Room design in various fashionable styles

The main secret of creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere lies in the right choice of space design. Each interior style has individual characteristics that make it truly beautiful and memorable. A professional approach allows you to create a room design in different fashionable styles, depending on personal wishes and needs.


All interior styles are a harmonious combination of decoration, furnishings and decor. A certain design is the main idea for the transformation of a particular room. Therefore, it is important here to choose the right design direction, its color scheme and other constituent elements. It is recommended to choose them based on the direct purpose of the room, as well as its size. Skillfully created design, which corresponds to the latest fashion trends as much as possible, evokes admiration and positive emotions for others.

Popular styles

Each person strives to create an original and cozy interior that will be not only beautiful, but also functional. A wide range of materials and furniture allows you to design a room in exactly the style that will fully meet personal preferences. Styles such as oriental, American, Chinese, gothic, baroque and shabby chic are especially popular. You can also create a unique and inimitable interior using some other design directions..


This style harmoniously combines the new and the old. Basically, the interior is characterized by brick, concrete, plastered or painted walls, as well as antique furniture made of wood or metal. This is ideal for large rooms with free space. By making a choice in favor of such a design, you can create a unique interior with minimal financial investment..


The main colors here are black, white, gray and brown. This type of room decoration is preferred by creative individuals, because it provides for the rejection of generally accepted norms and standards. It is perfect for implementation not only in residential buildings and apartments, but also in many public spaces..


Contemporary nautical style fills the room with freshness and brings back memories of an unforgettable seaside vacation. The color palette consists of blue, light blue and white shades, which should competently complement each other. For a room with a similar design, solid-colored furniture, striped or with the image of other marine motifs is perfect..

Wallpaper on the marine theme is actively used here as wall decoration. or decorative plaster, complemented by shells or stones. The floor is necessarily made of wood in the form of boards, laminate or parquet. Additional elements are chests, wicker chairs and wooden tables.


The popular Provence style allows you to mentally plunge into the atmosphere of Paris, and also always be in harmony with nature. It is perfect for everyone who wants to take a break from the bustle of the city, as it consists of warm colors and delicate floral motifs. This design direction is characterized by simplicity and conciseness, so rooms with this design look very bright and spacious. The color scheme mainly consists of pastel shades such as white, blue, pink, beige and lavender..

All furniture is made of natural wood, the texture of which allows the presence of abrasions and cracks, giving the products a certain antiquity. Its solid and elegant appearance is quite memorable and causes a lot of positive impressions among others. Glass and ceramic figurines are used as decoration. It is worth noting that each piece of furniture is characterized by functionality and aesthetic beauty, making the room as comfortable as possible for your stay..


This design is ideal for lovers of light rooms, which are characterized by simplicity in design using natural materials. This direction is very important to use in a village or country house, as it is as close to nature as possible. From furniture here, wooden beds, antique chests of drawers and wardrobes, which can be decorated with carvings or forged elements, are always relevant. For the floor, the best option is parquet, on top of which are laid paths and carpets with folk motives in the form of patterns. Priority design colors are blue, yellow, beige and brown.

High tech

Modern style, where special attention is paid not to colors, but to form and texture. A room designed in this design direction is characterized by large space and light. Professional designers create a kind of play of materials such as glass, steel, metal, chrome and plastic, which harmoniously complement each other. The color scheme is based on white, black, silver and metallic shades..

The walls of the room are painted in one color or pasted over with wallpaper in beige, gray or sandy shades. Decorations are black and white photographs or paintings with abstractions. This type of design is very dynamic, so everything new and modern is used here. The furniture is characterized by geometry and strictness of lines. A bed is considered an obligatory piece of furniture, but bulky wardrobes are being replaced by modern and functional racks with many shelves. In general, the interior looks simple, but very elegant..


This room design is characterized by such features as clear expressiveness and conciseness in almost everything. Furniture in this style is made of plastic, metal, as well as glass and has amazing functionality. When decorating the walls, too bright shades are not allowed, so here the priority is white, gray, black and brown. The ceiling can be hinged or suspended, on which spotlights are located. Carpet is laid on the floor, which gives the room a special coziness and comfort.


It is considered the most famous and demanded interior design. It is characterized by elegant beauty and sophistication, as well as restraint and novelty. It is widely used to decorate spacious rooms and provides for the rational placement of all interior items. This style allows a combination of materials of both natural and artificial origin. Metal, wood, glass, stone, as well as wallpaper and mural elements are used as decoration..

The furniture is presented in the form of soft and comfortable sofas, armchairs, dressers and wardrobes with ivory inserts and modern fittings. The color scheme consists of green, chocolate, cream, silver and lilac shades. An ornament or large flowers can be depicted on the upholstery..


This design perfectly combines luxury, solemnity, grace, brilliance and symmetry. A mandatory rule is the use of mirrors and glass surfaces, which contribute to the visual expansion of the space. The color scheme is dominated by pastel shades. A good solution for such a room interior would be a bed made of natural wood with mother-of-pearl inlay or pale pink upholstery. Beautiful curtains made of silk, satin, viscose or cotton, which can be either plain or with a barely noticeable pattern, give sophistication and charm to the atmosphere..


For connoisseurs of conservative comfort, as well as lovers of rich decor, this design style will be the best solution. Its traditional palette consists of white, gray, brown and olive colors. For wall decoration, monochromatic wallpapers are used here, as well as striped canvases or with images of small flowers. The bed features curved legs and a high headboard. Multi-layer curtains, complemented by voluminous drapery or lacing, create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort in the room..


This design trend is based on natural materials and natural shades. It uses furniture made of precious woods, bamboo and matting, which is made in beige, sand or light brown tones. A sliding screen is considered an obligatory component of the room. Beds in this style are of impeccable quality and reliable construction, they have no legs and are as stable as possible. Live plants and Japanese-themed compositions are used as decorations..


The color scheme of such an interior is very calm, as it is performed in natural colors. Especially often in the design process of rooms, warm shades of wood and stone are used. Wall decoration is characterized by simplicity, so the walls are mostly perfectly plastered and painted in a specific color. The flooring is made of boards that are carefully tinted or covered with white paint. Multifunctional bed made of natural wood, complemented by a warm blanket and beautiful pillows, fills the room with warmth and a positive atmosphere.


Color solutions

For each type of interior, there are certain color schemes, which should definitely be adhered to in the design process. It depends on the choice of the color palette how cozy and comfortable the room will be. Each person has an individual character, temperament, taste and aesthetic preferences, which must be taken into account when creating a particular design.

To make the room more spacious, you need to use exclusively light colors., since dark shades visually narrow the space. The room in black and white design looks very stylish and modern. This option has not lost its relevance for many years and is considered a kind of design trend..

Design Tips

To create a truly beautiful and unique room interior for a child, boy or adult, Consider the following tips from professional designers:

  • Give preference to the shapes of objects and combinations of those colors that can be found in nature.
  • Use multiple light sources.
  • Make a choice in favor of comfortable, practical and high-quality furniture.
  • Select only those decorative elements that correspond to the chosen direction, but at the same time do not overload the situation with them.

Compliance with such simple rules will allow you to arrange a house in accordance with all norms and standards, as well as create a favorable atmosphere for stay.

Beautiful examples of interior decoration

Almost every fashionable style of interior design provides for the creation of an individual space, based on the purpose of a particular room in a house or apartment.

All of them are noticeably different from each other in colors, finishes and decorative elements..

Therefore, in order to decorate a cozy room, a stylish office or any other kind of space, it is necessary to study all the features for the implementation of a specific idea..

In the next video, you will learn in detail about interior design in a modern style, using the example of one apartment..

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