Two-storey houses made of laminated veneer lumber

Two-storey houses made of laminated veneer lumber can be very diverse. Let’s look at the projects of wooden houses in 2 floors with verandas and other rooms, we will analyze their features and styles of arrangement.


The construction of two-story houses from laminated veneer lumber is both popular and causes some concern. It’s hard not to get lost, making a choice between a single-tier and a two-tier structure, if you do not have the necessary knowledge. The energy efficiency of two-story buildings with an equal area and other basic parameters is higher than that of their one-story counterparts. Therefore, for the sake of everyday savings, you can safely choose just such a solution..

Also, with an identical area on the site, much less space is occupied, which can be planted with trees, built up with sheds and garages, covered with pools or lawns.

But at the same time, a building with a height of 2 floors means:

  • complication of design;

  • increased consumption of building materials;

  • more time to complete work;

  • absorption of savings due to the construction of floor slabs on the upper tier;

  • absorption of useful area by stairs;

  • difficulties and dangers when using the stairs themselves;

  • the need to equip a second bathroom.

You should also pay attention to the properties of the material itself.. Glued laminated timber really allows you to achieve high environmental performance. It contains only safe adhesives – manufacturers and builders hardly smile at losing trials because of the health problems of residents. Special gluing allows you to prevent or radically reduce shrinkage, which is a real scourge of solid wood and boards. It is possible to build from laminated veneer lumber much faster than from many other construction materials..

Carefully selected compositions of impregnations and adhesives exclude damage by dangerous insects and microorganisms. Even such a danger of wooden housing construction as a fire is much less than usual..

Glued laminated timber is significantly lighter than brick or concrete. Its strength is 2-2.5 times higher than that of a simple tree. Yet even this excellent material has its weaknesses..

So, it costs much more than a profiled bar. Suppliers and property developers often say that this is offset by speed and ease of use. However, the budgetary constraints are still quite tangible for most people. In addition, not all builders build glued houses soundly enough – however, unprofessionalism and mistakes spoil any material.. It is also worth emphasizing:

  • insufficiently elegant appearance (you can hardly do without finishing);

  • lack of natural air circulation;

  • the need to equip forced ventilation.

Layout options

It’s hard enough to build a good house without a veranda or terrace, and you shouldn’t strive for this step.. Terrace area 8 sq. m turns out to be quite an attractive indicator. The offered house is equipped with a wardrobe and a small (3.5 “square”) furnace room. The size of the hallway is 3.9 sq. m. The size of the kitchen-dining room is 11 square meters. m., and the size of the living room is 15 sq. m .; there is also a 10-meter bedroom.

On the second floor there is a pair of bedrooms with 15 “squares”. In addition to them, there are:

  • 4-meter wardrobe;

  • hall with a second light;

  • bathroom with an area of ​​almost 5 sq. m.

For wooden houses with a height of 2 floors, another layout can be used.. An important place on the lower level is occupied by a 19-meter living room; there is a second light in the 11-meter hallway. They also equipped a children’s room and a kitchen of the same size. Upstairs are the bedrooms and the hall.

Overall, it turned out to be a very nice and nice building..

The third option also deserves attention. This house is equipped with a 5.5 sq. m. From the hallway you can go to the kitchen and dining area of ​​the dwelling. Another hallway communicates directly with the hall. The size of the living room reaches 16 m2.

The hall on the second floor has exactly the same area.. Bedrooms are 11 and 9.5 sq. m are sufficient for a comfortable sleep. A seven-meter bathroom allows you to put both a toilet bowl and a fairly large bath. A good corridor is provided. The architects also thought about the use of the second light.


Minimalist architecture is in great demand. It involves large free spaces and the use of soft light. Such a house is simple and functional.. Each part of the building must have several tasks at once.

An abundance of decorative elements is unacceptable – they are replaced with simple design techniques.

The minimalism style implies the use of pure, beautiful colors.. Natural textures are very important. A single laconic image must be created. Crucial: Mistakes in the placement of light sources can ruin the efforts of even the most experienced architects. Natural light should be preferred; it is advisable to use the minimum number of interior partitions, which allows you to make the room freer and more airy.

Minimalism is also good:

  • combining vertical and horizontal lines in the facade;

  • the ability to equip observation platforms on the roofs;

  • a sense of unity with nature;

  • saving on complex finishing.

It is worth noting that, nevertheless, the minimalistic scheme allows the use of a number of small details. We are talking primarily about small inclusions from natural materials – door handles, stained-glass windows. The main structures are made of concrete, glass and aerated concrete. Aerated concrete is also acceptable.

If you have a solid budget, you can use marble and granite.

Using the Russian style is also a good option.. It just implies the active use of wood. In such architecture, it is quite permissible to use motives taken from epics and fairy tales. The facade must have at least two windows. They must certainly have curly platbands; the ridge of the roof must be decorated.

Bright colors – blue, red and yellow – fit very well into this concept.. But you need to understand that bright colors will gradually fade. The colors will certainly have to be updated. Sometimes facades are equipped with colored inserts..

It is hardly reasonable to limit yourself to these two styles..

Chalet style can be a good solution. It involves the use of a sloping roof to ensure protection from precipitation. The house looks massive anyway. The roof should extend beyond the border of the house box by 50-100 cm.

The installation of large or even panoramic windows plays a very important role..

In any case, the building should visually blend in with the surrounding space. Natural material should be used both for the construction of main walls and for interior decoration. Important: it is categorically impossible to use plastic or aluminum windows – only simple wooden frames are permissible, albeit of a modern design. Walls are recommended to be finished:

  • clapboard;

  • stone;

  • materials stylized as natural wood.

In some cases, they completely refuse any finishing.. The style of the chalet is close to the Russian in that there is absolutely no pretentiousness and gilding, juicy shades. This approach also involves the active use of awnings, which cover balconies, terraces and porches. The decoration of the surrounding landscape is of great importance..

The chalet house is optimal for life outside the city; in a metropolis, he hardly looks good.

Also, many experts consider the Art Nouveau style an excellent option.. In this case, glass and steel elements can be used inside. It is necessary to understand that the old historical modern is used selectively in the design of dwellings. A characteristic feature of the latest trends is the rejection of lush decor and asymmetrical lines. The facade can have a curved shape.

Use is encouraged:

  • turrets;

  • bay windows;

  • balconies.

The Scandinavian style, strictly speaking, does not exist as a whole. Its common feature is a relatively thin wall and large windows. Such houses are necessarily laconic. The second floor is smaller than the first, covered terraces are encouraged. Roof shapes are very diverse.

Alternatively, you can consider:

  • Tudor style;

  • colonial approach;

  • cottage format;

  • Mediterranean design;

  • shabby chic.

Examples of projects

A beautiful gable house can look even better if the upper windows are made in a beveled format.. In this variant, the presence of a covered terrace is also attractive..

Another option involves a roof of a slightly more complex shape and simple straight windows; the terrace near the entrance is equipped with a sloping roof.

Another house has an attractive protruding triangle in the center. There are verandas to the left and right of it..

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