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DoorHan doors have been holding leading positions in the modern market for many years. The structures are manufactured using the latest equipment using proven technologies. The finished doors are strictly checked for compliance with European and domestic quality standards. Components and fittings are also certified. The brand’s products are produced in various price segments, so everyone can find a design within their pocket.


Let’s consider the advantages of DoorHan doors in more detail:

  • Reliability and durability. For the manufacture of DoorHan doors, strong guides and racks are used, the thickness of which is at least 2 mm. Rollers with a bearing are closed with a special cage made of high-quality metal. The hinges in the side supports on the doors of this company are approximately 2.5 mm thick. All of the above guarantees a long service life for any type of structure..
  • Tightness. The structures are reliably protected from blowing and freezing. They are manufactured with double side seals, which are longer than standard seals. Manufacturers also use multi-chamber seals to create garage structures..

  • Protection against delamination. Manufacturers have developed a special scheme for fastening self-tapping screws in the joint zones of door panels. When fastening the self-tapping screw, it punches four equally spaced layers of steel, which guarantees uniform structural rigidity of the web and resistance to delamination.
  • Corrosion resistant. When creating structures, manufacturers apply a double degree of protection of panels from rust. All door elements (hinges, side supports, torsion springs) are made of galvanized steel with a special powder coating. This fact significantly affects the duration of the door shelf life..
  • Immunity to temperature extremes. DoorHan doors are suitable for any climate and are not afraid of extreme temperatures. They are reliably protected from corrosion, do not freeze, and are also treated with a polymer coating. Even the harshest winter with such structures will definitely be warm in the room..

It is also worth noting that in the production of structures, intermediate operations are excluded, which often provoke the formation of a marriage..

The door frame welding process is performed by a robotic complex. This guarantees the maximum clarity of the joints, excellent seam quality, and a high level of product strength. This means that there will be no need to modify the design..


The DoorHan company produces many types of doors. Among them:

  • input;
  • fireproof;
  • sliding;
  • steel;
  • retractable;
  • film;
  • for refrigerating chambers;
  • with ventilation grill, etc..

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular models.


These doors are perfect for installation in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions. Designs can be with one or two leaves, as well as with a left or right opening mechanism. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Monolithic canvases are made using seamless technology and guarantee excellent sound and heat insulation, air and moisture resistance. These structures are not susceptible to fire, which is confirmed special certificates of conformity (E130). The doors are made of galvanized steel, which means they will not rust over time.

The structures are designed for intensive use and will remain serviceable for many years..


Modern technological doors DoorHan are ideal for garages. They are made from sandwich panels, which are finished with an aluminum profile on the outside. Thus, the indicators increase burglar and scratch resistance on the surface of the structure. The store’s catalog contains many design options, including premium garage doors decorated with forged elements with an antique effect. The structures are assembled by hand and delivered ready-made. You get a unique, functional, reliable and durable product. And if you have not found a suitable option for you on sale, you can easily order the production of structures according to your design.

The company manufactures swing, sliding, spiral, folding and rolling gates for garages..


This type of structure is required for industrial, warehouse and commercial premises. Thanks to them, the microclimate inside the space is reliably maintained. The operating speed of such a mechanism is approximately 2.5 meters per second. The structure is equipped with a special drive, which is the author’s development of the company. Also, all the necessary accessories are included in the kit for the door: remotes, keys, buttons, etc..


This design is designed to prevent the spread of fire beyond the limits limited by it. The company offers several options for such doors: sectional, swing, sliding, as well as fire curtains. In the manufacture of structures, a filler is used, which consists of mineral wool, thereby achieving the fire resistance of the panels. Special technological profiles and a special expanding tape expand in volume when exposed to high temperatures, thus the opening is clearly sealed.

DoorHan fire doors have successfully passed all the necessary tests and have certificates confirming their quality..

Customer Reviews

A large number of users note that they purchased the gates of this company on the advice of friends or they themselves saw these structures in action. This suggests that DoorHan doors enjoy well-deserved trust among buyers and do not need additional advertising. Garage doors of various models are very popular. Car enthusiasts say with confidence that such an acquisition will save you from problems with the garage door for many years. Everything works fine, no problems arise. At the same time, the cost of structures in relation to their quality is very reasonable..

There are also some negative product reviews. Based on the information received, it can be concluded that sometimes buyers trust the doors to non-professional installers or they undertake the installation on their own. Only in such cases problems may arise with the operation of DoorHan doors..

You will learn more about DoorHan doors from the following video.

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