Projects of two-story houses 12 by 10

12 by 10 two-storey house projects can be very attractive to potential developers. It is necessary to carefully study the plans of buildings with a garage and an attic, as well as the features of cottages made of foam blocks, bricks and other material. A separate significant topic is the layout of the rooms in the dwelling..


An area of ​​10×12 m is enough to accommodate almost everything you need for life. Of course, this is not enough for “real aristocratic luxury”, but the overwhelming majority of people will be 100% satisfied with such buildings. Two-storey house 12 by 10 is even more perfect and functional.

It formally refers to rectangular buildings, but at the same time it is not too oblong and therefore allows successfully avoiding the “tram effect”, which is well known to the owners of narrow dwellings..

On an area of ​​120 sq. m it is easy to place absolutely everything that is needed for an average young family.

The downside is that when the family is not so young, going up and down the stairs will become difficult.. But, in addition to the main functional areas, you can equip:

  • pool;

  • library;

  • steam room;

  • workshop;

  • a separate room for a home theater.

Two floors look more attractive and impressive than one. However, it will be more difficult to build such a house, and it will be more difficult to care for it. Maintenance and overhaul costs will increase significantly. The supply of water, gas, electricity to the upper tier can also cause difficulties..

However, all these problems are relative, and you need to know that contrary to popular belief, a “compromise” (that is, a one-story building with an attic) is not so cheap and easy in comparison with a full-fledged two-story building..

Options for plans with a garage

A parking space near the cottage cannot replace a fully-fledged underground garage. No canopies save you from the riot of the elements. The above plan shows the execution of a 2-storey private house with a gable roof, containing:

  • bathroom for 7.2 sq. m;

  • kitchen-dining room of 25 sq. m;

  • guest area 21 sq. m;

  • terrace of 24.7 m2;

  • bedroom of 12.8 sq. m;

  • bathroom on the second floor of 4.5 sq. m;

  • a bedroom on the second floor of 14.1 m2 and some other rooms.

You can also build a house with a garage from aerated concrete. The living room space on the first floor reaches 27.4 sq. m, it even has a fireplace. The area of ​​the parking space is 18.8 sq. m. Even a modest bathroom is organized at this level. Allocated 2 bedrooms and 4 rooms, panoramic windows and double light will definitely delight people.

In addition to the features of specific projects in spatial terms, it is useful to understand the specifics of individual materials. Quite a few people prefer to build not brick houses, but buildings from foam blocks.

They are obtained using approximately the same technology as the rest of aerated concrete. An important feature is the introduction of a foaming agent, which increases the number of voids in the material.. Foam concrete structures:

  • relatively cheap;

  • suitable for construction both in cities and in the suburbs;

  • very durable;

  • allow, if necessary, even equip an attic, that is, turn a two-story house into a three-story one;

  • lightweight;

  • processed without any problems;

  • provide excellent thermal insulation;

  • allow you to build houses quickly.

However, foam concrete absorbs moisture abundantly.. This danger can be reduced by means of special coatings and treatments – but then there can be no talk of cheap and simple construction.. It is also worth considering that high requirements are imposed on the quality of the foundation. Only tape or supporting structures with a powerful grillage are suitable. It will be necessary to trim foam blocks both inside and outside at least minimally to protect them from moisture.

It is useful to consider the characteristics of brick construction. The houses made from it are traditional in appearance and look impressive. It should be noted that, in addition to red ceramic, gray silicate bricks can also be used – their parameters differ even purely aesthetically. The blocks are reliable and last a long time, they can be used without much risk. Brick buildings have an excellent level of fire safety.

But we must also take into account such problems:

  • the relative weight of the brick;

  • the need for a large amount of manual work;

  • compulsory preparation of masonry mortar;

  • impossibility of construction in the cold season;

  • long construction time.

The frame type of houses is also in demand. They can be erected in just 30-50 days, even with relatively low labor costs..

Various communications are laid inside the frame without problems. The equipment of foundations is significantly simplified in comparison with brick or capital stone construction. The house will be cheap and environmentally friendly.

However, you should pay attention to:

  • tightness (“thermos effect”);

  • high level of fire hazard even with special treatments;

  • the threat of rodent attacks;

  • low level of sound insulation (in relation to the street and between separate rooms);

  • high demands on the quality of work – the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Attic projects

A house with a height of 2 floors with the maximum usable area necessarily has an attic. A drawing of a modern dwelling of this type may look like the one shown below.. An attractive feature is the absence of small rooms – every corner of the house is properly decorated. The size of the guest area is 20.2 sq. m. There is everything you need for life.

An alternative solution involves:

  • living room 23.2 m2;

  • corridor for 18 “squares”;

  • combining kitchen and dining room on an area of ​​12 m2;

  • vestibule of approximately 4.5 sq. m.

The advantages of two-story dwellings with attic floors are obvious:

  • the ability to embody the most original design ideas;

  • chic and presentable look;

  • thoughtful all-round use of space;

  • comparative cheapness;

  • improved thermal insulation of the lower floor;

  • suitability for decoration in any style and fit into any style of the site.

However, it must be remembered that:

  • savings in high-quality work are not always achieved;

  • roof windows are more expensive and more difficult than ordinary windows, it is not so easy to install them;

  • with a slight deviation from design standards, you may encounter a low quality of thermal insulation and a violation of bearing characteristics.

Layout of rooms

Only by properly planning the premises, you can realize all the advantages of such a house.. Bedrooms are usually moved to a quieter second floor.. In any case, we will have to draw up a detailed plan indicating not only the sizes, but also individual communications, their connection points. It is recommended to display windows of bedrooms and children’s rooms to the south or east, where it is usually brighter. The area of ​​10×12 m is quite sufficient to avoid the passage zones.

The minimum height of any room, even a utility room or a technical one, should be at least 2.5 m.In children’s and bedrooms, there should be at least 8 m2 for 1 person. Traditional square and rectangular configurations are encouraged.. A typical solution is to split into 3 parts:

  • household (garages and cellars, workshops and laundries, storage);

  • daytime (kitchens and terraces, dining rooms, billiard rooms, gyms);

  • personal (bedrooms, bathrooms, offices).

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