Wallpaper stickers: decorate the interior with fashionable decor

The interior of the apartment is of great importance to everyone. Individual design helps to create a special atmosphere of comfort. In the first place is the wall decoration, which is done for more than one year. Interior wallpaper stickers make it possible to create a unique design.

What is it?

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of wallpapers from different materials. You are free to make any choice, you can rely on the manufacturer you like. Whatever the choice, the composition can almost always be supplemented with special decorative stickers. Wallpaper stickers will come to the rescue when there is not enough energy, time or finances for big changes, and you want to refresh the design. A wide range of these wall accessories makes it possible to choose a beautiful image and create a unique composition.

Such decor has an acceptable cost; you do not need to have special skills to glue it..

Stickers are made on the basis of a special film that is bonded with glue. The base is moisture resistant and glues to any surface. This feature makes it possible to glue decor in the bedroom and bathroom. The decorative surface of the sticker is durable and durable, it does not lose its presentation even in aggressive kitchen conditions. Purchased stickers consist of 3 layers:

  • paper base;
  • drawing;
  • transparent protective film.


Decorative stickers (stickers) are divided into two types. Depending on the material of manufacture, these include the following.


Vinyl is a fairly flexible and ductile material. These stickers can be glued to any surface. Vinyl decal can decorate wallpaper, wall cladding, furniture, home appliances and ceiling.


Fabric models are environmentally friendly, which makes them relevant for children’s rooms. They are glued exclusively on flat surfaces. Like the previous look, they can be removed and glued again. This makes them profitable to use. Large compositions are sold in tubes, which allows you to protect decorative interior accessories from damage.

Some manufacturers include a plastic squeegee with the stickers. The tool resembles a spatula and is used when gluing to level and remove air. Stickers differ in the style of the picture. You will find decor for any theme. Different sizes will play into your hands when creating a complete composition and decorating a furniture set.

Drawings on stickers can have different directions (horizontal and vertical), which is convenient when forming compositions. Stickers can provide decorative and functional value. With the help of such an element, you can hide a hole at the bottom or damaged wallpaper..

Any negligence in wallpapering can be hidden by a fabric or vinyl sticker.

Advantages and disadvantages

Vinyl decorative elements have only one drawback: they are spoiled by chemicals. It is impossible to wash off contamination with alcohol-containing agents. The use of aggressive detergents damages the paint on the sticker, its presentation is lost.

The list of advantages of these stickers is quite large:

  • an extensive selection of colors and design directions makes it possible to choose the best option for everyone;
  • stickers are safe for the health of children, adults and pets (the surface does not emit toxins when heated);
  • the surface of the stickers is resistant to moisture: the direct hit of water on the sticker does not leave traces, does not lead to peeling, this property guarantees pleasant use of the stickers in the kitchen and in corridors, bathrooms and other places with high humidity;

  • the sticker will help to mask surface irregularities (if a child has torn or painted the wallpaper, you can safely hide the prank under a beautiful interior sticker);
  • connoisseurs of design and decor work on the design of stickers, the images strive for perfection (perfect shapes, correct colors and tones, beautiful prints).
  • high-quality adhesive is used in the manufacture (stickers adhere well to different surfaces).

Interior wall stickers make it possible to update the interior, make it stylish and individual. You will not need a lot of time for this process, it will take a few minutes for gluing..

You can buy a sticker in a building materials or decor store for decoration.


The theme of the picture on the sticker can be absolutely any. They can be conditionally divided into the following types.

Animalistic images

These stickers depict wild and domestic animals, bizarre birds and other representatives of the animal world. Such stickers are often purchased for children’s rooms, hallways and living rooms. You can decorate your bathroom with marine animals. Butterfly stickers can be used to decorate the wall above the crib.

Subject images

On these stickers, representing plot compositions, you will find everything your heart desires. You can decorate the walls with pictures of the urban theme of London, imitate a window in a small room, stick a drawing of a romantic plot with a couple in love or beautiful park paths in the bedroom. Stickers can help bring sports to life: decorate one wall of the children’s room with such a sticker and put the inventory there. Sometimes these stickers can take up a lot of space..

Portrait images

Often, these stickers decorate reception rooms. So you can decorate the walls with portraits of your favorite actors, stars or idols. Sports fans will be delighted with football portrait stickers. You can decorate the wall with sticker with photo frames and capture the special moments of life.

Silhouette images

Most often, these interior stickers are made in black and white. A branchy tree or female figure can decorate a wall in a seating area. Such images do not have fine details, they look good on contrasting surfaces. Apply black sticker to light wallpaper, and for dark wallpaper choose white sticker.


Quite often you can find this option. Get an inspirational quote to motivate or capture a significant date. In the children’s room, you can stick the names of the children, in the bedroom – a reminder of the wedding date.


Depending on the pattern, interior stickers may have a different color. Most often, black stickers are used. Their popularity is due to the fact that in most houses the walls are made in light colors, on which black decorative elements look spectacular. In rare cases, white stickers are used..

Colored stickers are mainly used to decorate children’s rooms. Bright drawings and interesting scenes from cartoons attract the attention of kids. Colored items are relevant to modern interior designs. Black and white varieties will fit perfectly into a classic style or minimalism..

An interesting decoration option is gold stickers. This is a rather bold decision that can add a touch of luxury to the interior. For such a sticker, you need to choose the right background. These stickers look great in living rooms, offices.


How to glue?

When installing a decorative sticker, it is important to take into account the texture of the wallpaper. It is easy to glue them on a smooth vinyl surface, but rougher walls will require attention. Interior stickers can be used to decorate any surface, but it’s important to follow simple guidelines..

In order for the sticker to adhere well to the textured wall, it is worth pressing it harder when gluing.

The process of decorating wallpaper with decorative stickers is extremely simple:

  • Wipe the surface of the wallpaper with a damp cloth or sponge and wait until it dries completely. This will remove all dust and fine dirt..
  • Spread the sticker on a flat surface, level it with a special tool (squeegee) or improvised means.
  • Now you need to do the fitting. Place the decal against the wall and mark with a pencil. If the composition consists of many elements, fix them with tape. Subsequent gluing should be done from bottom to top (element by element).

  • Remove the protective film from the adhesive side underneath, proceed with care. Carefully monitor the integrity of the sticker itself, bends are unacceptable.
  • Glue the sticker with a squeegee. Move from bottom to top and from the center to the edges. Apply gentle and even pressure on the tool during operation.
  • Peel off the protective layer from the sticker and smooth it. To do this, use a squeegee or dry cloth..
  • Do not disturb the sticker within 3 hours after the procedure. This time is enough for the glue to set..

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the stickers. Often such a change is made in the children’s room, in the hall and in the kitchen. The process is simple: pick up the edge and gently pull off the vinyl. If you are afraid of damaging the paper surface of the wallpaper, prepare the vinyl. To do this, heat the surface with a hair dryer to loosen the glue..

For details on how to decorate a wall with a sticker, see below..

Interior options

Vinyl decals add a fun and sophisticated touch to the interior. A well-chosen plot of stickers can encourage children to study any science. Colorful pictures in the kitchen, above the sink, under the shelves will make the hostess smile while cooking. Large flowers along the free wall of the living room or dining room will cheer up all households.

Wallpaper stickers – versatile decorations for any room.

To make them look harmonious in the interior, consider the following rules:

  • A spacious and bright room can be supplemented with a large plot composition. For small rooms, such a solution is not suitable, it will overload the interior and ruin the whole view..
  • The image can be given a special look, for example, by placing the decoration with a transition to the ceiling. Subject and silhouette stickers look especially beautiful in this version..
  • Stickers with cartoon characters or animals will make the nursery more interesting and fun.

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