Reconstruction of a wooden house

A wooden structure may become unsatisfactory during long-term use.. It is often an expensive pleasure to build a new home from natural wood, and then a cheaper reconstruction of an inherited or acquired structure becomes necessary.. The necessary restoration measures for alteration will help to make the housing quite comfortable and modern..

What is it and when is it needed?

A huge percentage of privately owned old solid wood buildings are inherited by new owners. But even in cases where the village house has been actively used by the owners for several decades, it can still be of value as a residential building made of expensive and demanded material. Modernization and restoration of a dilapidated building may require less financial investment than demolition and construction of a new one in its place..

On the other hand, it will be possible to live in a renovated house for a long time, and if it is necessary to sell it, the price for it will be much higher than for a building with an unpresentable view.

The need to reconstruct a wooden house that has been in operation may be indicated by multiple signs of dilapidation of individual elements or the entire building. First of all, attention must be paid to the foundation of the building, especially when there are all signs of subsidence. They are expressed in the deformation of the porch, in which doors and windows are difficult to open, wiping the floor and window sills. Large gaps appear in the lower rims, through which rain and melt water enters, increasing the gradual destruction.

In such cases, the wooden house needs major repairs, as a result of which it is possible to straighten the slope of the base and supporting structures..

When analyzing the state of the structure from the bottom up, the condition of the wall logs should be assessed, not only by their appearance, but also by the strength of the internal wood.. Here, such troubles can await such as rotting of the lower tier of the crowns, the appearance of mold, moss on the outside, numerous small holes, indicating that the inside of the tree has been eaten by a woodworm beetle. The upper part of the house, including the rafter system and roofing, can also be damaged by harmful insects, mold, mildew and leaks..

You can determine the cost of restoration work only after a competent and professional assessment of the condition of dilapidated housing. A specialist who should be contacted so as not to waste money if it turns out to be unprofitable will help to find out the need to replace the main and supporting structural elements, as well as walls, roofs, floor coverings and engineering equipment.

It is necessary to immediately assess the possibilities and results of material costs for full or partial reconstruction of a wooden structure before starting construction work, since different amounts of investments and deadlines will be required for different degrees of restoration measures.


After assessing the condition of the old private building and making a decision on the profitability of its restoration, you can draw up projects and begin specific actions to prepare the restoration work in the village. It is necessary to find out how much material will be required to repair the foundation, with partial or complete replacement of the lower logs or bars. In the case of local strengthening of individual cracks, it is necessary to decide with what materials to seal them..

In the process of rebuilding the old house, a more modern redevelopment may be needed, which means that it is necessary to think over and add internal partitions to the estimated cost of the work. If necessary, it is necessary to calculate the number of wooden blocks for the reconstruction of sections of walls, rafters and floors. If the frames of window openings and doors are too lopsided as a result of subsidence and deformation of the walls, then they also need to be reconstructed.. In old houses, the drainage system often falls into disrepair, due to which water gets on the walls and flows under the foundation, which means that it also needs to be replaced with a new one..

Probably, in a dilapidated building, the electrical wiring, as well as the water supply and sewerage pipes, have not been changed for a long time.. All this must be checked even before finishing work, so that very soon you do not have to return to questions about the need for partial repairs as a result of leaks and breakdown of old communications. When disassembling and replacing floorboards, rusty metal pipes that have become unusable may appear, and the need for costs for new roof insulation from the inside will become clear only after removing the cladding.

During restoration work walls and roof are insulated, and all internal wooden structures are impregnated with special compounds according to the rules, protecting against fire and decay. The exterior of the house is also tidied up with primer, sanding and finishing with protective coatings such as varnish and paint..

Main steps

Specialists of construction companies, who have been involved in the reconstruction of dilapidated housing for many years, often face the desire of customers to renovate an old building with an increase in the area. Owners of a private house may want to make an extension for a garage, home workshop, terrace, attic and other premises..

Despite the fact that the appearance of most of the buildings, which are more than 50 years old, leaves a bleak impression, their load-bearing and basic structures can still remain strong enough.. This can also be influenced by the mode of operation of the housing, which could be permanent or temporary. But if the house is easier to restore than to build anew, then they proceed to the phased implementation of the work..

Replacing the foundation

To assess the condition of the foundation of the house, it is necessary to dig out sections of the walls buried in the ground and carefully examine them. As a rule, several decades ago, it was customary to build wooden houses on strip or columnar foundations, with a shallow bedding to the level of freezing. Therefore, they often sag under the weight of the upper rims and the load from the whole house on the ground. Various types of deformations of foundations are known, requiring appropriate repair, which may consist in carrying out various measures. One type of work or a whole complex for the reconstruction of the base can consist of the following actions:

  • drainage works to remove excess water in the soil;
  • complete or partial replacement of the foundation with hanging or moving the entire structure;
  • reinforcement of the strip foundation with a reinforced belt;
  • alignment of distortions of the base;
  • actions for waterproofing foundation structures;
  • insulation of the underground part of the building and the blind area.

Hydraulic jacks are used to lift the building body, with the help of which new, reinforced foundation elements can be created.. Such an operation does not violate the integrity of the prefabricated box of a wooden house. The number of jacks depends on the volume of the entire structure, and special cuts are made to work in the lower crowns. Having lifted the box of the house from two sides, in the others, which remained free, it is possible to replace the lower beams and the lag of the floor slab. Shallow-buried, strip foundations made of rubble can be poured around the perimeter with a new line of concrete, and then reinforced the basement with brickwork.

Columnar foundations often require replacement of individual or all piles with new ones. And in some cases, it is enough to strengthen the structure with additional pillars..

Crowns and walls

Lack of the right materials and traditional construction technologies that were widespread several decades ago led to the lack of reliable waterproofing of foundations and the lower part of the walls of wooden buildings. Because of this, the lower crowns of such buildings suffered the most and rotted, soaked in moisture. The replacement of the lower beams or crowns, as a rule, occurs simultaneously with the reconstruction of the foundations and the hanging of the entire house. In this case, all wooden elements must be treated with means of protection against moisture and mold.. Walls often require partial replacement in areas adjacent to windows and doors.

As a result of a violation of the integrity of the roof or the inadequacy of drainage systems, the uppermost rims of the walls may suffer, which will also have to be completely replaced..


In cases where partial repair of the roof and rafter system is necessary, they are limited to replacing rotten or broken elements. But it is necessary to completely make a new structure when the house expands or an insulated attic is provided. The old slate coating, which has expired, can be replaced with lighter, modern types of materials. Having made a full audit and making sure that there are no leaks, you can insulate and waterproof the attic.


To renew the wooden surface of log or cobbled walls, you can give them natural beauty without additional finishing layers. To do this, the walls should be thoroughly cleaned of perennial layers of dust and other types of pollution, covered with an antiseptic and fire retardant solutions. You can paint over and align new, replaced areas with old fragments using varnishes and paints for wooden surfaces.

If it is necessary to close the internal wall structures, plaster, siding, PVC, clinker or block house panels are used. An additional layer of insulation can be laid under a layer of external decoration, and modern materials will help to maintain a presentable appearance of the house for a long time.

Floor, windows, doors, ceiling

The floor suffers in old houses more often than other details, especially when it is located directly above the ground. Boards begin to loosen, creak, holes appear in places, temporarily patched up with scrap materials. Repairs can be made if the degree of damage to the log and coating is less than 30% of the entire floor area in the house. The lags are replaced simultaneously with the reconstruction of the foundation and the hanging of the house. If the foundation work was not carried out, then part of the logs and floor boards are replaced inside the building. A moisture-proof film and a layer of basalt wool are placed on top of the lag, and the boards are laid on steam insulation.

If window and door frames with closing elements have become unusable, then their complete replacement is required along with the boxes. If the ceiling beams are deformed, they must be replaced and a new cladding made from below. On the ceiling of the attic, the insulation is replaced and the roof leaks are monitored, especially in the places adjacent to the chimneys.

Engineering systems

In the new house, the comfort conditions will be met by a new communication system, replacement of gas and water supply pipes, sewerage and heating. In private houses, it is possible to use economical and environmentally friendly types of energy, and a specialist will help to create the correct wiring, taking into account the existing load. Modernization of a dilapidated building is impossible without equipping a kitchen and bathrooms with showers and a bath. After the installation of the systems, the final interior decoration of the premises is carried out. To climb to the completed second floor, the interior can be decorated with an original staircase design.

Helpful hints

Modern technologies for the reconstruction of wooden houses make it possible to change an outdated structure beyond recognition. In order not to undertake long-term, unorganized attempts to independently restore a worn-out building, gradually collapsing during the protracted renovation, it is best to turn to professionals. Companies that have specialized in the restoration of wooden buildings for many years can offer many interesting options for transforming an inherited but outdated housing into a modern and comfortable mansion made from environmentally friendly building materials..

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