White dressing tables with a mirror: design options

Absolutely every girl needs to have her own comfortable and convenient place where she can bring beauty, perform various cosmetic procedures, apply makeup, do hair, and store cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and other accessories. Indispensable furniture in this case is a dressing table with a mirror..

The optimal color of the dressing table is rightly considered white. This color is very versatile – it fits perfectly into any interior, and the white palette visually makes the room brighter and more spacious.. Light furniture looks very stylish, elegant and modern, and today it is at the peak of popularity..

Design options

?Today on the market there is a huge selection of models of dressing tables in various styles, which allows you to easily choose the right model for each style of interior. The most popular options are:

  • Dressing table in style “Modern” – white color and gloss, smooth lines, design using floral and floral patterns. Such products look simple and restrained, but at the same time – stylish and modern..
  • White style table “Provence” – such models are characterized by Mediterranean elegance, they are often decorated with openwork forged elements, the technique of artificial aging is also used – the surfaces can be decorated with scuffs and cracks. The products look beautiful and sophisticated, they will perfectly fit not only into the style of “country” and “Provence”, but also into the classic interior.

  • Products in classic style – luxurious and elegant, with carved details and decorative elements with gilding. A classic white dressing table can be decorated with various interesting decorative elements, this will allow the product to harmoniously fit not only into the classic, but also into the modern interior.
  • Dressing table white in style “pop Art” – such products are most often chosen by young girls who like everything stylish, modern and bright. An unusual glossy table model will help its owner to emphasize her style and personality.
  • Products in style High-tech and art deco stand out among other models with compact dimensions. The high-tech style is characterized by the use of rectangular and straight legs in products. And for the “art deco” style, the most original exclusive designs are used, such products are often chosen for themselves by creative creative personalities..

The most popular are dressing tables made in a classic style using modern materials and accessories. Such products look expensive and luxurious, have an original design, and the white color makes the interior lighter, lighter and more comfortable..

The dressing table must certainly be complemented by a mirror, then the furniture will not only be a stylish interior decoration, but also a convenient practical place for performing all cosmetic procedures.

The most comfortable for use are table models equipped with all kinds of drawers and shelves, on which girls can store cosmetics, jewelry and various accessories..

Cosmetic tables are most often made of wood, and all kinds of decorative elements can be carved or metal. Some models contain built-in backlight.

The mirror in the dressing table can be either round or oval, square or rectangular. Models look unusual and stylish, the mirrors of which are decorated with original engraving or matte coating.

Dressing tables are very practical, functional and roomy furniture, but at the same time they are very compact. You can pick up the narrowest models that can easily be conveniently placed even in the smallest room. On sale you can find straight and angular versions of products, which will allow you to conveniently arrange this piece of furniture in any part of the room.

Accommodation options

It is best to install a white dressing table with a mirror near the window – this will provide high-quality natural light during the daytime. The table can also be installed along the wall, but with this option, you must certainly take care of additional sources of lighting. This can be wall sconces located on both sides of the product, or one large lamp, which is best hung slightly above the mirror..

Most often, the dressing table is installed in the bedroom, but it can also be placed in the living room, and even in a spacious and bright hallway..

How to choose

When choosing a white dressing table with a mirror, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • materials of manufacture of the product – they must be environmentally friendly and safe for health;
  • lack of sharp unpleasant odors – it is very important to check this before purchasing furniture, since a pungent smell may indicate the release of harmful toxic substances, and it is better not to buy such a product;

  • build quality – make sure that the dressing table is assembled with high quality, the fastenings of all elements (especially mirrors) must be strong and reliable;
  • table dimensions – before buying, estimate the amount of free space in the room where you plan to install the dressing table, and based on this, choose a model that is suitable in size;
  • functionality – choose a table that contains enough drawers and shelves to store your personal belongings.

For information on how to make a dressing table with your own hands, see the next video..

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