The subtleties of arranging a pantry

The presence of a storage room in the apartment allows you to use the living space most conveniently. The correct arrangement of the storage room makes it functional, ideally fits into the overall plan and design of an apartment or house..

Features of the room

The modern variety of types of layouts of apartments, country houses allows you to create various types of storage rooms. Their size can vary from 1 to 5 square meters. m. It is possible to allocate a large area for storing things only in a private house.

Khrushchevs are considered to be one of the most compact dwellings.. The layouts have such a small area that it is difficult to imagine where to allocate space for the pantry. It should be noted that they initially have mezzanines. They are ideal for storing household items, household chemicals, dishes.

The so-called “brezhnevki” boast a large amount of free space. The layouts include small storage rooms that can be made into an excellent storage space for household goods, clothing, sports equipment, household chemicals or groceries..

Stalinist layouts are considered one of the most spacious.. As a rule, they initially have two storage rooms. But many, in an effort to increase living space, one of the pantries was removed even during the renovation, which was not always an expedient solution. After all, such premises can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, for a laundry, dressing room, study, storage of various things or products..

Modern panel houses allow you to allocate more space for the storage room. In some cases, it is possible to create a semblance of a study or a spacious dressing room with the ability to change clothes in it..

You need to be puzzled about creating free space even before starting the repair. With the help of drywall, you can create any room in size. For the convenience of storing various inventory inside the vacated territory, racks of standard sizes are installed, for example, 100 by 60 cm.Further, depending on the purpose, additional hangers, hooks, and other devices are attached.


The pantry can be used to store any items. Often items are left there that look unaesthetic or that are best kept out of prying eyes:

  • Instruments.
  • Cleaning devices.
  • Parts for a car, bicycle, motorcycle.
  • Sport equipment.

  • Dishes.
  • Hobby items such as a sewing machine, knitting needles, sewing needles and thread.
  • Household goods.
  • Household chemicals.

If possible, a separate corner is allocated for the washing machine. In such a mini laundry you can place an iron, an ironing board, containers for dirty linen.

If space permits, then a pantry can make an excellent workplace. This is especially true when doing home work or study. Such a place can also be to the taste of those who like to read in silence. The compact arrangement of books on the shelves will create an amateur library. The correct arrangement of furniture will make it possible to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of home comfort.

A separate room is useful for storing food:

  • Croup;
  • Salt;
  • Sahara;
  • Herbs;
  • Conservation;
  • Pickles.

All products should be kept in separate containers away from chemicals..

Storage rooms are also used for storage:

  • Old newspapers;
  • Magazines;
  • Study guides;
  • Photo albums.

The pantry or part of it can be equipped as a wardrobe. To do this, make special hangers, put shoe boxes. It is more advisable to place shoes on the lower shelves. In such a room, old things are often left that are rarely worn..

If there is an opening next to the kitchen, then it can be used to place the refrigerator.

Regardless of the purpose for which the pantry is used, it must be kept in perfect order. Otherwise, such a room will become non-functional..

In order to avoid clutter in the pantry, it is not recommended to store unnecessary old things there. You need to get rid of them as much as possible..

Where to place?

If the built-in pantry was not originally provided for in the layout of the apartment, then you can do it yourself. The main thing is to correctly determine its location. If possible and necessary, there may be several such premises..

The desire to have a storage room at home encourages the most daring creative ideas, especially when it comes to a small apartment, where every centimeter counts. In the most extreme case, you can use the wardrobe, which is located in the hallway, as a storage room. A large number of shelves allows you to compactly place the main items that are used infrequently or only in special cases.

In large houses, the issue of storing “extra” things is solved simply. They are often kept in the attic or basement. These premises are intended for the storage of various household utensils. In some cases, free areas allow you to make the premises multifunctional..

The pantry can be assembled on the loggia. Small space equipped with shelving, useful for storing work tools, small sports items or pickles.

Often a room without windows is created in the corridor. If it is long, and at the end it ends in a dead end, then this dead end is an ideal location for a pantry..

Some layouts in apartment buildings allow you to remodel the largest room, that is, to allocate a couple of meters from it for storage space. In this case, the reduction in square meters of residential area will not be very noticeable. But a useful room will appear, helping to maintain cleanliness, order in the entire apartment..

If the apartment is very small, there is no way to allocate some free space, that is, there is an option to arrange storage space under the ceiling. If there is a corridor between the kitchen and the rest of the rooms, the pantry is made from above along the entire passage. It should be noted that this is not very convenient, since in order to reach something, you need to use a ladder.

If there is an opening in the kitchen, then it can be used as a mini mezzanine. By placing the shelves inside and covering the opening with a sliding door, you can get an inconspicuous usable space.

The most suitable place for storing detergents is the mezzanine in the toilet. The space where communications take place can be used wisely by making small shelves there.

The mezzanine can be of different shapes:

  • Rectangular;
  • Square;
  • Triangular.

Thus, any free corner can be chosen for a small pantry, thereby “smoothing” the sharp corners of the apartment. The corner room can also be usefully used for placing various household equipment, a dressing room, a study.

It is important to remember that wherever the mezzanine is located, it is necessary to correctly equip it. Since these rooms do not have windows, they must be provided with normal lighting, temperature, air humidity, and the ability to clean. Proper planning of communications will help to avoid such troubles as mold, dustiness, unpleasant odors.

Ventilation and humidity

Having created a new room, you should take care of its microclimate. Maintaining optimum humidity is especially important. Deviation up or down often negatively affects not only human health, but also the state of things and products. This indicator can be controlled using special devices – hygrometers. Normally, this figure is 45-50%.

Depending on the location of the mezzanine, the risk of deviation of the humidity indicator varies. If, for example, we are talking about a basement, an attic, a room located next to a bathroom, then there the risk of increased humidity increases. This leads to the fact that things become damp, food rot, an unpleasant odor appears, fungi, mold, midges start. To prevent this, you must first of all take care of the general microclimate in the house..

The following factors affect the increase in humidity:

  • Poor or no ventilation
  • Drying clothes in the apartment;
  • Corner arrangement of the apartment.

To cope with an unpleasant situation will help:

  • Regular ventilation of the room. In the case of a pantry, in the absence of windows, the door is kept open.
  • Air conditioner installation.
  • Using heating devices.
  • Air dryer installation.
  • Using drying agents when cleaning, such as vinegar, potassium permanganate.

Among the products that prevent moisture are:

  • Salt;
  • Sugar;
  • Coffee.

As a rescue from moisture, you can use essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus.

Houseplants should be chosen carefully. It is better to give preference to those species that require less moisture, such as cacti..

And vice versa, if there is increased dryness in the house, then the following will help to solve this problem:

  • Aquariums;
  • Artificial fountains;
  • Natural flowers;
  • Devices that increase humidity.

Maintaining a normal microclimate will ensure the safety of things, products, get rid of unpleasant odors, health problems.

The installation of special devices requires electricity. It is also necessary for lighting the mezzanine. Without it, it is not only impossible to find something in the room, but it is simply dangerous to move around. Such pantries lose their functionality. Therefore, conducting light is a very important and primary task..

Competent installation of electricity will make the room safe and convenient to use.


The storage room is part of the apartment, so it must harmoniously fit into the overall design.

In addition to the competent use of every centimeter of the internal space, it is necessary to pay attention to its design and color palette. The main task is to maintain a cozy home atmosphere that reigns throughout the house..

As a rule, durable inexpensive materials are chosen for wall decoration, for example, PVC, paint, plaster, wallpaper, plastic, wood panels. The floor can be made the same as in the whole apartment. Any coating will do, for example, linoleum, tiles, parquet, laminate.

Do not focus on the presence of a special room or mezzanine. Better to make it invisible. To do this, the outer side of the door is made to match the wall or other doors..

If space permits, you can make a swing door. By the way, such a door also needs to be effectively used by placing hooks and a mirror on it. Space saving options exist – sliding doors.

Depending on the purpose of the pantry, the appropriate design is used..

So, creating a cozy, homely atmosphere in a room designed for reading or work, it is necessary to think over its color scheme. Of course, a lot depends on taste and personal preference. However, having calm neutral tones will help you focus on the task at hand. The predominance of green will have a calming effect. You can hang your favorite photos or paintings on the wall.

Small LED lamps can be used as a decor.. A table lamp with the ability to mount it to the wall will come in handy. The dimensions of the computer must correspond to the free area. It is more rational to use a compact laptop. To create a homely atmosphere, the floor can be covered with a small woolen rug.

In the pantry for storage, the space between the types of products should be clearly delineated. It is not recommended to store onions or garlic together with cereals, flour or herbs, as they will be saturated with their smells.

All products must be stored in separate containers.. You can choose your own color for each item. This will make it easier to find the right components..

The room must be provided with good lighting. To do this, you can use the illumination of each rack using built-in energy-saving bulbs. An interesting addition will be a small chandelier of a simple geometric shape..

If the pantry is used as a wardrobe or a wardrobe, then multifunctional hooks, panels for hangers, shelves, and a mirror will be an obligatory attribute of the room. As lighting, you can choose a small openwork chandelier or backlight.

When using the pantry as a laundry, much attention is paid to the moisture resistance of walls and floors. For flooring and walls, it is better to use moisture resistant tiles. Colors are usually light shades such as beige or white. In order to save space for lighting, it is better to use LED bulbs. If the door is not sliding, then you can hang a mirror on it..

The combination of functionality, comfort and beauty allows you to create a space that is useful in all respects.

Useful Tips

In order to make a storage room in an apartment or house, you need to think over everything in advance to the smallest detail. It is important to calculate its area, shelf size, capacity, purpose, compatibility with the overall decor. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of finding something quickly. In this case, you cannot do without light, or even stairs. You should also take care of the safety of the room..

For example, when choosing a tile for a floor, you should pay attention not only to its color, pattern, but also to its surface. Do not give preference to varnish coatings. They increase sliding, which can lead to injury..

The use of plastic panels is more profitable due to their strength, durability. The plaster begins to peel off over time. As a result, the appearance of the walls deteriorates and the need for repairs increases. Doing this in the pantry is quite problematic due to the presence of a huge number of things that will have to be placed throughout the apartment..

Wooden panels coated with varnish will look original. They are quite durable and also have a long lifespan. If the room is not located near a constant source of moisture, this solution will be optimally combined with almost any interior design.

When conducting electricity, you must take care of the insulation of the wires. Place them along corner lines where they are less accessible..

It is best to install the wiring before finishing the walls, which is often carried out using ordinary plaster. If drywall was used in the formation of the pantry, then the installation is carried out along the frame. Only high-quality materials are used for wiring. Correct placement of wires will avoid a fire hazard.

It should be remembered that the wires must be clearly arranged in a vertical or horizontal position. There should be no irregularities in their path. Otherwise, they can damage the surface of the wiring. Also, the width between the wires should be at least 3 mm..

To equip the interior space as efficiently as possible, storage spaces are made of racks, shelves, the depth of which should not exceed 60 cm. The racks are placed along the walls with the letter “P”. If the pantry is narrow or located on the balcony, then the letter “G”. Rows of shelves run all the way to the ceiling. Items are stored there that are rarely used in everyday life, as well as those that will not break when dropped..

By creating a well-planned space, you can permanently get rid of the problems with storing the necessary things that cannot be placed in a conspicuous place. Allocating just a couple of meters from the total footage for a separate room, you can save much more space in an apartment or house, as well as keep your home neat, clean and well-groomed..

For even more ideas for organizing a pantry at home, see below..

Successful examples and options

Interesting ideas for decorating storage spaces destroy the stereotype of this room as an ownerless warehouse..

So, the examples clearly show how you can equip a workspace that contains everything you need, looks cozy and stylish.

This example shows an original solution for placing a washing machine..

These options are striking in their ingenuity. Sliding shelves allow you to discreetly place a large number of items.

These examples show interesting design options for dressing rooms..

Shown here is the original shape of the pantry in the form of a triangle..

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