Projects of two-story houses with a flat roof

At first glance, houses with a flat roof may seem ordinary and unsightly.. But correct design and unusual solutions can create a real work of art..

In addition, the flat roof allows for additional space for leisure and relaxation..

Advantages and disadvantages

Houses with a flat roof stand out favorably against the background of their fellows with a sloping roof. However, in addition to a number of advantages, such buildings also have disadvantages..


  • saving materials;

  • a project with two floors allows you to create a maximum of living space without unnecessary costs and complex work;

  • fast construction;

  • the absence of the need to erect complex roofing structures significantly reduces the construction time;

  • simplicity of repair and installation work with the roof;

  • a flat roof surface allows you to build a summer area on it with a terrace, gazebo or lawn (it is important to remember that installing interior items on the roof will require increasing its strength);

  • the possibility of installing windows on the roof is an unusual interior solution that allows you to fill the rooms with natural light from the ceiling;

  • strong gusts of wind will not tear off the supporting structures or roof sheathing;

  • the area of ​​two-storey buildings will not be reduced, as, for example, in projects with an attic or hut houses.

We also list the available cons.

  • Snow accumulates on flat roofs, which must be removed by hand. The same applies to water, for which you will have to install a drainage system. This problem can be solved by installing a heating system under the roof. Creating a slope of at least 5 ° will protect the roof from the accumulation of precipitation.

  • It is necessary to constantly monitor the integrity of the coating.

  • Despite the simplicity of the design, the installation of the roof requires compliance with many nuances. Improper assembly can lead to permanent leaks.

In fact, a flat roof is a simple structure, and with the right approach, it will be durable and reliable. Its shortcomings can be eliminated, but this will entail additional costs for materials and work of professionals..

Typical plans

When building a two-story house with a flat roof, it is important to pay attention to the materials for construction. The strength of the future building directly depends on them.. This is true, for example, if a rooftop terrace or pool is planned..

For the construction of such houses, the following materials are used..


Small 2-storey wooden houses are built very quickly and look aesthetically beautiful. They impress with their durability and environmental friendliness. The roof of such structures is also made of wood, and its edges should go beyond the perimeter of the walls. This will prevent excess moisture from getting on them..

It is important to remember that such houses require a mandatory slope of the roof, as well as covering the material with moisture-repellent and fireproof impregnations..

Aerated concrete or brick

Such houses can withstand heavy loads, therefore, it is possible to equip an additional walk-through area on the roof. The roof is made of reinforced concrete slabs. The main thing is to remember the instability of this material to moisture, as well as the large load of strong materials on the foundation..

Modular houses

These buildings look very modern and do not require the construction of a foundation. But their roofs do not have sufficient reliability to accommodate additional structures.. Modular houses are suitable for comfortable family living at any time of the year.

The project of a two-story house with a flat roof can be square or rectangular, as well as have more complex shapes..


It is a compact but comfortable building. Its small size allows it to accommodate main premises and several living rooms. Houses are great for temporary or permanent residence of a small family.. When planning a square house, it is important to decide on the roof – will it be used or not. The internal layout also depends on this. Safety should be taken into account by installing fences on the roof if any rest areas will be placed there..


Most often it is a narrow structure, suitable for building on a small elongated area. At the same time, the house has a fairly large area and is suitable for a family with several children.. The elongated design allows you to build a built-in garage in the house.

Design options

When building a two-story house with a flat roof, 3 residential levels are most often obtained. Utility rooms and a spacious kitchen with a living room are located on the ground floor. On the second floor there are living rooms. The roof surface can serve as a recreation area.. There are several basic styles that are most common for decorating a flat roof house..

High tech

Such projects have some rigor, therefore, they do not create much coziness in the room. But this design is to the liking of lovers of architectural delights. Homes have outdoor pools, spacious terraces or other luxury items. High-tech building facades have textured cladding on perfectly smooth walls.

The interior design of the house must fully match the exterior. A large amount of light is prized, which is why many fixtures of clear geometric shapes are used. Furniture should be austere and massive. Besides, a large number of expensive “smart” technology is appreciated.

High-tech houses can also be found in the middle price range. They will be more compact and simpler. However, such buildings are more popular due to their low cost..


Such houses are highly environmentally friendly. As a rule, in the Scandinavian style, facade decoration is not used.. The buildings have a simple shape, and comfort is achieved by using natural materials and the harmony of the interior..

When installing a roof, preference is given not to a beautiful design, but to reliability. The roof is thick, with excellent hydro and thermal insulation performance. Most often, live lawns and garden furniture are placed on it.. The interior is maximally aimed at comfortably spending time with the whole family.


The house has a strict rectangular layout, looks great against the backdrop of wildlife. These are small buildings with panoramic windows, minimal decoration of facades and a large amount of artificial lighting.. The small area of ​​the room is compensated by a small number of interior items. This creates a bright, clean room for people to live comfortably..

It is worth remembering that minimalism is the simplest possible structure of a room, which excludes the use of finishing materials and many things. And this lifestyle is not suitable for everyone..

Beautiful examples of projects

It seems that unremarkable flat-roofed buildings cannot look original. But there are some project options that will just catch the eye..

The use of natural wood for facades has always been popular. But it will be more beautiful if you combine it with glass. Large windows and long balconies with glass railings are a stylish and modern solution. And the combination of these materials looks very organic against the background of nature..

A flat roof can be combined with more than just a modern design. Carved columns and bulky balconies will perfectly fit into the project. The space on the roof is framed by massive classical fences. This design creates the feeling of a noble estate, towering in the middle of the forest..

Panoramic windows, located almost along the entire facade, look great. They let in a lot of natural light into the house and create a feeling of being in wildlife..

Of course, square and rectangular houses look beautiful.. But you can create a unique shape. For example, design rooms protruding above the first floor.

Small brick buildings with lined patterns look beautiful. They do not imply additional finishing of facades..

The involvement of a flat roof is limited only by the owner’s finances. If there are no funds for huge pools and helipads, a live lawn can be placed on the roof. Wooden surfaces are also installed here, on which gazebos, garden furniture and even artificial fireplaces are placed..

If you plan to place a fireplace in the house, the pipe can be brought out above the roof.. Facades are made smooth and monochromatic, not attracting attention. And for the pipe they use brick or natural stone – it looks unusual.

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