Room design: the latest trends in interior design

Before buying a home or overhauling an apartment or house, they usually think about how to do it most beautifully, effectively and in accordance with fashion trends. You should know how to achieve a good result and not get lost in the variety of styles, shapes, colors and directions..

Features: where to start?

First you need to determine the type of dwelling: apartment, private house, townhouse, dorm room. All these rooms have their own style and dimensions..

The next important step will be to understand the purpose of the room. This can be a bedroom, living room, dining room, nursery and other options. In many cases, several room functions need to be combined into one. Nowadays it is important to combine the kitchen and living room. Sometimes it is necessary to place a workplace in the bedroom, and a home library in the nursery..

Individual rooms are somewhat more difficult to design than common areas, such as a corridor, an entrance hall, a storeroom, due to the individual wishes of each family member.


The number of square meters allotted for your room is a very important indicator from which the whole picture of design and repair will be based. There is such a variety of layouts of apartments and houses that sometimes it is necessary to think over the decoration of tiny rooms. In these cases, the emphasis is on the functionality of the interior, and not on the decorative component..

In old apartments, pantries measuring 2 x 2 meters or less are converted into an office, where it is necessary to place a computer or desk and drawers and shelves for storing documents, as well as to think over an effective lighting system.

If you have at your disposal a five-meter room that needs to be equipped as a bedroom, then the main thing is to accommodate a bed and a storage system. Here are the options:

  • shelves. It might look messy and cluttered;
  • a wardrobe is the most convenient option;
  • use the drawers built into the bed.

It is easiest to hang the TV on the wall, and use a folding or folding table for the computer..

In a room with an area 8-9 sq. m the layout allows more options. It can accommodate a bed, a wardrobe, and a full table.

If you choose a folding sofa as a sleeping place, then the room will not seem cramped..

Square 12-14 square meters assumed for both bedrooms and living rooms. The lounge will fit a full-size double bed, a pair of nightstands, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. It is better to opt for a wardrobe with mirrored doors. They will visually add volume and will not take up space in the open state..

A small living room can accommodate a sofa, a small wall, and a computer desk. In addition to the wall, you should pay attention to TV stands or small structures made of chipboard or drywall in order not to overload the room..

It is also better not to place a complete set of a sofa and armchairs in a small area..

A transforming coffee table will perfectly help out – a compact and multifunctional assistant in receiving guests.

Accessories will add style and mood to the room. An unusual chandelier, paired wall lamps, small paintings and lovely photos will successfully fit into different types of decor.

Room 16, 17 and more meters gives maximum scope for imagination. Here you can arrange a design of any style, color scheme and theme. In this case, you can apply and zoning, and combine different rooms – kitchen and living room, living room and bedroom. The zones are divided thematically: for relaxation, for guests, work, reading and tea drinking. Every corner can be emphasized with lighting, color highlighting.

It is better to beat a niche in the wall with the help of color and texture.. The main thing is to maintain a single style so that the zones fit organically into the overall picture..

Kitchens with parameters 4 x 4 m require a thoughtful arrangement of the headset and other pieces of furniture. A set of cabinets must be placed around the perimeter. The dining table should not be too long. If the location of the window allows, you can install a kitchen corner. It is better to choose not cumbersome options.. In a room of such a plan, you can visually lengthen the space with the help of mirrors..

Indoors 3.5 x 5 m you can place both a recreation area and a study. A bookcase and computer desk will fit in one corner of the room. And the isolation of the place for work can be emphasized with austere lamps. It is better to choose a sofa in such a living room of a classic strict form, without intricate details. In shades, it is better to give preference to white, beige, pastel colors. They will expand the space and add light..

Form matters

If you have to decorate a small room, then the trouble is not only in the area. Even large rooms can have a non-standard shape, which will add complexity to the decoration..

For a rectangular room, it is worth choosing one central large object around which the entire design will be built. This can be a wall, a large TV or a sofa. If the area of ​​the room allows, you can divide it into zones: dining room, recreation area, work and study..

In rectangular living rooms of large dimensions, zoning can be performed using partitions made of plasterboard, glass, plastic and chipboard, paper and textile screens. The bedroom can be separated from the living room with the help of soft translucent curtains. The kitchen set is successfully isolated with a bar counter.

For an elongated narrow room, there are some techniques for balancing the space:

  • The interior is kept in light colors. Moreover, long walls are best decorated in white or pastel shades, and short ones – in bright and saturated ones. This will visually bring them closer to each other..
  • Choose a floor covering with a pattern parallel to the short walls. This is useful if the floor is laid from prefabricated elements: parquet board or laminate.
  • To decorate one of the long walls, which may have a TV or opposite the bed, if it is a bedroom, you can choose a photo wallpaper with a perspective. Natural and urban landscapes with a lot of detail will do. This will visually deepen the wall and correct the narrow shape..

  • Mirrors placed in an elongated direction on furniture or walls will also cope with the task of expanding the room. Just do not overload the interior with several techniques at the same time, for example, mirrors and photo wallpaper..
  • Another way out is to use wallpaper with a horizontal pattern on short walls. The canvases will stretch them and bring the room to a harmonious look..
  • When arranging furniture in small elongated rooms, it is necessary to leave passages at least 80 cm wide. This technique will relieve the feeling of clutter and clutter in your home..

In the case of a square room, there are also some tips for decorating.. If you are decorating a bedroom with equal walls, then:

  • The bed can become the center of symmetry. The rest of the furniture can be located at an equal distance from it: bedside tables, wardrobes, wall sconces.
  • The passage from the door to the wall opposite it must be free. It will look neat and visually make the bedroom more spacious, even with a small footage..
  • Curtains and textiles should not have large patterns.
  • If the room is small, give up the numerous decor in favor of one composition located above the bed..
  • For the arrangement of books, decor elements, clocks and figurines, one neat rack will look more harmonious than several wall shelves.

Living rooms and, in rare cases, pentagonal kitchens are especially interesting for designers. Basically, the extra corner falls on the space near the window, forming the so-called bay window. This is a very effective addition to the decoration of the hall. In the bay window area, you can arrange a workspace with a desk. The abundance of light will bring additional comfort to the worker. You can also arrange a place to relax here..

In a small room, place a modular sofa in the bay window that occupies the entire corner space. The second option can be the design of a trestle bed with many small cushions to make yourself comfortable while reading your favorite book. In the large living room, the bay window area can be fenced with curtains.

There are rooms with an L-shaped shape. This, too, can be turned into dignity. A turn in the room suggests zoning. If the area allows, then a smaller part can become an office or dining area. A larger space can accommodate a sofa and armchairs with a coffee table.

To minimize the contrast of the transition from one zone to another, you can use corner furniture – a sofa or a wall. Thus, the piece of furniture will be in both parts of the room. This arrangement will be more harmonious..

The owners of apartments in the Soviet “Khrushchevs” are faced with a more difficult decision in planning the design of their rooms. The living room is most often a checkpoint. That is, you cannot fully use one of the walls due to the presence of a door to the bedroom. Many are trying to redevelop and completely separate two rooms.. But if this failed, then several nuances should be taken into account:

  • Doors from the living room should open towards the bedroom so as not to clutter up the space of the common room. Better to use the sliding options. They save space in both rooms.
  • Doors without transparent glass inserts should be preferred..
  • It is better to choose the floor from high quality materials due to the increased load in the walk-through room.
  • The space near the door to the bedroom can be occupied with decorative furniture – a shelving unit, a chest of drawers or a mini-wall. They will fill the space but not overwhelm it..

Choosing a style

The choice of style is one of the most important aspects in renovation. The color scheme, the materials used, and the type of furniture, and even its quantity will depend on it..

For large-scale premises, you should pay attention to classic style. Massive furniture, an abundance of gilding, stucco moldings on the ceilings, expensive fabrics, colors of deep shades will add a unique coziness and chic. Baroque is suitable for lovers of luxury and sophistication. Intense burgundy, emerald, chocolate shades in combination with gleaming gold fittings will not leave anyone indifferent.

More relaxed designs have styles rococo and empire. Pastel colors and patterned picture frames, mirrors and soft outlines of furniture add a touch of romance to the atmosphere.

Modern – an excellent choice for fans of everything unusual. Large windows, stained glass windows and rounded lines make the room look fabulous..

In rooms with a small area, it is better to opt for style. hi-tech or minimalism. A small amount of furniture and its functional features will save space and bring maximum comfort.

Popular topics now eco and loft applicable for rooms of different sizes.

The abundance of materials imitating concrete, brick, wood or stone will facilitate the implementation of your project.

Contemporary projects

A variety of styles and colors in modern design make everyone can choose a design to their liking..


In the case of decorating a room for sleeping, one should take into account who will live here. The men’s and women’s rooms differ significantly in design and content. If you are equipping a family bedroom, then you need to find a balance between the wishes of both sexes..

The bed will take center stage. All other furniture and decor will be located around it. In small bedrooms, you should abandon the installation of massive wardrobes.. Choose curtains and bedspreads made from soft fabrics for comfort and coziness. An excellent solution would be a soft carpet with an unobtrusive pattern..

It is better to choose light and calm tones of the walls. To add an element of brightness and originality, decorate the wall behind the headboard with wallpaper with large ornaments or photo canvas.

In case of redevelopment of an apartment or for other reasons, sometimes it becomes necessary to design a bedroom without a window. Here are some ideas:

  • Don’t use too much dark finish.
  • If the bedroom is separated from the rest of the apartment by a partition, it is better to make it from transparent or frosted glass or plastic. Additional beams can be used to break the partition into parts, imitating window openings.
  • Niches illuminated by LED strip or built-in lamps will fill in the missing natural light.
  • Wall murals and panels with a natural theme will also successfully replace windows and diversify the decor.
  • Mirrors above the head of the bed or on the doors of wardrobes will expand the space and reflect the light of the lamps.

For tips on decorating the bedroom interior, see the following video.


The cooking room is the place where you can allow bright and juicy colors that will cheer you up and whet your appetite. Kitchen sets in yellow, green, reds or lilac shades will soothe pastel plain wallpaper. And bright canvases or tiles will complement the classic light furniture with wood trim. The main thing is to maintain balance and not make the design flashy and too saturated..

The balcony, combined with the kitchen, gives additional possibilities for imagination. The large balcony can be equipped with a dining room.

In small kitchens, the partition between the room and the balcony can be used as a bar counter.

Photo wallpaper on the walls near dining tables is an excellent solution for lovers of unusualness and thematic decors.


This is the first room that everyone sees when entering the house. It should be stylish and functional at the same time. Absolutely any colors are suitable: bright neon shades, pastel walls and wood-like floors, graphic black and white interiors or classics with golden tints. It is important to provide adequate, comfortable lighting. For small front rooms, sliding wardrobes are suitable instead of hinged ones. Soft padded stools or benches will allow you to put on your shoes without any problems. If space allows, place a sofa or couch in the hallway.


In this case, the designer takes into account not only gender, but also the age of the child. Delicate interiors, wallpapers with cute patterns and light textiles are suitable for kids. It is better to choose furniture that is simple and functional, not to clutter up the room, since there are many toys, books and objects for creativity in a child’s life. The order is skillfully organized with the help of racks, drawers and shelves. For small rooms, there are many ready-made sets of compact furniture and transforming headsets..

For a teenager, a more “adult” design is appropriate, taking into account his preferences and hobbies.

Creative people have to place musical instruments or easels in the room. Students need a functional and comfortable writing desk for their studies. For a gamer, it is important to place the computer comfortably and choose a comfortable orthopedic chair.

Living room

The main room in the house should be dynamic, comfortable and cozy at the same time. Whichever style you choose, you need to provide an environment suitable for different functions: relaxing, watching movies, reading, receiving guests or drinking tea. It is more difficult to fit the necessary furniture if the room contains complex elements such as additional corners or if you have a living room with two windows..

In this case exclude wardrobes, massive sofas and armchairs. Arrange furniture along free walls and use a minimum of decor items and large paintings.

A fireplace or brick or masonry finish will look good in a room with niches..


English classics with wooden furniture from expensive breeds or bright hi-tech will fit well into a separate room for work. In addition to shelving for documents and a desktop, it is possible to equip a home library in the office.

If you have at your disposal a small room obtained from a pantry or balcony, then you need to arrange the furniture as compactly as possible and arrange sufficient lighting for the workspace.

Simple but effective solutions

An unusual interior can be created literally with the help of one object or several decorative elements.. An effective and inexpensive idea can be to use:

  • hanging chair. Such furniture will be appropriate in the bedroom, in the living room, in the nursery and even on the balcony. A variety of options will allow you to successfully fit this item into your home.
  • decorative pillows. Bright soft details on the sofa in the living room will dilute even austere interior and give a feeling of comfort. In the bedroom, pillows made of fur, velvet or embroidered with patterns are suitable for the luxury of warmth and comfort.
  • paintings. Such decor can become both an additional decoration of the walls and a central element of the interior..

  • window decoration. Numerous options with blinds, curtains, ceiling and wall cornices, stained glass windows or grilles add missing accents.
  • fireplace. In the case of a limited budget, there are many options: imitation on photo wallpaper, electric and bio fireplaces, various backlights.

Beautiful examples

In a one-room apartment, you can successfully combine a living room with a bedroom or a nursery. Dark and overly bright shades should be avoided. Structural ceiling will help with zoning.

Cozy living room interior in the style of modern classics.

Romantic Provence in a bright bedroom design.

High-tech cabinet: no unnecessary items and functional design.

In the living room, combined with the dining room, the division of zones can be emphasized with color.

In the bedroom, the balcony can be used as an additional space for rest and work.

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