Projects of one-story houses with a flat roof

Projects of one-story houses with a flat roof are gaining more and more popularity due to the use of modern construction technologies. Objects made of aerated concrete and brick, monolithic houses with free planning, with and without a terrace, are aimed at connoisseurs of minimalism and high-tech style. The roof in such houses may well be exploited, with solar panels placed on it, a mini-pool or sun loungers for summer holidays..

Advantages and disadvantages

One-story houses with a flat roof are a modern solution that allows you to significantly save on materials for construction. Such objects are considered typical for the southern regions, but with modern materials for arranging the roof, they quite successfully adapt to more severe climatic conditions.. The following factors are considered to be the advantages of such architectural solutions..

  1. Speed ​​and ease of construction. The walls are erected from blocks or cast in concrete monolith formwork. The roof is formed over concrete or timber floors. A slab usually acts as a foundation, and the basement is not done, like the basement floor, so the earthwork stage takes a minimum of time.
  2. Subject to technology – long service life. Flat roofs require less repair and maintenance. In the presence of concrete floors, they allow you to move on the surface without much difficulty.
  3. High thermal insulation characteristics. One-story houses with a flat roof can be called one of the most energy efficient.
  4. The ability to use the roof to accommodate antennas, storage tanks, air conditioning systems. At the same time, you do not have to worry about further maintenance and operation of the equipment..
  5. Originality of the design solution. The finished structure is able to harmoniously fit into the landscape of the site both in the city and beyond.
  6. Add-on capability. If over time the house turns out to be too small, you can easily build the 2nd floor on top of the first one or supplement it with an attic.

The obvious disadvantages of buildings with a flat roof of 1 floor include a limited area – most of the projects do not exceed 100 m2 in size.. The choice of materials also has to be made in favor of bricks, concrete, blocks – such objects are usually not erected from wood. Operated roofs are more expensive than usual.

In any project, it is necessary to provide for a system for the outflow of water and the removal of other sediments. If the loads are incorrectly calculated, the roof of the building may simply collapse under the weight of snow or when a recreation area is placed on it.

House plans

Flat roof building designs are quite varied in their execution. Much depends on the choice of materials, the seasonality of the operation of the facilities. If the roof has to be able to support the weight of the pool or other elements, wood framing and sheathing will simply not work.. If a small country house is being erected on the shore with an observation deck, it may well be made prefabricated from a bar, SIP panels. The load will not be too heavy for him.

In all other cases, a brick house, monolithic or assembled from aerated concrete, from foam blocks, is built, corresponding to the expected operational loads. You also need to pay attention to the shape of the object.. Connoisseurs of the aesthetics of constructivism or minimalism are usually delighted with buildings that are square in plan. – a compact cube looks good if supplemented with verandas, terraces, harmoniously fits into a complex hilly landscape.

A rectangular object can be narrow or wide, but its length is always greater than its width. Often such houses are made of several small modules – a central one and two wings on either side of it. This makes it possible to use a variable height of ceilings, to separate the living quarters for the owners from the guests. This arrangement of rooms in a private home provides sufficient privacy for everyone. In addition, an object of one floor made of concrete may well have an angular format – in the form of the letter L from adjacent rectangles.

A flat roof can have a minimum slope of 1.5 degrees. This is in line with building codes. But it is better to make it a little larger – from 4 to 8 degrees, in order to provide a more efficient drainage of water.. Recommended bearing loads:

  • for unexploited roofs – from 70 kgf / m2;
  • for the operated – from 200 kgf / m2.

These parameters do not take into account possible snow loads. They increase taking into account the regional climatic norm. For example, for the Moscow region it is equal to 180 kg / m2, in Murmansk it reaches 320 kg / m2.

With garage

Such a layout assumes that the house has a carport adjacent to it for parking a car or a full-fledged covered garage, combined with other rooms by an internal corridor-gallery. This is a smart solution to provide additional space for a workshop or seasonal storage..

There can be 1 or 2 parking spaces for cars, garage doors are made lifting or sliding, as much as possible in harmony with the general architecture of the object.

With terrace

Additional indoor or outdoor space in the form of areas framing 1 or 2 walls of the house, allows you to place a barbecue area, a children’s playground. Terraces are usually taken into account in the total area of ​​the building.. They are not very typical for high-tech style, but they fit well with the aesthetics of a loft or country..

With an exploited roof

Such projects are the most expensive to implement. In this case, several layers of bulk coating are mounted on top of a conventional floor with waterproofing.. You can arrange from above:

  • lawn;
  • recreation area with sun loungers;
  • observation deck;
  • mini-pool;
  • summer dining room.

Green spaces and entire mini-gardens adapt well to the conditions of the southern climate.

Here you can organize drip irrigation and collection of rain moisture. Recreation areas outside the pool are best shaded with a tent or tent..

Operated roofs with a seating area at the top are usually covered with paving slabs, a fence is made around the perimeter. A roof with green spaces will be relevant in a small area – here you can set up mini-greenhouses, plant flowers or greenery.

Modern design options

One-story houses with a flat roof may well fit harmoniously into the landscape of a modern city; they look good on the territory of villages with typical cottages. The main attention during their decoration, development of an architectural solution is paid to adherence to the chosen style.. Most often, the facade and interiors are decorated in the style of minimalism.. It is stylish, laconic, allows you to use the simplest colors and shades – white, black, gray.

High-tech houses are characterized by the following features.

  1. Operated roof. It houses an open-air gym, swimming pool or high-tech power supply system..
  2. Cold aluminum glazing with panoramic view. It emphasizes the geometric shapes of the building, provides an inflow of natural light.
  3. The presence of an adjoining garage and technical rooms. They allow you not to waste time moving around the site..
  4. Modular structure. Often such buildings are built from shipping containers or several concrete cubes connected by walkways-galleries.
  5. Lighting. It is versatile, mounted on several levels. Architectural lighting is often used. Lighting fixtures inside and on the facade are chosen in a strict geometric design..
  6. Facade finishing, combining smooth and textured elements.
  7. High-tech content. The building will be suitable for sliding doors, a “smart home” system, touch control of lighting, water supply.

Loft is another style suitable for the construction of one-story houses with a flat roof.. It is characterized by a touch of industrialization. The interior and exterior of the building is as close as possible to industrial facilities, but has its own characteristic details. The best materials for building in this case are obvious – concrete, brick will be a good choice. Light creative negligence in everything is welcomed, preserving the natural texture of the wall materials in combination with fluffy carpets or expensive wood flooring.

A loft-style flat roof house always has the following characteristic details:

  • panoramic glazing;
  • open lines of communication;
  • open plan;
  • high ceilings;
  • sharp corners in interior design.

Aged metal elements will also be appropriate – patinated copper sheets around a fireplace or stove. Furniture elements made of stainless steel or artificial stone, concrete tiles are welcome. Often in such houses they make an island kitchen, use bar counters for zoning.

Country-style can also be used to build a one-story house with a flat roof.. In this case, the building is sheathed with wood or materials imitating it. The sketches for the facade can be based on traditional American ranches. In plan, such buildings are usually U-shaped, with a central hall and 2 side wings located perpendicular to it. This is a convenient solution that allows you to place the maximum required buildings in a limited area..

Beautiful examples

Beautiful one-story houses with flat roofs are in great demand in modern construction. Among the proposed planning solutions, each owner can easily find exactly what will meet his expectations.. The best proof of this will be examples of the most interesting projects of such buildings..

  • Loft-style house with a flat roof made of foam blocks with a total area of ​​137.97 m2 suitable for a small family. The facade is finished with wet plaster and wood. Inside there are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. A terrace adjoins the living area, sliding panoramic windows give a feeling of spaciousness, let in enough sunlight.

  • Stylish compact house with a total area of ​​162 m2 with architectural lighting. The layout assumes the presence of 3 isolated bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Most of the house is occupied by a combined studio space with a rational distribution of zones. There is a U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar, a dining room and a spacious living room..

  • Modern high-tech house made of aerated concrete with rebate facades, clinker tiles and wood. The plan provides for an adjoining garage, a boiler room, 2 isolated bedrooms, a dressing room, 2 bathrooms, a hall, a combined kitchen-dining room-living room with an adjoining spacious terrace and panoramic glazing.

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