The subtleties of the layout of a small house

The trend towards the construction of private houses is gaining more and more popularity. And this is not surprising: after all, you can be in the fresh air at any time or breed your own to start cultivating green spaces. Many seek in this way to gain autonomy from utilities. In addition, you can independently dispose of the local area.


Most often, those wishing to acquire a house begin the construction of a compact version of it first. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, a mini-house is a fairly budget option. Having built such a housing, you can move there and engage in a more ambitious project already on the spot, if you wish..

The next reason people build small housing is the reluctance to occupy the adjacent territory.. As a rule, this applies to people who love to do gardening. They are not ready to sacrifice a bed of carrots for the sake of extra square meters. This also includes the category of people who do not use a country house for permanent residence. For them, it is a place to relax and have a pleasant pastime.

Mini-project options

  • Cottage. It is characterized by the fact that the entire area of ​​housing is used to the maximum. As a rule, this is a combined bathroom. The living room is most often both a place for receiving guests and relaxing, as well as a kitchen and dining area. It happens that the living room also includes a sleeping place, but it is still better to make it a separate room..

  • Dwelling with attic. An excellent option for expanding living space. The bedroom is usually located on the upper floor. Very often the windows, in this situation, are located on the roof and open a view of the starry sky. On the lower floor, due to the presence of additional square meters, you can make a separate bathroom, an additional room, say, for receiving guests, or divide the living room and kitchen. There are many options: it all depends on your preferences.

  • Two-story building projects give more room for imagination and contribute to the feeling of a full-fledged home. On the second floor, there are usually sleeping places, children’s rooms and a bathroom, for example, with a shower. On the first floor, you can afford a separate living room and kitchen, as well as a bathroom with a bathroom. It so happens that dressing rooms are located on one or both floors. They are never superfluous, and additional storage space will never hurt.

Despite the fact that such houses are small in size, an accurate calculation is required for the installation of ventilation and heating systems..

Building materials

Very often, wood is used for the construction of mini-houses. There are of course a lot of advantages here. Wood is a natural material, which means you don’t have to worry about the fumes of harmful substances. In addition, some tree species emit resins, the smell of which has a beneficial effect on human health. The wood finish looks very expensive and noble. Finnish house construction technology provides for work with this particular material. Among the disadvantages, one can single out the possible rotting of the material. This can happen due to poor quality processing. Also, the cost of this option is much higher..

You can use bricks to build mini-houses. This is a fairly durable material that is resistant to the influence of the external environment. However, when designing a building from such a material, it should be borne in mind that its weight will be significant, and, therefore, the foundation must correspond to such an idea. Hence the rise in the cost of such a project.

Foam blocks are a great alternative to bricks. Of course, their appearance is clearly inferior to the previous version and will require additional finishing, but its weight is much lighter. Therefore, such material makes fewer claims to the foundation. The pluses also include fairly fast work with such material, since the blocks are large enough. Another plus of this material is environmental friendliness..

The most budgetary option is considered to be the use of sandwich panels in the construction. It is a very lightweight material that does not require significant investment in the foundation. Construction with his participation is proceeding quickly enough. Of course, in terms of strength, they cannot compete with the previous options, but on the other hand, one cannot complain about their thermal insulation qualities..


Small houses today can be built in any style. Classic options can be made from any material. They differ in simplicity of design and are, as a rule, a box and a roof with two slopes. Often such projects are used in rural settlements. On the roof of such houses, as a rule, there is an attic..

High-tech houses are very popular. They are characterized by the introduction of modern technologies, alternative materials and execution options into our lives. Often the entire wall is occupied by panoramic windows. The roof is located with one slope. The building itself is a rectangular structure with strict lines.

One or two colors are usually used for coloring. Often such buildings can be found on the sea coast, where you can observe a beautiful view through huge panoramic windows..

The facade of the house, made in the Art Nouveau style, carries a certain fabulousness. Windows, doorways, railings within this style have smooth outlines. For example, such houses often have unusual oval or round windows, like in castles. Usually, all the details of the structure in this version are made symmetrically..

Comfortable interior

Whatever the beautiful appearance of the house, but inside it you need to take care of the convenience. As we have already figured out, the space here is quite small and it must be used wisely. Therefore, if the layout provides for a combined kitchen and living room, you can use a bar counter to separate these two zones. In addition to zoning the space, you will purchase additional space for snacks, or you can use it as a dining area. This way you save space and at the same time get a trendy stylish design..

It is clear that the bedroom in the mini-house is small. Therefore, furniture that can be transformed is a good option that owners of mini-houses should take a closer look at, as it saves space very well. It is worth paying attention to transforming beds, which, with a slight movement of the hand, can turn, for example, into a table..

All kinds of wardrobes with sliding sofas or tables, folding tables are quite simple and economical solutions that will help you use the area of ​​the room with benefit and comfort..

For the pros and cons of building small houses, see the following video.

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