Projects of one-story houses measuring 6 by 4 meters

The selection of the project of the future house is an important stage in the beginning of construction. One-story house projects are in great demand, especially in suburban construction.

Advantages and disadvantages

Compared to projects with 2 or more floors one-story houses measuring 6 by 4 meters are the most simple in terms of construction. This, of course, affects the cost of building such houses and in the future – on the implementation of repair and finishing work..

The advantage of such buildings is the absence of stairs, which are difficult to navigate for children, elderly family members and residents with disabilities..

The cost of running small, small houses is significantly less than that of multi-storey buildings.. Modern one-storey cottages have a high level of comfort due to the correct layout and the use of the latest technologies and building materials.

The disadvantage of projects of one-story houses is a large construction area on a land plot.

Layout options

At the initial stage of any construction, planning is required. On small plots, for example, in summer cottages of 6 acres, compact houses of 6×4 m are often built. A project of summer cottages of this size has been used for more than three decades for seasonal living. The house plan 4×6 allows you to equip one-room apartments, a kitchen, an entrance hall and a toilet. The project allows you to add a wide porch or an open terrace, as well as make flower beds, vegetable beds and plant a small orchard.

A compact 4×6 house is built from generally available building materials, such as:

  • silicate brick or facing;

  • wood such as a bar, frame or frame panels;

  • gas and foam concrete blocks;

  • reinforced concrete slab.

Building a 6×4 frame type with your own hands is a relevant and financially cheap option.. The basis of such a structure is a metal or wooden frame, which consists of rafters and various structural elements..

It is mounted on a lightweight foundation (pile or tape), insulated and sheathed with wood panels.

Advantages of a frame structure:

  1. speed of construction;

  2. attractive exterior design of the house;

  3. the possibility of using a light foundation.

  4. cheap compared to a brick or log house.

There are two types of 4×6 m frame house projects.

  • Frame-panel board, which consists of ready-made wooden panels. First, the load-bearing walls are connected, then the interior partitions are installed, and the construction is completed with the installation of a gable or gable roof.

  • Frame-frame, when the installation of the rafters is done on the foundation, the crate is made. After installing the roof, the walls are sheathed with chipboard plates..

Wooden houses are very popular among future homeowners. They create a special atmosphere and microclimate. A house made of wood has a number of advantages:

  • ecologicaly clean;

  • heat-saving;

  • ideal value for money;

  • there is an option for building with your own hands, without the help of specialists.

Therefore, some owners erect houses from a bar. At a cost, it is slightly higher than the price of a frame house.

By the time of assembly, a 4×6 house from a bar is assembled in a few weeks.

Considering that the overall size of the timber is 6 meters, it does not need to be sawed along the long side of the house wall.. Finishing inside the house consists of treating the walls with wood stain and painting with colorless varnish. Such a house does not require insulation and is not subject to shrinkage. Its walls do not need cladding. All this reduces the construction time.

Houses made of foam concrete blocks are also in demand for seasonal living in the countryside.. Foam concrete is an environmentally friendly building material, retains heat, is non-combustible, but allows moisture to pass through. This is its disadvantage, therefore, the bearing walls are laid out with bricks on the outside. And another disadvantage of walls made of foam concrete blocks is their fragility. Reinforcement is used to strengthen the structure..

Another option for building a 4×6 house is the use of reinforced concrete block containers. Depending on the layout of the site, a different number of structures are used. Their geometrical dimensions are from 2.5 to 6 meters long. The height is 2.2 m. There will already be rough floors, walls, and a ceiling. It is enough to insulate and finish it. As a result, a one-story house of the type of a change house is obtained, and much less time and money is spent than when building from scratch..


Various styles are suitable for single-storey houses measuring 6 by 4 meters..


The construction of a small 4×6 house in the half-timbered style is preferable for a plot of 6 acres. Such a building looks like a neat German cottage. The material for a 6×4 house is a timber.

The layout includes:

  • a cozy corridor like a vestibule;

  • toilet;

  • small kitchen;

  • rest room.

The project of such a house is designed for a small family of 2 or 3 people. At the entrance, many owners add a wide veranda.

Moreover, the layout allows you to increase the area for summer recreation by placing garden furniture or sun loungers..


A compact 6×4 chalet-style home should look like a small shepherd’s hut in the snow-covered Alps. Constructed from composite materials. Modern chalet-style houses today are erected from blocks or bricks, decorating the outside of the basement with artificial stone in order to reproduce the style. The exterior also features wooden details that accentuate the style of the chalet..

Such a house is successfully combined with the beauty of wildlife and landscape design, so it is in demand for elite house projects.

High tech

Projects of one-story houses 4×6 in high-tech style take into account all the needs of a modern person to live in coziness and comfort.

The distinctive features of this style are:

  • minimum decor;

  • the use of modern materials such as plastic, concrete, glass;

  • geometry of straight lines and shapes;

  • pleasant design of communications.

High-tech one-story houses have high functionality and pragmatism.


The loft style is considered the ideal style for the construction of a one-story 6×4 house with a lack of finance, as well as a way of self-affirmation.

The design is characterized by a combination of light sloppiness and grace. The decoration of the premises consists in rough processing and the absence of decoration items.

The originality of the style is:

  • flat roof;

  • panoramic windows;

  • no rounded shapes;

  • modesty and calmness in the interior;

  • communications are open;

  • high ceilings and no partitions between rooms.

A one-story 6×4 house in this style can be built on the site of an old structure using gas and foam concrete blocks.

They use artificially aged wood, metal elements with a matte surface.


Barnhouse translated from English means barn. Despite the small volumes of 4×6 barnhouse-style buildings, they can be cozy and comfortable. They combine well modern mezzanines and double-light lighting, as well as massive kitchens.

Advantages of barn-type houses:

  • huge entrance door and panoramic windows, as well as high ceilings;

  • there must be a terrace as a link between the house and the street;

  • simplicity in decoration to a minimum against the background of harmony with nature;

  • fast terms of commissioning;

  • economical calculation for all construction periods;

  • a systematic approach to insulation, sound insulation, installation of reinforced-plastic windows;

  • inside, timber trim emphasizes the atmosphere of comfort.

Barnhouse style is practical, economical and rational.

Examples of

The acquisition and construction of one-story buildings 4×6 m is always in demand among the population of our country. There are many projects of one-story houses measuring 6 by 4 meters. Here are just a few examples:

  • with a terrace;

  • with a garage;

  • With panoramic windows.

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