Projects of one-story houses with panoramic windows

One-story houses with panoramic windows are distinguished by a non-standard view and special quality of lighting.. From the material of this article, you will learn about their pros and cons, the nuances of location in rooms for different purposes..


Panoramic (French) glazing of one-story houses is carried out using modern double-glazed windows. They are coated with a special composition that reduces the heat transfer of glass.. Not suitable for all types of houses, they require a careful approach to design.

They are selected according to the climate of the region. The outer part can be covered with vinyl or metal oxide spraying.

Panoramic glasses are strong enough, tempered varieties are resistant to mechanical stress and do not fly into fragments under strong impacts.

Houses with large windows are variable in terms of glazing. Projects can assume a classic, bay window, corner type of installation. Each of them has its own characteristics..

The classic is located in a straight line, it is considered the simplest type. Bay window glazing involves the use of glass installation technology at a slight angle. In houses with corner type, the viewing angle is expanded.

The opening mechanism is swing-out, lift-and-slide and parallel-slide. Other designs move according to the accordion principle. Most often, within the same project, it is one.

Heating of buildings with panoramic windows differs from the classical heating method. In these buildings, low tubular batteries, convectors installed in floor coverings are installed. In addition, special designs of heated windows are used..

When choosing such a project, it is worth considering that the abundance of panoramic glazing makes the structure look like a glass cube. This is ugly and impractical. If there are many huge windows, the uniqueness of the architecture suffers..

Advantages and disadvantages

One-story buildings with French windows have a number of advantages:

  • have a high level of illumination due to street light;
  • stand out against the background of other structures, regardless of style;
  • reduce the amount of work and finances for interior decoration;
  • are distinguished by the visual spaciousness and lightness of each room;
  • have especially beautiful facades that stand out against the background of other buildings;
  • improve visibility and open a view of the local landscape;
  • can have different degrees of wall openness and the shape of glass inserts;
  • have additional glass insulation;
  • fit perfectly into any architectural style.

In addition, the glazing of single-storey houses varies:

  • opening method (sliding, swing, portal);
  • insert type (frame, frameless);
  • type of glass (transparent, tinted, reflective, stained glass).

Panoramic glazing is suitable for rooms with different types of layouts and for single-storey buildings of various types and shapes. It creates the effect of unity with nature, allows you to admire the picturesque landscapes without leaving your home.

Along with this, these buildings have several disadvantages.. More finances are spent on the implementation of the project. Installation of panoramic glazing is more expensive than traditional.

A detailed study of the installation of the heating system is also required.. Open rooms attract thieves and nosy neighbors. In view of this, it is required to purchase curtains, tint glass, and install an effective alarm..

The presence of panoramic windows makes its own adjustments to the internal arrangement of the house. We have to arrange the furniture correctly, in the autumn-winter period to deal with condensation.

Projects overview

For the construction of one-story houses with panoramic windows, bricks, SIP panels, wood, gas silicate blocks, and stone are used. Finished projects are created on the basis of frame systems with glazing into the floor.

Any detailed project remains fashionable for many years. Private brick houses are solid and monumental. Windows are often installed on the sunny side. In this case, the glazing is usually partial. The plan provides for the presence of a fireplace that warms the room and brings a special aesthetics to it.

The style of the building can be classic, neoclassical, Victorian, Mediterranean.

When designing a house on one floor, it may be envisaged to create a terrace, veranda, gazebo, garage. The key disadvantage of heavy structures is the duration of construction and the need for a reinforced foundation.

Small frame houses are designed from wood, metal, sandwich panels, combined with panoramic windows. Such designs are easier to install and install double-glazed windows. Traditional styles – hi-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian. Disadvantages of buildings – lightness of walls, accessibility for thieves.

Private houses made of timber, logs with panoramic glazing are made in country, chalet, alpine styles. The size of the windows depends on the region (the warmer, the larger the size).

The layout of the panorama depends on the sides of the location of the windows. Often, modern projects have windows facing south or southeast. Due to the significant weight, the supporting structures are made as strong as possible.

The project plan may assume the presence of false glazing. At the same time, the panels depict a picturesque landscape. In addition, glazing is often complemented by lighting..

When drawing up a project, a number of criteria are taken into account – from the size of the openings and the type of glazing to the number of chambers and the type of maintenance of structures. Choose between warm and cold glazing, frame material.

Plastic frames are cheaper, but limited in size. Wooden are durable and expensive, reinforced metal are considered the most durable.

One-story cottages with huge windows and a glass entrance group look spectacular. Other trendy designs have columns and semi-covered verandas..

As for the roof, it can be classic pitched and flat. Sometimes companies design plans with an attic, a roof protruding from the front of the house.. Often, the top of the windows follows the slope of the roof.

In some cases, buildings have multi-pitched roofs that are complex in shape. They have several components (for each bay window, veranda, terrace). From a practical point of view, sloped roofs are considered the best.

Terraces and verandas of buildings are single or encircling the perimeter. They have one or more stairs with several steps leading to the house..

Projects with open terraces, on which a summer recreation area is set up, look organically. Sometimes these sites are equipped with chairs, plastic or wooden furniture. Verandas often have blank walls.

The garage is designed most often from one side of the facade.. As a rule, the place for its construction is chosen where it is more convenient for the car to approach. Moreover, depending on the design, the garage has an entrance with a canopy. In some cases, the garage has its own entrance to the house..

Arrangement of rooms

Panoramic windows of a one-story house can be located in rooms of different purposes. At the same time, it is desirable that the furnishings contain a minimum of large elements of arrangement.. They block the view from the window, make the space uncomfortable.


The location of panoramic windows in the bedroom should not reduce the privacy of the room. In this regard, at the design stage, one wall is left under the glazing of this room.. Height can be in the floor or at the level of 40-60 cm from the floor.

If the window faces north, northwest, the glazing is made angular. If the window is located on the south side in the bedroom, you will have to use curtains. Otherwise it will be hot in here.

Despite the beauty of the finished projects in the pictures, the customer often closes the bedroom windows with textiles. He also often asks to make adjustments to the project, reducing the size of the glazing in this room of the dwelling..

It is preferable to equip the sleeping and rest area in the far corner.. You can hide it from prying eyes by means of a partition, a screen. You can also close the window with plain textiles..


The glazing of the kitchen of a one-story cottage can occupy 1 or 2 walls. Depending on the design, glass can play the role of windows and doors. The type of structures can be partial (40-55, 55-75 cm from the floor), complete (for the entire height of the room).

In some projects, the space is filled with windows of the same size and shape. Kitchen furniture is perfectly placed next to them. For example, it can be a sofa, a table with chairs.

The tape windows, which are notable for their small width, also look spectacular in the kitchen. Also unusual in the interior of one-story country houses are varieties at the height of the countertops, passing to the ceiling.

Living room

Large windows decorate the guest room and visually blur rigid boundaries. The furnishing of this room should be zonal or island. It is undesirable to cover glass walls, reducing the view and aesthetics of the design.

Sofas can be placed in the corners of the room, if it is small – the key area is located opposite. Sometimes the arrangement of furniture is U-shaped. The fireplace is designed from the side, complementing the seating area with a pair of soft armchairs.

If the living room has a bay window with panoramic glazing, it is used as a corner of relaxation. You can furnish it with a radius sofa, a soft modular bench, a small table.

Flowers in floor vases look organically in this room. In addition, the guest room can combine the functions of a living and dining room, a living room and a kitchen, a reception area and a bar, a TV area.


Panoramic windows in children’s rooms are not so common. However, if they are foreseen by the project, they must be installed with maximum safety and practicality in mind. They are installed at a height of at least 60 cm from the floor..

Shockproof glasses are chosen, for safety reasons, the structures are supplemented with rods. In addition, they are considering a ventilation system. The window area is drawn up based on its purpose.

A work area is made in the teenager’s room.. If there is a bay window, an excellent solution would be to install a narrow tabletop in the shape of the window.. Chairs (computer chair) are placed under it, racks are placed on the sides of the window.

The podium seating area will also be an interesting solution. It is equipped with a thick mattress, many sofa pillows of different sizes and shapes. The zone is complemented by ceiling lighting.

Decorating windows from the inside

The design of French windows is selected taking into account the style of the interior. Based on this, the curtains can be translucent monochromatic, dense, single and multi-layered. Control type – manual or remote.

In addition, they differ in the type of cut and the way of opening.. The cornice is usually mounted on the ceiling or a bracket located above the window. Blinds (products with a roller mechanism) are attached directly to the frame. At the same time, they can open up or down..

Beautiful examples

We offer several examples of ready-made projects with modern and fashionable architecture design.

  • Country house with a geometric shape and a flat roof.

  • A variant of the project of a private one-story house with linear panoramic glazing.

  • An example of finishing windows of a house with a bay window with double-glazed windows in the same style.

  • Small cottage with an open terrace, narrow high windows.

  • Project of a country house with a four-pitched roof, a veranda and an open area for recreation.

  • Accentuating the building’s guest room with panoramic glazing.

  • An example of a cozy private house with tall windows of the same shape and size.

  • Option of a finished project with the installation of panoramic windows in the kitchen and bedroom.

  • Non-standard type of glazing in a house with unusual architecture.

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