Correct installation of the door frame of the interior door

Interior doors are an integral part of every interior today. A variety of models allows you to make your room not only practical, but also original. But this feature largely depends on the correct installation of the door frame of the interior door. Therefore, before starting such an operation, you should familiarize yourself with the main nuances of this procedure..

Types of doors

Interior doors are structures that play only a decorative role, so the strength parameters are not so important here. Manufacturers try to make their products as comfortable and beautiful as possible. The main criterion for the classification of interior paintings is the material from which they are made.. Depending on this, several types of doors can be distinguished:

  • Fiberboard. The basis is made up of wooden blocks, to which thin wood boards are attached. To protect the surface of the material, it is laminated and covered with several layers of varnish. This type of product is the cheapest, but also short-lived. Often they are complemented by a box with a threshold. Experts do not recommend installing these doors in a bathroom or kitchen, where there is poor ventilation..
  • MDF. Cloths are much more expensive than fiberboard products. The products are distinguished by an optimal ratio of price and quality. Therefore, many buyers prefer MDF doors. The material resists moisture well, and also has high sound insulation rates.
  • Natural wood. Solid wood doors are unique and beautiful products that are perfect for any interior. The substance is very well processed, which allows it to be given different shapes. Therefore, such doors are very often decorated with carvings, which makes them even more beautiful..

They are supplemented with a telescopic or simple box that allows you to fix the platbands more efficiently. Doors are made from various types of trees, among which the most popular are pine, oak, ash, maple, mahogany and many others..

There are many other classifications of interior doors that take into account their technical parameters and design features. They can be single or double-leafed, and the surface itself can be smooth or complemented by curly cutouts and glass inserts.

What is needed?

Installation of interior doors involves not only a careful approach, but also the use of high-quality auxiliary tools.. To perform such tasks, you will need the following standard set of products:

  • Saw. It must be sharp and have small teeth, which will eliminate the appearance of chips on the surface of the box..
  • Drill and drill set. The type of tool depends on the wall material to which the frame will be attached. It is important that the drills are able to drill holes in brick, concrete, etc. In some cases you may need a hammer drill and several drills.
  • Screwdriver and attachments for a certain type of fastener.
  • Tape measure and pencil for marks.

  • Level.
  • Fasteners. In most cases, you will need several wood screws and wall plugs. Sometimes special anchors can also be used..
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Spacer elements. They are needed to fix the box in the opening. Wooden wedges are often used for this. Therefore, you need to stock up on wood, from which it will subsequently be possible to form several similar products..

This list is not universal, as it depends on the type of door frame and how it is installed..

Installation subtleties

Installation of a door frame for an interior door is a complex procedure that requires certain skills and patience. You need to start with the preparation of the working tool, as well as the choice of the mounting method. In most cases installation is carried out using anchors, which securely fix the frame.

How to assemble?

The box installation procedure begins with its assembly. This design can be of several types. Today, U-shaped frames are increasingly used, which exclude the presence of a threshold. But there are also rectangular designs, which are also used quite often..

Factory models are often already prepared for assembly, as they are pre-finished to give a beautiful look. If you decide to build a box from a wooden bar yourself, then it must be thoroughly dried and polished.

Assembling the box involves performing several sequential operations:

  • Initially, you need to lay the bars on a flat horizontal surface. Often they use a floor for this, which is covered with paper or film in order to exclude damage to the door leaf..
  • Collecting a box begins with measurements. It is important that the width of the opening is slightly larger than the door leaf itself..
  • When all the data are known, the elements of the duct should be connected into a single structure. They can dock in several main ways. The simplest connection is considered to be at 90 degrees. To do this, the upper bar from the ends is cut at a given angle.

It is important that the cut surface is flat and free from distortions. After that, the vertical support is attached to the transverse bar and screwed on.

  • You can also connect these elements at an angle of 45 degrees. To do this, a corner is cut off on each bar. After joining both structures, they should also form 90 degrees. Please note that even the smallest deviations should not be allowed, since the operation of the entire system depends on this..
  • When you have fitted all the bars, you can connect them together. To do this, use nails or screws. It is advisable to drive 2 fasteners in each docking side. It is important that after assembly, the box is held as firmly as possible, and the elements do not move relative to each other. If you plan to organize a threshold, then it is attached to the supports like an upper bar. It is also important to connect this part as evenly as possible..

  • After assembling the box, you should start attaching the hinges. For this, the frame is laid on the floor and leveled. After that, grooves for the hinges are cut out from one of the sides on the vertical rack. Experts recommend placing them at a distance of 20 cm from the top and bottom edges. The grooves are formed using a chisel or a router.
  • When the hinges are attached, place the door leaf inside the frame and mark their locations on it. To do this, the product is aligned relative to the frame, and then loops are applied and places are marked.

The grooves on the door are cut in the same way as on the frame.

How to install correctly?

Do-it-yourself door frame installation involves performing several sequential operations:

  1. Before installing the product, you need to measure the structure and the doorway. It is important that the structure fits into the hole, which should be slightly larger than it..
  2. After that, you need to carefully lift and insert the box into the opening. It is necessary to install the structure on a flat surface in order to eliminate distortions. The ends of the product must coincide with one of the sides of the wall. This is important if the width of the wireframe is less than this value..
  3. It is important that the box is level in all planes. Therefore, you need to align and fix it in this position. For this, wooden spacers are used, which are installed between the frame and the wall..

How to fix?

Fastening the structure is the final stage of the installation of this product. This process consists from several successive stages:

  1. Several mounting holes are drilled in the fixed box. In this case, a drill is used for wood, which only the frame passes through..
  2. To form holes in the wall for the dowel, use a long concrete drill. With its help, markings are made through previously drilled holes on the surface of the vertical supports. Please note that the diameter of the drill should not be larger than the hole in the tree, since then you will not be able to fix the system with a self-tapping screw.
  3. At this stage, you need to remove the box and drill holes of a larger diameter in the marked places on the wall. They must fit the plastic dowel or anchor that will be used for this purpose..
  4. When everything is ready, the box is put back in place, aligned and secured with wedges. If all is well, you can screw the frame to the wall with self-tapping screws in several places. In this case, it is important to constantly monitor the position of the box relative to various planes..
  5. The procedure ends with filling the cracks with foam and hanging the doors on the hinges.

Replacement methods

Very often, interior doors are installed in place of already worn out systems. This, in turn, involves dismantling the old box.. There are several ways to replace the old design:

  1. Dismantling with destruction of the frame. This approach involves removing the old box using brute force. Here, both crowbars and saws are used, with which they divide it into several separate parts. After that, the installation of a new system is already carried out..
  2. Dismantling the structure while preserving the frame. If the doors are still in good condition and can be used elsewhere, remove the box carefully. To do this, sequentially remove all screws or other fasteners. Then the foam is removed, which additionally fixes the product. This will allow you to easily remove the box later, while maintaining its integrity..

This step-by-step guide is not universal, as the replacement of the box is based on specific design features..

If the door clings to the threshold

Wooden doors are prone to warping. Even if you installed the structure and checked the correctness of its movement, this does not mean that it will always be so. Very often, the canvas begins to cling to the threshold.. There are several ways to fix this problem:

  1. Changing the location of the loops. Elimination of skew is carried out by installing the hinges in a new place. It is important to make accurate measurements here in order to exclude similar problems in the future..
  2. Cutting off the threshold. If this part is made of wood, you can try removing a small layer of wood. This will allow the door leaf to move freely. This option is only suitable if the door distortion is minimal. You can do the same with the door leaf itself, cutting it off with a jigsaw from the bottom..

How to strengthen the door?

Strengthening the interior door is not an actual option today, since it does not require special strength from it. For example, MDF canvas can be knocked out with a foot or with a crowbar, since the material is not durable. If you need to strengthen a wooden front door, then you can do this using the following methods:

  1. Strengthening the box. At each connecting corner, metal corners are installed, which prevent the box from breaking when pressed with a crowbar. A similar approach will also be effective if the structure is made of timber, and not from MDF or fiberboard..
  2. Strengthening the canvas. To do this, the surface of the door is upholstered with a metal sheet and high-quality fittings are installed. At the same time, the decorative design of the canvas is lost..

Installing a door frame is a rather complicated operation and should be trusted by experienced professionals. This will ensure not only high-quality operation of the system, but also its reliability..

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