Projects of one-story houses 10 by 15

Projects of one-story houses measuring 10 by 15 meters are worth considering for those who have not yet quite decided on the premises that should be present in the house. A building of this size may include a garage, an attic, a terrace, and in some cases a basement.. The details of each project are discussed with the developer in advance..

Plans with garage

A one-storey house measuring 10 by 15 m allows you to place all the necessary premises for a family on this space, as well as equip a garage for one car. Usually such a structure is built under one roof, that is, the garage has a common wall with the house.. But in some cases, the roof can be multi-level – it all depends on the initially thought out project, the general concept and style of the house, both outside and inside..

It is more convenient to consider specific drawings in order to understand how you can arrange the premises.

  • In this case, the house has two bedrooms and a kitchen-dining room. The garage adjoins the living room on one side and the furnace room on the other.

  • In this case, there are more bedrooms, albeit small in size. Garage adjacent to the kitchen-living room.

  • The plan, when the garage is adjacent to the boiler room, can be considered more successful. The rest of the rooms are at the discretion of the owners. In this case, one of three rooms can be accessed from a long corridor. The other wing houses the kitchen and living room..

A house with a garage is very convenient because the car is in a warm room, protected from precipitation and frost. In addition, in this room you can place a mini-workshop, arrange agricultural blanks.

The downside may be that the garage still steals the area from the house, where other useful premises could be located..

Layout with an attic

In any house, when its area is not so large, the attic is an excellent solution.. The attic floor will accommodate a bedroom or even several. It all depends on how many meters to give for each room. A balcony on the attic floor will be a nice bonus.

But this does not mean that bedrooms are the only option for using the attic. It all depends on the needs and hobbies of the family. There may be a library, an office, a workshop, and a gym. Often in the attic, nurseries are equipped for grown-up children.. Most often, a mandatory addition is a bathroom..

In a house with an attic, any rooms can be placed below (living room, kitchen, bedrooms). Nothing prevents you from equipping a small garage or building a terrace. The attic frees up the premises below, gives more space for the embodiment of your ideas.

If you consider in more detail the arrangement of such a house, then you can pay attention to the fact that on the ground floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and even there is a terrace..

The second floor includes a guest room, a children’s room, a bathroom. In such a house everyone will be comfortable, and in case of the arrival of guests there is an additional room.

Terrace projects

A house with a size of 10×15 can accommodate all the necessary premises. At the same time, it is always possible to equip a terrace by choosing its footage according to the needs of the family.. The terrace can be located at one of the walls of the house. Thinking over the location of the terrace, it is better to equip it so that it has an exit from the kitchen and living room. This makes it possible not only to arrange a full-fledged recreation area, but also to simply arrange family lunches, dinners and breakfasts on the terrace..

If you don’t want to make a large terrace, you can arrange a small space where the porch is. This space is enough to place a small table and a couple of armchairs there..

Houses with a plinth

House projects with a plinth are convenient for those who want to have additional premises for various needs. The basement floor can accommodate premises for a wide variety of purposes. First of all, a boiler room can be placed there, thereby freeing up space in the house.. Another option is to place a garage in the basement, and its size can be such that two cars can be accommodated. Such a room is also suitable for an extensive workshop. It is quite possible to equip premises there for a pleasant pastime. The main thing is to provide good lighting. It can be a home theater, a gym, a swimming pool, or a sauna..

At the same time, the layout of the premises in the house does not change in any way.. In the same way, you can equip the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and other necessary premises in the basement..

Beautiful examples

Currently, every future owner has a chance to develop his own project or contact a developer. Absolutely any plan can be realized.. Here are some examples.

  • A stylish home with a discreet design will accommodate all the premises a family needs, and on a small terrace you can arrange a cozy corner for relaxation.

  • The house in a two-tone contrast solution looks very original. It has two terraces on different sides, which is a very convenient solution. In addition, outwardly everything looks beautiful..

  • The attractive house is equipped with an attic, where there is also a balcony. There are many more possibilities for accommodating various premises..

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