Projects of one and a half storey houses

One-and-a-half-story houses are buildings in which an attic floor is organized on the basis of the first floor. This is the space under the roof that is used as living space.. Such structures can be intended both for permanent residence of a family of several people, and used for recreation as a country house in a summer cottage.

Features of one-and-a-half-story houses

Half-story houses attract a large number of potential homeowners. This is due to the fact that there is an opportunity to save the area of ​​a plot of land, while increasing the size of home ownership without too significant financial costs.

A house with an attic will be noticeably larger in area than a one-story building, but its construction will require less financial investment than a two-story building.. In a one-and-a-half-story house, the load on the foundation is much less than when building a house with 2 floors, and the construction cycle itself takes less time. One-and-a-half-story houses, in addition to residential premises, may include the following elements:

  • basement;
  • garage;
  • terrace;
  • veranda;
  • balcony.

For one-and-a-half-story houses typical is the installation of large windows in the attic floor. This allows you to make the rooms under the roof as bright as possible. They are also distinguished by their unusual configuration. If you use the features of the attic space correctly, you can create completely unique rooms with an original interior. At the planning stage, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of strengthening the attic roof, since it will be exposed to both external and internal influences.

Layout of rooms

The layout of the rooms can vary significantly depending on the project and the wishes of the future owner..

But, as a rule, the first floor is intended for the location of general-purpose rooms, such as a living room, hall, kitchen and bathroom..

The layout of the attic floor depends primarily on the number of people who live in the house.. For a large family, it is more convenient for the attic floor to be divided into several separate rooms. The one and a half floor, despite its apparent inferiority, can actually be very comfortable and stylish due to its unusual shape. Various level solutions make it possible to make the transitions from room to room more convenient and the layout more interesting.

Recently, projects that provide for the presence of a garage on the first floor of the house have become popular..

Such constructions with a garage are usually very laconic in design, but as convenient as possible for a family. In this case, there is no need to take up space on the site for a free-standing garage..

Lovers of fresh air will love the various verandas and terraces. Houses with a terrace allow you to provide a place for a comfortable stay in good weather. One-and-a-half-story houses can be built from various materials:

  • from a bar;
  • from aerated concrete;
  • from blocks;
  • brick;
  • from gas blocks;
  • from foam blocks;
  • frame structures.

Each of these building materials has certain advantages and disadvantages.. It is believed that houses made of profiled timber are very reliable and environmentally friendly.. However, one-and-a-half-story frame structures can be an excellent solution for the whole family. Currently, there is an opportunity to purchase a project of a house with a plan of both floors, where all premises and necessary communications are marked..


Modern construction companies can build a house in any style, of which there are quite a few. Therefore, any future owner can choose the style of the house, which largely meets his personal tastes and preferences.. It is always possible to choose not only the style, but also a specific project that will take into account all the wishes of the owner.

  • The buildings in the classical style are characterized by symmetry, clarity of forms, simple layouts and the presence of balustrades and columns.. During construction, preference is given to the use of natural materials.

  • Baroque style is distinguished by splendor of forms and many decorative elements. Houses are decorated with pilasters, gilded elements, and columns. For exterior decoration, light colors are usually used. Sometimes red or green colors can be applied.

  • The Art Nouveau-style one-and-a-half-story building has bizarre shapes. Smooth curving lines meet in the form of doors, windows, roofs. Mosaics, stained-glass windows, floral motifs are used for decoration. The internal layout of such a house is characterized by complexity, the presence of descents and ascents..

  • Minimalism style quite popular, it is represented by laconic buildings with strict geometric shapes and an almost complete lack of decor. Characteristic is the presence of built-in lighting, large windows; often the project provides for French windows on the first floor. During construction, preference is given to stone, glass and natural wood.

  • For the construction of private houses, high-tech style is not used too often.. Usually, only some characteristic elements are used, such as protruding parts of structures, laconic forms, many metal parts, large glazed areas.

Silver metallic and gray are preferred.

  • Alpine chalet choose for areas where there are many trees. It is in such a place that the chalet house will look as harmonious as possible. The features of this architectural style are a gable roof extending far beyond the boundaries of the building, balconies located under a protruding roof, spacious terraces, often without any fences. The first floor is faced with stone, one and a half – with wood.

  • The buildings in italian style harmoniously fit into a seaside or forest landscape. These are houses with almost flat roofs, shutters and a spacious terrace. For finishing the facade, bricks or plaster of light shades are used, the roof is covered with tiles or similar materials with terracotta shades.

  • One-and-a-half-story houses in Russian style are built with a wooden frame, the windows have shutters with beautiful carvings. Also, carvings are used to decorate the overhangs of the roof, fences of terraces and balconies..

  • Scandinavian buildings are distinguished by functionality and reliability. Natural materials are mainly used in their construction..

The basement and basement floor in such buildings are quite rare, but an open terrace or a large porch is required..

  • Fachwerk dates back to the Middle Ages, especially often houses in this style were found on the territory of Bavaria. It is characteristic that the frame of the building is not hidden, but, on the contrary, is exposed. The frame is made of large wooden beams laid out in the form of geometric shapes or crosses.

  • Houses American style have cascading roofs, a garage attached or built directly into the building, large terraces. Light or white plaster is used for finishing.

  • For ranch houses the presence of hipped roofs or flat roofs with very wide overhangs is characteristic. The facade of the buildings is finished with stone, wood or brick. Decorative elements are almost completely absent.

  • Buildings in gothic style characterized by many vertical lines, it seems that the houses are stretching towards the sky. Windows and arches are pointed upwards. The facade of the building is decorated with turrets, bas-reliefs, carvings, stained-glass windows.

Beautiful examples of projects

One-and-a-half-story houses are comfortable and functional, practical and comfortable for living..

  • One and a half storey American style house with an attic, garage, balcony and terrace. The total area of ​​the house is 135 m 2, which allows you to comfortably accommodate all family members. On the ground floor there is a small entrance hall, a hall, a living room combined with a kitchen. There is also a combined bathroom. From the hall you can go to the boiler room and garage. In the attic there are 3 small bedrooms, a spacious sanitary unit and another room that can be used as a study, a library or a children’s playroom. 2 bedrooms have a balcony. The exterior is finished with stone and light coffee-colored plaster.

  • House in the style of minimalism with a total area of ​​230 m 2. The layout contains 2 parts. Most of the house is a one-story structure, the smaller part is two-story. The staircase to the second floor is located in the center of the building. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall with a small dressing room, a toilet, a kitchen and a living room, from which there is an exit to a covered terrace. The attic floor has 3 separate rooms. Facade finished with blue plaster.

  • Alpine chalet of 180 m 2 with two entrances and two balconies. On the ground floor there is a spacious kitchen-dining room, combined bathroom, boiler room and 1 bedroom. The one and a half floor includes 3 rooms, each with an exit to a balcony and a small hall. The house is painted beige, with wooden elements added for decoration.

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