Projects of two-storey houses measuring 8 by 9 meters

Many people dream of their own two-story mansion, which would be somewhat like a castle. However, it is very expensive to build such buildings, and the maintenance of housing can cost a pretty penny. It is much more practical and more convenient to live in houses that are not so large, but which have everything you need. In this article, we will figure out what projects of houses in two floors with parameters of 8×9 meters exist..

Features of houses in 2 floors

When building a mansion with a beautiful attic, many nuances must be taken into account. In this case, it is worth giving preference to the lightest materials. The foundation should not be subjected to too much stress. Experts recommend creating only one room in the attic..

If the resulting room needs to be equipped with partitions, it is better to choose light drywall for them..

It is worth immediately determining the type of insulation for the second tier of the building. High-quality protection from the cold will save on heating, and there will not be too large temperature differences in the house. Warm air usually rises from below, which can quickly go outside through the roof. In addition, the roof must be distinguished by high-quality waterproofing so that the homeowner does not have to fear frequent precipitation..

The main advantages of a two-story house with an attic are:

  • savings (materials are very cheap);
  • speed of construction;
  • ease of equipping with communications;
  • very little heat will go through the roof;
  • every room can become residential;
  • on the second floor, you can create a spacious office, a recreation area or a workshop;
  • home owners can arrange rooms according to their own taste.

The structure can be made of aerated concrete, log house or brick. A brick house will turn out to be the most expensive, but durable. Interior partitions should not have a bearing capacity, therefore they are most often made from gas blocks or foam blocks. The most budgetary option would be a frame house.


Houses with two floors from a bar are a great solution for a suburb. The layout of such buildings can be completely different. The first floor can be “given” as a comfortable veranda, and on the second, a beautiful balcony can be placed. The layout of the living quarters also varies.. The following options are considered the most optimal..

  • Free layout. This method is most often used for the decoration of the first floor, when it is necessary to combine several zones into one. On the second tier of a house, a free type of layout is rarely used. Although recently this option is gaining popularity, since it involves the installation of any partitions. Thus, an office, billiard room or gym can fit in a small space at the top. The bedroom is downstairs.
  • No common hallway. In this situation, there are no walk-through rooms, all rooms are isolated.
  • Linear. The design provides for a common corridor, into which the doors of the rooms open. This simplifies the installation of communications on the first and second floors. In addition, it will be much easier to install thermal insulation..

Although two-storey log buildings are considered family-owned, one person will live quite comfortably there..

Most often, buildings of this configuration provide for living in any season..

If necessary, you can change the original layout.


It is necessary to decide in advance what rooms should be in the house..


When creating a house plan with parameters 9×8 meters, it is necessary to take into account that some premises will have to be taken out into the street. This is true if no one will live in the building during the cold season.. Separation of functional areas implies significant savings in free space.

Usually, these houses have a wide terrace, on which it is planned to spend a lot of time in the summer. The building allows you to create an additional recreation area and increase the usable area. The entrance to the living quarters is through a terrace structure.

Instead of a terrace, you can build a garage. The house should also be equipped with a vestibule. The room can have very small dimensions, the main thing is that a hanger for outerwear and a shelf for shoes can fit freely in it. A small window must be installed in the room, which will provide daylight.


Although the kitchen has very small parameters (usually no more than 10 m²), this space is quite enough for everything you need.

In the kitchen, there is usually no zoning, so the owner himself can arrange furniture and appliances according to his own taste.. The kitchen can be combined with a large living room (about 20 m²).

Living room

The living room must perform several functions at once. A house of this design does not imply the presence of an office, so the working area can be placed directly in the room for receiving guests.

In the living room, you can create a secluded corner for relaxation or make an entertainment area. A lot depends on high-quality lighting, so this issue needs to be resolved first..

Natural lighting will be provided by several wide windows, and for the evening time of the day, you can put several beautiful lamps.

Several additional living rooms will remain in the house. Also, important utility rooms are provided, which cannot be dispensed with. This is a boiler room and a storage room, which provide the full functionality of the building..

On the ground floor there is a bedroom and a dining room, where you can create a place for games if children live in the house.


The attic expands the space, makes the house visually larger and more beautiful. It is very comfortable to relax on the free site at any time of the year.. Most often, when it comes to the layout of large buildings (from 50 to 100 m2), then the project assumes the presence of an attic room. You can get to the recreation area by going up the stairs to the upper floor. For such projects, twisted stair structures are most often used..

The upper floor with an attic can accommodate a shower and a bedroom. It is recommended to install wide windows in all rooms (except the toilet). Options in half the wall will look good, since daylight will penetrate through the window openings.

Since the attic room is located in the attic, many projects do not provide for good lighting of the space.. If there are few natural light sources and the room is dark, you should choose beautiful lamps. The light intensity depends on the personal preference of the home owner.

Even if there are many lamps in the room or lighting is installed, it is still better to mount wide windows.. The room will look very beautiful, and artificial and natural lighting will be organically combined.

The attic will make a wonderful study or workshop, where the homeowner can do work or hobbies..

Best projects

Choosing the best design for an 8 by 9 meter building is not an easy decision. It is important to decide on a plan and understand what the functionality of the building is and how it relates to the wishes of the homeowner. You need to understand that the dimensions of 8 by 9 are rather arbitrary, and the final dimensions of the rooms may differ slightly. This can be seen in an example..

A beautiful building from a bar with an attic suggests the placement of bedrooms upstairs. The lower part of the house can be used more functionally. The project has a spacious porch at the entrance, and a living room and a toilet are located on the ground floor. Living rooms are isolated, there are four rooms in the attic. This is a great option for a country house that provides seasonal accommodation..

The classic one-floor house plan, made of laminated veneer lumber, is great for a small family. All the most important rooms are located next to the entrance:

  • kitchen;
  • vestibule;
  • the corridor;
  • separate bathroom.

The widest room is the living room, which can freely accommodate family members and guests.. Bedrooms are located separately. This is a very good layout example. For example, smells coming from the kitchen will not interfere with a comfortable stay. Several corridors keep quiet even if children play loudly in the house.

Two-storey houses can be complemented by beautiful glazing, as well as a door in the best design traditions of France. It is best to install such a house on a solid monolithic foundation. The building has two bathrooms. On the second floor there are 3 spacious rooms, another bedroom is on the first floor.

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