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The Elbor company is the largest Russian holding that specializes in the production of steel entrance doors with increased burglary resistance and extra strong locks. The company has its own research and development department, which is engaged in the development of innovative technologies in the production of high-security locks. The company’s products are certified, awarded with certificates and diplomas at numerous exhibitions, and their own inventions and developments are patented.


The enterprise began its activity in 1976 and was engaged in the production of dies, molds and special tools for the needs of the military-industrial complex. In the mid-80s, the plant began exporting its high-quality products to Italy and introduced an innovative technology for diamond powder spraying, which at that time had no analogues and was appreciated by foreign consumers. Since 1991, the plant has been launching the production of consumer goods, trade kiosks and safes, and at the same time negotiations are underway to start production of high-security lever locks..

In 1993, the first copies of Elbor locks appeared on the Russian market, which has been successfully producing them until now, having earned an impeccable reputation over the years, having introduced a large number of the latest design developments and gaining consumer recognition not only in Russia, but also for abroad. In 2007, having expanded its production base, reorganized its capacities and taking into account the specifics of the processes taking place in business, the Elbor enterprise begins to produce burglar-resistant steel entrance doors, which instantly gained popularity among consumers. In 2009, a workshop for the production of decorative MDF panels began operating at the plant, and by 2011 the company was confidently one of the three largest Russian manufacturers of steel burglar-resistant doors..

Features and benefits of the company’s products

All the products manufactured by the plant are of the highest quality and are deservedly the most demanded on the door structures market..

Products have the following properties and technical characteristics:

  • Doors are made of high-alloy steel sheets with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm, fixed on a particularly strong steel frame, which is equipped with additional stiffening ribs. This design ensures the reliability of products and eliminates deformation of door leaves during operation. The perimeter of the door leaf is equipped with 13 locking points, of which 4 are reinforced with hardened inserts.

The doors are equipped with lever locks with 2-4 protection classes. Models with “Rubin” lock are equipped with two vertical rods-drives, which provides additional locking points. From the inside, the doors are equipped with latches, in which the crossbars are reinforced with hardened inserts, which excludes the possibility of sawing.

  • Equipping the lock zones with steel protection and armor plates guarantees high burglar resistance of products. A lock protected in this way cannot be cut or opened. A full production cycle in one place and a completely mechanized production process allows you to almost completely eliminate the release of defective products. The products are equipped with protection ensuring the inability to cut the hinges and three anti-detachable pins, one of which is reinforced with a hardened insert. Such pins are installed in such a way that when the door is closed, they go deep into their grooves made in the box.

In the case of cutting the hinges, the canvas still remains tightly fastened to the box and will not allow penetration into the room. It is impossible to saw through the rod itself due to their reinforcement with hardened inserts..

  • To increase the rigidity, only a steel profile with a thickness of 1.5 mm is used. Foam, as in many products from other manufacturers, is not used. This guarantees reliable protection against burglary with a keel knife, and also excludes spinning and bending of the canvas. The keys to the locks are placed in special tubes, which completely excludes the possibility of copying them. Door hinges are designed for five hundred thousand working cycles, which guarantees their operation for 125 years.

In addition, the outer hinges allow the door leaf to open one hundred and eighty degrees, are height adjustable and can withstand a thousand kg load. On all models, an eccentric is installed, which is located in the door frame, in the transom zone. It regulates the tightness of closing and silent slamming.

  • The doors have high noise and heat insulation qualities due to a complex of protective functions. The “Stop, cold” option with the use of foil-clad insulation of the castle zones will not allow noise and frosty air to enter the room, and the structure of the insulation itself will not damage the castle, unlike fibrous fillers, when using which there is a risk of fibers getting into the structure of the castle and leaving it building. The sheets are insulated with environmentally friendly and non-combustible mineral wool, which does not lose its original properties under the influence of negative temperatures. At the same time, all the crossbars of the locks are reliably limited from the ingress of cotton wool by special plastic covers, this allows you to have complete confidence that the lock cannot be accidentally locked.

All doors have two sealing contours: the first of which is magnetic, it is installed on the canvas and resembles the principle of operation of the rubber seal of the refrigerator, and the second is glued to the door frame around the entire perimeter. Due to this arrangement of the contours, the door closes tightly, without gaps and cracks, which allows it to be used as a street door of a country house.

  • A variety of decorative overlays made of MDF-boards covered with PVC foil makes it possible to choose a door suitable for any style and color of the hallway interior, as well as for any facade design.

Rulers and models

The Elbor company produces four series of metal entrance doors, differing from each other in terms of technical characteristics of burglary resistance and cost:

  • Steel door “Premium” provides reliable protection against burglary and unauthorized entry, it is durable and reliable. The outer steel sheet has a thickness of 1.5 mm, which provides protection against squeezing, and the internal ribs welded to it prevent the sheet from bending under the influence of external mechanical force. The castle area is equipped with steel protection with a total thickness of 8 mm and reinforced with transverse ribs, which will not allow opening the lock with a keel knife. Armor thickness is 2mm – enough to prevent direct frontal drilling.

The inner steel sheet consists of two plates, the lower one is made in the form of a box, and the upper sheet with stiffening ribs is already welded to it. This design feature makes it possible to achieve a significant increase in the rigidity of the canvas, and as a result, to increase the safety class and protection of the product. The model has 16 locking points, which corresponds to four stars of the level of burglary resistance out of five possible.

  • Door “Lux”. This model with the highest level of burglary resistance and protection is the most reliable and robust. The thickness of the ribs responsible for the rigidity of the web is 1.5 mm. The inner steel sheet 1.5 mm thick is also made of two sheets, the lower of which is a one-piece bent box with an outer sheet welded to it and stiffening ribs. The total thickness of the steel protection of the castle zone is 8 mm, of which 4 mm are armored.

The outer steel sheet is 2 millimeters thick, which is sufficient to prevent the door leaf from being squeezed out. Model with 22 locking points, which corresponds to the highest level of burglary resistance – five stars.

  • Iron door “Standard” is the best option “price-quality”, and makes it possible to purchase a reliable design at a relatively low cost. The thickness of the outer sheet is 1.5 mm, the inner one is 1 mm. The ribs of rigidity are 1.5 mm, and the protection of the castle zone is represented by a steel plate of 5 mm and a two-millimeter armored one. The model has 13 locking points, which corresponds to three stars out of five.

  • Optimum series – the most budgetary option for an entrance door for an apartment. The frame is equipped with additional stiffening ribs, the thickness of the steel sheet is 1.4 mm, 2 locks of various configurations are installed. The model has 11 locking points.

Finishing types

The use of decorative panels made of laminated MDF sheets gives steel doors a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. As a laminator, PVC film is used, which is available in a wide range of colors and with various patterns..

The company offers the following types of decorative MDF panels:

  • Ethnic. “Asia” – overlays made in the abstract or ethnic style of Asian minimalism. Drawing in the style of calligraphic letters and outlines of exotic flowers creates the illusion of closeness to nature and contributes to the achievement of spiritual comfort. In addition to the pattern, you can also choose the texture of the panel, which is offered in a large assortment: imitation of gray ash, walnut, wenge, oak, graphite, chestnut and cherry.

“Europe” – a decorative plate with Greco-Roman and delicate romantic ornaments and strict lines of geometric shapes will appeal to lovers of European style. “Africa” ​​- a unique series of panels decorated with multi-colored metal inserts, highly appreciated by lovers of African ethnic style. The combination of a cool metallic sheen and the warmth of a woody texture makes the design colorful and expressive..

Australia is a series of panels fitted with a large full-length mirror. They allow you to visually enlarge the room, as well as install a full-fledged mirror in a small hallway. They are produced in three modifications: with a classic rectangular mirror “Sydney”, with a rounded one – “Leonora” and with a high height – “Melbourne”. The Arktika series – practical metal panels, consisting of a top steel sheet in the Copper Antique and Caribbean Night coating options, and an internal insulation layer, 10 mm thick. Models of this series increase the sound and heat insulation properties of the door..

  • Creative Styles. Trio is a panel that combines two different textures with different color combinations. Suitable for many interiors and is available in three versions: modern “Male”, classic “Madrid” and “Oslo”, made in the style of minimalism. The series “Signs of the Zodiac” is represented by twelve unique panels made in the style of signs. Models of the “Music” series are produced in the genres of “Blues”, “Jazz” and “Classic”, with a choice of textures, which is represented by imitation of such wood species as bleached oak, chestnut, walnut, gray ash, wenge, plum and cherry.

Panels “Avangard” are made in a space style with elements of futurism and abstraction. The series “Flowers” surprises with picturesque drawings, smooth lines and a variety of shades. The most unusual model in this category “Electrics” combines the depth of textures of wood fibers, the shine of metal and glass “Lakobel”.

  • European theme. “Refined Europe” – elegant panels, which give grace to the designer engraving. These are romantic models capable of creating a unique atmosphere and sophistication of the Old World. The panel of the “Fairy Europe” series is framed with a figured mirror in the classic frame of a deep, expressive and voluminous pattern. Such overlays will visually expand the space of the room and decorate the interior..

And the most extravagant model in this category is “Old Europe”. Bas-relief drawings and deep milling are made on an MDF sheet increased to a thickness of 16 mm. A wide variety of ornaments made using the openwork carving technique will make the corridor or hallway respectable and solid.

  • Architectural direction. The Techno series is made in a strict geometric style, there is an optical illusion in the drawings, which makes the models the most popular type of decoration for decorating the Scandinavian style. The Sights of the World panels will tell you about historical values, and the Skyscrapers will emphasize the correctness of the shapes of high-rise buildings made of glass and concrete.

  • General group includes such series as “Football”, “Gifts of Nature”, “Depths of the Sea” with corresponding thematic images, as well as abstract “Simplex”, “Enigma” and “Largo”, containing the most daring design ideas.

Colors and sizes

Thanks to the use of PVC film, the panels can be given absolutely any color, which allows you to purchase a product of any shade, from white to black. The most popular and in demand are the colors of natural wood fibers, including bleached oak and mahogany. As for the size range, the dimensions of the door structure with the frame are 88 and 97 cm wide with a height of 2 meters 4 centimeters. Products weigh from 60 to 120 kg, depending on the class of burglary resistance.

Customer Reviews

Consumers of Elbor doors note the high quality of locks and fittings, as well as the overall reliability of the structure. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of purchasing inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality models, which makes iron entrance doors more affordable and in demand. Also, buyers are attracted by a wide variety of decorative panels and a wide color palette of products..

Beautiful interiors

Entrance doors of the “Elbor” company are able not only to reliably protect the room, but also to decorate it perfectly. Thanks to stylish and diverse design solutions, steel models will harmoniously fit into any interior and diversify it.

For an overview of Elbor burglar-resistant doors, see the following video.

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