Projects of houses with two entrances

Recently, houses for two owners have been quite popular. Consider in the article projects of houses with two entrances in more detail.


A two-family house with separate living and separate entrances – a great option for families of different generations. Parents, children and grandchildren live in such a dwelling, while having a high level of privacy..

In this case, the descendants can take care of the parents, and the older generation has the opportunity to help with the grandchildren..

Buildings for two families with separate living are called twin houses or duplexes. This name came to us from the UK, where such houses first appeared. In this country, the construction of residential buildings in this format has been practiced for more than a century. For many landowners, this view is in many ways preferable to a single-owner house. Any twinhouse project may differ in some individual features, however, the traditional layout with a separate entrance is the most functional and popular..

Each project can be special and unique, but houses with separate entrances are in the greatest demand. In this case, families may not intersect with each other at all. The site, like the outbuildings, is divided into two parts, or left in common use.

In duplexes live families that are not always in kinship – sometimes they are friends, sometimes they are completely strangers to each other. This happens after the sale of one of the halves of the house..

Plans for one-story houses

After the “palace” boom of the 1990s and 2000s, when some tried to amaze others with the magnificence of 2-, 3-, 4-storey mansions, people began to understand the advantages of one-story buildings. They are actually more practical and comfortable. As practice shows, few people use the second floor if the same opportunities are available on the first level. Moreover, building a house on one level is much cheaper than building a two-story house with the same area – at least, the difference in the laying of communications affects.

As for the geometry of a one-story duplex, it can be different – much depends on the landscape and area of ​​the site..

Rectangular, square, U-shaped and asymmetric shapes are quite common in construction, but mirror design is the most popular option. In this case, the entrances can be located on the sides, on the sides of the facade or next to, in the center. Twin houses are built of stone (brick, blocks) or wooden (timber, log), it is possible to erect frame buildings. Projects include houses with a terrace, built-in or separate garages, and others.

Layout of two-storey cottages

During the construction of a two-story duplex, utility rooms are located on the first level – a bathroom, a boiler room, a kitchen and a dining room with a living room, while the second floor is given to rooms where peace is required: bedrooms, an office, children’s rooms are usually also located on the second floor. Sometimes in a duplex, the lower floor is left in shared use, although this is practiced less and less often..

A private cottage with an attic will be inferior in living space to a two-storey one, but its construction is much cheaper.

But houses with the letter “G” in the twinhouse format are almost never built. In this case, it is difficult to plan two separate entrances and at the same time maintain the equivalence of the internal layout and comfort..

Garage projects

A place on the site for a car has long turned into a harsh necessity. Now there are almost no families left without a car, and if the mansion is located in a suburban area, then, in principle, there are no “horseless”. The garage can be detached or built into a residential building. In both cases, there are both advantages and disadvantages..

A carport will cost the owners much less, but it will never have all the functions and advantages inherent in a full-fledged garage. Projects with a built-in garage can be carried out during the construction of a house from any materials – from timber, stone or the frame method. How it might look like, the layout of a two-story duplex, shown in examples.

Two-family options

The design and internal layout of the duplex may be different, but in general, such houses are not built above the second floor.. At the same time, the estimate of the duplex is 20-30% lower than the cost of two country houses of the same size..

  • The project below for a two-storey cottage for two families with separate entrances has built-in garages, prudently separating the residential parts of the building. Thus, one of the main tasks of the duplex is accomplished – isolation. In this case, families are provided with 100% privacy. Entrance doors are located adjacent to the garage area.

  • In the next project of a one-story house for 2 families, the principles of a mirror layout are preserved. Entrance areas are spaced as far as possible – they are located on the sides of the building and are equipped with a porch. In both halves, the kitchen-dining room provides access to a common terrace, separated by a load-bearing wall.

  • This semi-detached house has a basement and an attic. The project is extremely functional, although the basement increases the cost of construction. Nevertheless, it is very convenient for organizing a garage and utility zones in it, completely giving up the first and attic floors for living quarters..

Design ideas

The one-storey duplex is designed in a style reminiscent of the Mediterranean France. Light walls and sandstone-colored bricks match the Provence style, as do the heavily sash windows.

The color of the shutters matches the shades of the roofing material.

A one-story two-family house with an attic looks very respectable. A noble look will come to him with a graphic roof against the background of white walls and a brick insert of facing bricks on the facade. Despite the small area, the presence of an attic made it possible to provide the building with built-in garages.

A two-storey house made of profiled timber for two families looks strict and laconic. Two separate entrances isolate families from different generations, but do not separate.

A common courtyard, decoration in the same style speaks of the unity of neighboring residents.

Magnificent chalet style prefab duplex. The project provides a lot of light and looks airy due to panoramic windows on the first and semi-attic floors. At the same time, the layout clearly divided the living quarters and guaranteed privacy for both families. This is facilitated by a section divided by a lattice fence. The building has terraces and balconies.

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