

Different materials are used to insulate attics. The choice of this or that option depends on the type of room located below, as well as on whether it is planned to live in the attic permanently, or it will be used only as a room for temporary passage.


The material is lightweight. It is sold in convenient slabs so that it can be transported and stacked without any problems. Polyfoam has excellent thermal insulation characteristics. With other advantages, it has a low price, thanks to which you will be able to significantly save on insulation.

The disadvantage is that the material tends to crumble over time. It is also highly flammable, which is why it cannot be used near flammable objects (ovens, gas stoves, etc.).


Fiber boards are the best choice when the attic is located on top of a bath room or sauna. Working with fiberboard does not cause any particular difficulties. Even a beginner can handle this. In addition, the material has excellent thermal insulation properties and almost completely hides extraneous noise. Fiberboard belongs to the category of economy class materials.

However, there is one drawback that crosses out all the other advantages of the material.. Over time, fiberboard begins to release toxins into the atmosphere that are harmful to humans and animals.. Therefore, it is impossible to use fiberboard insulation within residential premises.. They can only handle side rooms, for example, a bathroom or kitchen..

Glass wool

This cheap material is also often used to insulate attics. Glass wool has more disadvantages than advantages. It is difficult to work with it, since glass dust, hazardous to health, is released into the air, the inhalation of which is fraught with damage to the respiratory tract.. The use of specialized protective equipment is required, which protect not only the respiratory system, but also the skin.

The advantages of the material are a high degree of thermal insulation and resistance to combustion.

You should not use glass wool for insulating attics where they will live permanently..

Mineral wool

The modern equivalent of glass wool has all the same advantages, but without the disadvantages of a more traditional material..

In addition, this option has additional advantages:

  • Resistance to the vital processes of microorganisms. They just don’t show up here.
  • Resistant to high humidity with excellent vapor permeability. This means that mineral wool promotes the evaporation of condensate, which, for a number of reasons, can accumulate in the attic..
  • Reduced heat transfer properties. The material prevents the full circulation of heat between the room and the street. In winter, it keeps the house warm, and in summer it does not allow hot air from the street to enter the room..
  • Environmental friendliness. Unlike glass wool, mineral wool is completely safe for humans.

As is clear from the above, there are many options for insulating attics, but there is still no one universal one. Before choosing, you need to decide what kind of material you are looking for, and then proceed to the selection of options.


Today, there are many projects of houses with an attic and a garage of different sizes and with different filling. There are options with one and more floors, with a basement level, a sauna or wine storage, and even with a terrace above the garage. Each option deserves a separate consideration..

The project also depends on the total footage of the house. For example, cottages with an area of ​​120-150 sq. m much easier to equip with an attic or garage. The attic will turn out to be large and roomy, and the garage can be attached from either side (from the facade or from the end). It is important to pay attention to the overall aesthetics of the structure.. The extension must not be allowed to greatly distort its proportions..

Below are some ideas for projects, each of which can help you finally decide how you want to see your house with an attic and a garage..

Little house

Attaching a garage to a small house with an area of ​​up to 100 m² should be wisely. It is important to pay attention to the general appearance of the cottage. If the house is narrow and elongated, then it makes sense, as it were, to continue it, placing the garage from the end. If you are a happy owner of a square building, then you have the opportunity to attach a garage the way you want..

To make a veranda, you have to try. The most you can count on is a small room of approximately 12 sq. m. However, it can be used as a full-fledged bedroom or a nursery, if the finishing work is carried out properly..

Not only a one-story house can be small. Having a compact two-story structure, it is better to abandon the attached garage altogether.. It is best to build a freestanding garage structure.

The attic can only be built as a utility room, for example, a closet..

Garage for 2 cars

Happy owners of large houses of different sizes (8 by 10 sq. M., 15 by 15 sq. M. And so on) often think about arranging a garage for two cars. Now many families are faced with the fact that both the wife and the husband want to have their own car, so there is a need to equip a large garage. For such cases, design agencies will specially develop suitable plans. You can see some of them in the images below..

In this case, it is simply necessary to equip an attic above the garage. It will turn out to be large and roomy. For completeness of the effect, you can abandon the standard walls, replacing them with glazing..

Keep in mind that you should not use the room above the garage as a living room. Better to take it under a winter garden, game room or home theater.

With basement

Often there are projects involving a basement floor. In this case, you can equip a garage right here. This will help save space and also make the overall look of the house more interesting. A sauna or steam room can be arranged next to the garage. In the fall, it will not bother anyone, at the same time, providing an opportunity to take a steam bath at any time..

Converting a basement into a garage is ideal for small areas where it is not possible to create a detached or attached building. In the same case, the presence of an attic will help. So it will be possible to expand the total area without taking up additional space on the site..

Fitting a garage in the basement is also good for buildings in hilly terrain. So you can visually smooth out the relief, harmonize the general appearance of the house and the surrounding landscape..


There are many tips on how to design a house..

As for the design plans of houses with an attic and a garage, there are several specific rules:

  • It is imperative to coordinate the project with higher authorities. It is better to buy a ready-made project or contact specialized organizations for an individual plan. They will carry out all calculations and prepare all the necessary documents.
  • Calculate the load on the walls and base. That is why it is better to plan the attic at the beginning of the design..
  • If it is not necessary to insulate the garage, then waterproofing must certainly be done at the highest level in order to avoid the appearance of corrosion on the car.

Beautiful examples

Projects of houses with an attic and a garage are clear evidence that it is possible to organize space rationally not only over a large area. Below are photos that clearly demonstrate the beauty and functionality of such buildings..

It is easiest to equip an attic under a gable roof. In order not to work with a complex roof, the attic was not done above the garage..

The roof of the original architecture allows you to create a large attic area under it, which is almost a full-fledged second floor. There is even a room above the garage.

A large house with a terrace and a garage seems even cozier due to the fact that from the attic you can go to the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view.

See the next video for the project of a typical house with an attic and a garage “Gorka”.

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