We choose a project of houses with an area of ​​90 sq. m

The owner of a suburban area must decide for himself how he wants to see his house. Before starting construction, it is important to contact competent specialists so that they complete the layout of a one-story or two-story building.. This will significantly save time and money when performing construction work..

Layout of one-story houses

One-story houses are popular with land owners. They are economical and functional, their construction does not require huge sums of money.. However, it is necessary to think over the layout of one-story houses of 90 sq. m. to the smallest detail.

Designing houses with one floor, despite the limited space, can embody many design ideas. With the right layout, you can get a safe and durable building that can accommodate a small family. Each project designed to create one-story cottages has its own characteristics. However, they are united by the main goal – the rational use of space..

When planning a 1-storey building it is necessary to correctly position each room, as well as to minimize the number of walk-through rooms. You can combine a bathroom in such houses, which will significantly increase the area of ​​free space.

It should be borne in mind that the layout of houses with large dimensions and the design of small buildings are very different, since the first allows you to select a dressing room or other functional rooms in separate rooms.

Small buildings cannot afford such a layout. Therefore it is necessary competently use the entire area of ​​the house so that each room has its own functionality.

A one-storey house can be made of timber or aerated concrete. The materials are quite easy to work with, which makes it possible to erect buildings from them in the shortest possible time. Frame houses are very popular in any region of Russia due to their affordable cost and excellent performance..

The layout of the house should be considered carefully and take into account its basic principles..

  • First of all, a building spot is determined, which will occupy a certain amount of space on the site.. This indicator most often does not exceed 30%. You should also take into account the approved standards, suggesting the optimal distance of indents from the boundaries of the site. After that, they plan the placement of functional areas: an entrance group, a recreation area and an economic block.
  • In the entrance area, they plan a hallway with a wardrobe where outerwear will be located. A bathroom and a small boiler room are also placed in this area..
  • The daytime zone in a one-story house project most often includes a kitchen, dining room and living room.. As a rule, 8 sq. m., and the area of ​​a common room or living room is at least 16 square meters. Bedrooms and lounges are located on the sunny side of the building.
  • When arranging a house with one floor made of foam blocks, equipping the walls in rooms where wet processes are carried out is performed with bricks and with the arrangement of ventilation ducts. To save space, the utility block, which includes utility rooms, is often connected to a kitchen or garage. It is imperative to complete the heating layout so that each room is comfortable..

Plans for two-storey houses

Houses with an area of ​​90 m2 are an excellent option that can fit into dense urban development or a small plot outside the city.. Such structures are compact and popular due to their small footprint and low construction costs. Various plans of residential buildings have individual layouts, which allows you to place all the necessary premises. Depending on the number of storeys desired by the customer, qualified specialists can select the necessary plan for a two-story structure with an attic floor or a garage..

With terrace

A two-storey house with a terrace can become a large functional cottage if space is limited. The peculiarity of these houses is the presence of a terrace, which in summer can play the role of additional space for relaxing with a large company of friends, and in winter – a place where you can store garden tools..

With garage

If the wishes of the owner of the site include the presence of a garage in the building, it is worth considering some of the features of this room. For a garage for one car, dimensions of 3×6 m are considered optimal.In addition, it is necessary to provide a buffer space under the dwelling in order to exclude the penetration of exhaust gases into the room.

You can cope with this using the layout of a cold vestibule, a closed veranda or a workshop..

Design options

Houses, the area of ​​which does not exceed 90 square meters, can be made in various styles. Each owner can choose an interior according to their needs and capabilities.. The most popular design options for suburban buildings are the following.

  • Modern. The most practical and rational solution in which a wooden house can be decorated. Modern contains natural colors and shades, as well as materials of natural origin. All details and designs have smooth and neat lines. This style is not characterized by the presence of aggressive combinations of shades. A distinctive feature of this style is that elements from the last century are mixed with modern finishes..

  • Classic. The classic style goes well with Finnish and similar buildings. This interior is characterized by the presence of ceiling moldings, silk wallpapers, beautiful lamps and antique decorative elements. This style has soft shades that create a cozy atmosphere..

  • Loft. This style is quite popular among modern designers. With its help, you can decorate a building made of timber or other materials. The loft is suitable for people who prefer to use non-standard solutions.

  • Minimalism. With the help of this direction, you can embody original interior ideas that can be observed in American or English-style houses. Here there is functionality and practicality of furniture, a clear and even shape of objects, as well as rational use of space. Interiors in this style are based on these principles..

Tips for choosing a project

Choosing a project of a one- or two-story house with an area of ​​up to 90 sq. m., you should pay attention to the main criteria, thanks to which the optimal plan for future construction will be drawn up.

Experienced craftsmen recommend considering the following factors before drawing up a project:

  • take into account the geographical characteristics of the land;
  • decide on the budget allocated for the construction of a house;
  • choose the number of floors, the presence of a garage, attic or terrace;
  • think over the layout, taking into account the forecast for the development of the family.

After that, you should carefully study the project proposed by specialists, voice the desired changes and approve it.

Beautiful examples

Each cottage owner selects a design based on his own preferences. However, it is worth considering beautiful examples that have already become unique and original houses..

  • A one-story house with a sloped roof looks original. The design has a solid look and harmoniously combines various materials. This exterior can be supplemented with panoramic windows that allow you to fill the room with plenty of natural light..

  • Also, a great option would be a house for the creation of which natural wood was used.. The facade of such a structure is made of siding in pastel colors. The wooden fence used for fencing the terrace looks organic.

  • The original solution would be use of the basement floor for arranging a gym or as a storage room.

  • Flat roof also allows you to create a unique design and place on it a relaxation space with sofas and other elements.

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