Quad houses: features and projects

Quad houses or townhouses have gained popularity in areas of suburban cottage development, but so far few of the potential owners understand what it is, what points it is important to know about the land plot for this building. Unlike duplexes, projects with a layout of houses for 4 families have a corresponding number of isolated entrances, they are more close to multi-apartment buildings. A quad house can be a good investment for buying a home with friends or relatives, but it has its own characteristics that must be taken into account when building.

What it is?

Multi-section houses are typical for the countries of North and Latin America. It was from here that the fashion for such buildings came.

In conditions of a limited building area, it turns out to be much more profitable to erect a building for 4 families than to create separate small houses.

The quad house is a structure divided into separate two-storey apartments. Each apartment has:

  • a separate entrance with a porch facing your side;

  • common hall and communication lines;

  • personal driveway;

  • parking space for vehicles;

  • autonomous heating from the boiler;

  • barbecue area or lawn;

  • garage.

The main advantage of quad-houses over individual buildings is a noticeable reduction in housing maintenance costs.. All of them are divided between the owners, allowing you to receive a range of services – security, landscaping, maintenance of communication lines.

The peculiarities of quad-houses include the cross-like division of the house in the plan into separate objects. The walls in the central part are load-bearing, thickened, provided with an increased level of noise insulation.

The difference between a quad house and a townhouse is also worth considering.. In the first case, the individual blocks form a square with 4 separate entrances. The townhouse has a linear layout, the adjacent sections are in contact only with the side walls. In this case, all inputs are displayed on 1 side.


The planning features of a quad house class house include the obligatory presence of 4 separate entrances. Each of them is located on its own side of the building, and an unobstructed entrance to the porch is also provided. This isolation bears fruit – the tenants practically do not intersect, getting the full feeling that they are living in an individual house. But the presence of neighbors still leaves its mark on the architectural and design solution of the building..

Quad house – a house consisting of 4 separate apartments, usually square in plan. Height 2 or 2.5 floors, common foundation, sometimes with a plinth to accommodate an underground garage. These are the main characteristics of this object.

There are several characteristics for quad house projects..

  1. Mirror layout of adjacent apartments. For example, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms are located through a common wall.

  2. Ground floor with technical rooms. There are boiler rooms, boiler rooms, storerooms. And also on the 1st level are the kitchen and dining room, living room, bathroom for guests.

  3. Stairs in the lobby. Space is allocated for them, which does not take up space from residential areas. All spans are located one above the other.

  4. Second floor for personal needs. Here are the master bedrooms with separate or shared bathrooms, a common recreation room, a gym, study rooms.

  5. Attic studio. It is not present in all projects. Most often, such elements are included in the design solution if the residential complex is designed for creative individuals.

  6. Facade solutions in the same style with the whole village. If the object is being built on the territory of complex development, all projects are developed by the developer. The maximum that the owner can choose is the most convenient layout option for him. When building a quad house on your own, you can indulge in the pleasure of finding the optimal design project for the building..

  7. Multiple inputs and outputs. In particular, the spare can be used as a path to the site or to the garage..

Two-story quadhouses are much more common than single-story ones. When planning interior solutions, they can use a variety of additional elements. For example, each individual apartment may have a fireplace. Elements with panoramic glazing overlooking verandas and terraces look interesting on the first floors.

When designing quad houses, different options for blocking sections can be used.. Here are the most popular solutions.

  1. Regular. All elements are arranged symmetrically in them..

  2. Displaced regular. The sections on one side are shifted relative to those on the other. May have an optional center block to enhance offset.

  3. Regular swivel. Here the sections are alternately adjacent to each other with vertical and horizontal sides..

  4. Multi-format. There are 2 types, where the pairs of sections have different dimensions. In 4-type variants, the format is different for each block.

This unconventional approach to planning gives the quad houses a special appeal. Each section of the house can be made individual – in size, location, layout.

What is important to know about the land?

Do not forget that a quad house is an object with a dedicated plot, but erected on a common foundation. When buying an apartment in such housing or reselling it to a new owner, some difficulties may arise..

The main focus has to be on property rights. These objects do not fit the status of individual housing construction, since individual blocks in them are designed as apartments in a block house.

The land under the building can be registered in possession according to one of 3 schemes.

  1. Long term rental. In this case, its terms are indicated in the contract. The practice of such registration is applied if there is no possibility of transferring lands to a different status. The owner of the townhouse on the plot allocated to him remains only a tenant.

  2. Individual property. In this case, the owner can sell the land, as well as dispose of it in other ways at his own discretion. This is the best option for registering property rights.

  3. Shared ownership. The plot under the quad house becomes the common property of the owners. In addition to difficulties with the sale, the consent of all neighbors will be required, in this case the calculation of the tax burden for each owner will also become a problem..

The design of the quad house itself can also occur in different ways. If the object has the status of an apartment, each section will have no more than 0.6 acres of land. Moreover, it will be possible to formalize it only in shared or joint ownership. If each part of the building is made out as an individual house, then 1 section of it should account for 6 acres of land, and inside there can be no general engineering communications, attics or basements. Such an object will also have 4 addresses.

It is important to know: if a quad house is being built as an apartment building, it should not be built on land allotted for the maintenance of a subsidiary or horticultural economy, individual housing construction.

It will not work to issue such an object legally.

Beautiful examples

Since quad houses can be called a new offer on the market, examples of such houses attract particular attention.. The most successful ones are worth considering in more detail..

  • Brick quadrangle with monolithic ceilings and regular layout. Section area is only 73 m2.

  • Modern four-section house with a basement and offset regular sections. The inner block forms a common courtyard. The second floor in all apartments is reserved for bedrooms with individual bathrooms.

  • Stylish quad house with an attic and a mirrored layout of SIP panels. The total area of ​​each apartment reaches 122 m2.

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