Door linings made of MDF panels

Entrance doors are the hallmark of any home. It is them that guests see for the first time, forming an impression of their own impression of who and in what conditions lives in the apartment. That is why the question of appearance and decoration of entrance and interior doors always remains relevant..

The most popular are metal structures, combining strength, reliability, durability, practicality and unpretentiousness. Their main drawback is their simple design. But now you can easily give the design the desired look, without spending huge amounts of money. Today there are many options for finishing entrance doors..

Decorating MDF doors is the best choice for interior decoration. This can significantly improve the thermal insulation properties and give the structure an attractive look. The material is often not used outdoors, because it does not have adequate protection against adverse external conditions.


There are several main reasons for decorating front doors:

  1. Improving aesthetic properties.
  2. Significant improvement in thermal insulation performance.
  3. Creating a harmonious interior and exterior design.
  4. Masking large and small mechanical damage and other signs of wear that occurs over time during operation.

When choosing the type of finishes and materials, you need to determine the actual requirements specifically for your home. Depending on your wishes, needs and budget, you can choose natural or artificial materials. Many of them are able to significantly improve the mechanical and quality characteristics of the structure, provide additional protection against moisture, damage or corrosion..

Among other common solutions are the use of lining, overhead panels, forged elements, certain types of natural wood, artificial leather, and the like, door linings from MDF panels are becoming more and more popular..

What it is?

MDF linings and thermo-MDF products will help to save old doors and significantly improve new ones. The doors to the house are an essential element that performs many functions. They must be durable, protect from extraneous sounds and decorate the room. It is also important to choose the right interior doors. It is thanks to them that the rooms are separated from each other, giving us the opportunity to live separately. MDF door trims are used for both entrance and interior openings.

MDF is made from pressed sawdust impregnated with special wood resin. Thanks to the resin, the sawdust sticks together and sticks together. Thus, a fairly strong plate is obtained from small chips and resin..

For the manufacture of door linings, several of these plates are usually used. If you lay a layer of energy-saving material between them, you get the so-called thermal pad. It helps to keep the room temperature constant.

Most often, thermo MDF strips are used for entrance doors, while ordinary MDF strips are ideal for interior doors..


MDF overlays keep doors from street dust and precipitation. They have soundproofing properties, and therefore, keep the comfort and tranquility of the owner of the house. MDF is an ecological material safe for human health. That is, you can safely use it not only for entrance doors, but also for doors to the living room or even to the children’s room..

MDF overlays are widely used for door decoration. They are relatively inexpensive and can provide a stylish and modern look to your home. If you have old but still sturdy doors, then you don’t have to spend extra money to replace them with new ones. You can simply decorate them with MDF overlays. Your old doors will take on a luxurious look and shine with new colors. MDF overlays can be decorated in different ways.

They are covered with film or painted – this will help your imagination unfold and try yourself in the role of a designer..


The linings can be made in different types. It is necessary to disassemble each of them in more detail in order to determine the choice.

Among the most popular are:

  • laminated;
  • coated with anti-vandal plastic;
  • veneered.


This material most closely resembles natural wood. He imitates it not only in its structure, but also in color. The veneered overlays look very solid and expensive. They have a noble appearance, but at the same time they are much cheaper than doors made of natural solid wood. The service life of well-made products is long enough, you do not have to change them often. This will help you save a lot of your budget. Veneered models are most often installed on Lux and Premium doors..

The main advantages of veneered MDF overlays:

  • After they are treated with special compounds, they become resistant to microorganisms, temperature changes, high humidity, mold, etc..
  • It is an environmentally friendly material that has no negative impact on the human body..
  • It is possible to create unique combinations of different types of wood species in one canvas.
  • Externally veneered products are very similar to natural wood.


  • This type of material reacts poorly enough to exposure to sunlight, which falls directly on the door..
  • Do not use aggressive abrasives or chemicals..
  • After some time of operation, it is advisable to update the lacquer coating on the panel, as it fades a little.
  • At high humidity, they can swell and peel off over time..

Upholstery with veneered overlays is most often recommended for entrance doors to an apartment, and to a private house.


In order to make laminated plates for decorating doors, it is necessary to glue a special film on the MDF blank. This whole procedure takes place according to a certain proven technology. Often, the pattern on laminated models imitates natural wood. This type of cladding has a low cost and when buying laminated products, you can save a lot, but at the same time they do not look very presentable..

Manufacturers produce these products in several of the most popular types:

  • smooth;
  • with inserts;
  • milled;
  • with forged elements or metal moldings.

The main advantages of laminated linings:

  • They are unpretentious in care.
  • Manufacturers offer many color options, as well as various design solutions..
  • Have sufficient durability.
  • High level sound insulation.

The main disadvantages of laminated linings:

  • They are not resistant to moisture. This is why they often swell and crack..
  • Their service life is significantly reduced with frequent temperature changes.

When going directly to the street, it is undesirable to install laminated MDF linings. They are more suitable for use on doors that are located inside residential or non-residential premises..

Laminated products will be an excellent solution for offices, entertainment complexes and administrative buildings.

With anti-vandal plastic

To create such a popular type of door linings, manufacturers combine MDF with laminated plastic. It is very durable and practical enough. Products with special anti-vandal plastic are optimal for metal doors that go out.

Main advantages:

  • The material is very resistant to any mechanical stress.
  • They tolerate any temperature changes and atmospheric influences well.
  • High strength and long service life.
  • Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors.
  • Resistant to direct sunlight.
  • Great wear resistance.
  • Low cost and cost savings.
  • Can be combined with other finishing materials.

Special anti-vandal plastic is able to withstand significant loads. It practically does not deteriorate over time. This material is perfect for doors in shops, office buildings and stadiums. It is quite difficult to damage doors with such a coating, and therefore they do not have to be changed often..

Modern manufacturers most often produce MDF linings in standard sizes. But many specialized companies offer the possibility of ordering models of individual sizes. You will have the opportunity to choose the style and color of your door trims.

It doesn’t take much effort to process MDF. To cut it, you do not need to have any special tools. You can make any, even complex size and shape in just a few movements.

Any curved lines can be created from MDF, if necessary..

How to beat?

In order to restore your old door, you need to know the sequence for installing MDF linings:

  • You must first remove the old door from the hinges. It must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased using special means. In order for the pad to adhere to the canvas as much as possible, it must be pasted over with a vinyl film.
  • Attach the trim to the door using self-tapping screws.
  • At the final stage, all the necessary fittings are fastened.

Decorative plates made of MDF are a modern solution for restoring old front doors. Replacing the cladding of interior doors does not require a lot of money. This panel is moisture resistant and will serve for a long time..

You will learn more about how to install door strips from MDF panels in the following video.

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