Projects of two-storey houses with a size of 9×9

Projects of two-storey houses 9×9 m can be very diverse. Attention has long been attracted by the layout of houses made of aerated concrete, foam blocks and bricks, plans with and without a garage. Particularly noteworthy are houses with a four-pitched roof on 2 floors, which are also complemented by a terrace..


A two-story dwelling allows you to freely distribute premises, without particularly limiting yourself to careful calculation. It becomes possible to use the area much more flexibly. In this case, however, one must remember about the arrangement of the stairs and platforms that are necessary to climb it..

Be sure to have to calculate interfloor floors, other structures that are experiencing increased stress. The area of ​​9×9 m is enough to build a beautiful and multifunctional house that meets all the needs and needs of residents.

In this case, the “building spot” most often does not exceed the size of the building itself – the very same 9×9 m. This circumstance is especially important in a dense urban environment saturated with other structures and infrastructure. Despite the compactness, all necessary parts can be provided.

Almost any building material can be used. Their choice is limited only by personal tastes and financial capabilities..

Plans with garage

Two-story brick houses 9×9 m look quite attractive and immediately arouse sympathy. High-quality ceramic bricks are very durable and can last for a long time. It retains heat well. Even the notorious difference with all kinds of large blocks in terms of thermal conductivity is easily leveled by modern insulation materials. A very good addition to the idea can be a garage for one or two cars..

To accommodate 2 cars, the area of ​​the parking space must be at least 16-18 sq. m. Such a project is shown in the photo. The second floor also includes a fairly large kitchen, a 27-meter living room and a 14-meter hall. For relaxation, impressive bedrooms are provided. The first floor was given for:

  • kitchen;
  • living room;
  • furnace;
  • dining room.

An alternative solution involves allocation on the ground floor, in addition to the garage:

  • vestibule and hall;
  • bathroom;
  • entrance hall, kitchen and guest areas.

The upper tier of the building will have to be given for:

  • hall;
  • small bathroom;
  • 3 living rooms.

Terrace projects

The space in front of the house, where it is pleasant to go out with the whole family for tea drinking (or to invite guests for the same purpose), will appeal to even the most calm and not particularly in need of leisure people. Soon they will find that it is already difficult to do without such a site. The aerated concrete option can look different. In this scheme, the terrace is made in the form of a porch of 8 sq. m. From it, all those who enter first enter the vestibule, and from there into the hall, which communicates with the living room, kitchen and bathroom; garage and boiler block have a separate entrance.

On the upper tier, highlighted:

  • a couple of bedrooms;
  • hall;
  • bathroom.

The layout of a 2-storey square house with a hipped roof deserves special attention. An important feature is the allocation of an extensive kitchen-living room, which took up almost 47 sq. At the same time, the designers did not forget about the vestibule and the solid porch. The boiler room is next to the bathroom, which means that the wiring of water and heating pipes is simplified. On the upper level, in addition to the bedrooms and the hall, there is also a storage room, and even a balcony.

Attic drawings

Full-fledged 2 floors are not financially and technically for everyone. But the equipment of the attic allows you to solve this problem too. Even a nice terrace can be prepared here.. From the vestibule, those who enter will be able to enter both the hall and the furnace room.

And already the hall itself communicates with the sleeping and kitchen-dining areas. On the second floor, the hall again is naturally highlighted. It was located in the very middle of the building. Through this room you can get to any of the three bedrooms.

Also in the attic there are:

  • pantry;
  • bathroom;
  • balcony.

Alternatively, the kitchen and living room occupy the corners farthest from the entrance. The house will be equipped with a sauna. It quite logically complements a separate adjoining bathroom. The size of the boiler room reaches 4.6 sq. m. The use of the vestibule is also provided. There is even a winter garden on the ground floor. The attic is traditionally used to organize bedrooms. But there is also a fairly large hall. Residents can use a separate bathroom on the upper tier.

The hall space is well lit thanks to a special window unit.

You can choose another approach to planning. Here, again, the living area and the kitchen are as far away from the entrance as possible. Their area is 18.6 and 13.5 sq. m respectively. The size of the boiler room is about 6 squares. A small wardrobe is also provided. The second floor was divided into:

  • 3 bedrooms;
  • hall;
  • bathroom.

But it is not enough just to think over the harmonious and full use of each of the squares of the house 9×9 m. It is imperative to deal with some more materials that can also be used in the construction of a dwelling. Often they are interested in various construction options from foam blocks, which are no less popular than traditional methods of brick construction. They are supported by:

  • increased level of thermal insulation;
  • lightweight construction;
  • simplification of work on the foundation and floors;
  • decent environmental performance.

But at the same time, we must not forget about:

  • the need for shrinkage;
  • the need for processing structures with special compounds;
  • a significant share of defective and frankly low-quality blocks on the market;
  • difficulties in selecting the optimal material (the most durable blocks allow a lot of heat to pass through, and the warmest ones are completely unreliable);
  • very laconic and even rude appearance;
  • the need to strictly calculate all loads.

Many classic lovers prefer to build houses from logs. This stuff really looks pretty. In terms of thermal conductivity, natural wood successfully trades with the most advanced modern materials..

In addition, wood is completely non-toxic and does not cause any harm. Finally, log projects are also very simple, almost everyone can bring them to life..

But at the same time the tree:

  • fire hazard (and if you use impregnation, then you will have to forget about environmental friendliness);
  • susceptible to insect attacks (protection is possible, but the side effects are the same as with fire protection);
  • makes more stringent requirements for the execution of the foundation than usual;
  • may fade (change color) upon intense prolonged exposure to light.

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