Review of projects of houses with an area of ​​60 sq. m

In order to make living in your home as comfortable as possible, you should carefully consider its plan. This is especially true for buildings with a small area. Today we will consider projects of residential buildings of 60 square meters.

general information

Houses of this size can be suitable for both permanent residence and seasonal holiday cottages.. Most often, volumetric windows are installed in such buildings to make the space visually large..

In addition, bright lighting should be arranged in each room..

Living room in these houses it is better to make it completely isolated from the rest of the zones. It is also worth noting that such houses are often erected together with terraces of various sizes. Sometimes they are used as kitchens during the warmer months.. Bathroom can be made combined.

Houses with an area of ​​60 m2 are both one-story and two-story. In this case, the first option will not exert a large load on the foundation. For such a construction, much less cash investments will be required..

Many designs are made with one tier and a spacious attic under the roof.

Layout of one-story cottages

Homes of 60 square meters can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most commonly used basics are:

  • aerated concrete blocks;
  • foam blocks;
  • frame;
  • rounded log;
  • brick;
  • wooden bar.

A simple typical plan includes a spacious living room (20-25 sq. M.), One or two bedrooms, a kitchen or kitchen-dining room, one combined bathroom, a balcony and a small hall. There are also projects that have a small study..

Some plans include a living room, a simple bedroom, and a children’s bedroom. As a rule, they also include one combined bathroom, a small hall and a kitchen..

Sometimes, when designing such houses, one large zone is made, which consists of a kitchen and a living room..

Many one-story buildings of this type are finished with special facade plaster, tiles, decorative stone or just brick. Sometimes, with the help of artificial or natural stone, only a small part of the outer part of the structure is made out. In some cases, such structures are erected from a block house. Such buildings are made in Provence or country style..

Plans for two-storey houses

Next, we will consider some projects of residential and country houses of 60 sq. m in two floors. In this case, on the first tier there will be a living room-kitchen (they can be isolated from each other), one bathroom, a small hall.

The second tier accommodates two bedrooms of the same size. Sometimes a second bathroom is also organized there..

On the ground floor, various auxiliary rooms are often located, including boiler rooms, storage rooms, and laundry rooms. Also, on one tier, you can organize a spacious living room (25-30 sq. M), a small kitchen, a bathroom and an open terrace. On the second floor, it is worth making two bedrooms (if necessary, equip a children’s room with a play area) and a small corridor.

Projects of houses with one floor and with an attic are in great demand. On the lower tier, there can be a living room or a living-dining room, a kitchen room, and a combined bathroom. The attic is often organized as one large space. It is also permissible to divide it into separate zones using partitions. There you can make several separate sleeping areas or a nursery with a play.

Two-story buildings are most often made frame. Such options are considered quite economical, their construction will not require large cash costs..

In addition, they are built quite quickly, because such materials are easy to install. But it must be remembered that frame buildings do not have a high operational life: after 15-20 years, they may require major repairs.

Such structures are also often made with the necessary auxiliary premises, including boiler rooms. These buildings are most often built of brick or aerated concrete. Also, SIP panels are beginning to gain more and more popularity. This building material is a base that can simultaneously act as both a load-bearing element and an insulating layer..

SIP panels make it possible to build houses as quickly as possible. But at the same time, after installation, they will need to be finished with various decorative materials. Sometimes they are simply painted, although today models are sold with a decorative coating already applied..


Houses of such an area can be decorated in a variety of ways. A good option would be buildings with an external finish made of processed rounded logs..

Interior finishes are best done in neutral beige, light brown, white or light gray shades. Such buildings are perfect for seasonal vacations..

You can also beautifully decorate houses in 2 floors, made of aerated concrete blocks or foam blocks. Moreover, a small part of the external facade should be decorated with artificial decorative stone. Sometimes natural material is also used. Residential buildings made of red bricks with brown tiles and brown window frames will look beautiful and neat..

One-story buildings can be made of aerated concrete or foam blocks. In this case, the building material should be coated with paint. Often, the facade is decorated in light gray or milky colors, but window and door openings should be made in darker colors. The roof may be dark brown.

But with such a design, it will be necessary to ensure that the overall design does not turn out to be too gloomy or boring..

Beautiful examples

One-story houses with an area of ​​60 square meters can be made of foam blocks. In this case, the external facade is covered with white or light beige paint. Window and door openings, as well as roofing, should be decorated in a dark gray palette. It is permissible to finish a small part of the building with high-quality wood..

Houses with an attic, made in white tones and having brown frames and a roof, will look harmonious.. You can additionally organize a small balcony made of wood on the upper tier. The lower part of the external facade should be decorated with artificial stone or brick.

One-story residential buildings made of red brick material and with dark roofing and large windows can be another good option.. Such designs will look modern and stylish..

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