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The front door is the face of an apartment or house and the first thing that guests see. We choose it after buying a home and this is the main obstacle on the way of thieves. Etalon plant offers customers a huge selection of entrance metal doors. They represent the perfect combination of price and quality from a domestic manufacturer..


Products from the company “Etalon” have all the necessary qualities that a good front door should have:

  • Robust metal frame with frame thickness 1.5-2 mm.
  • Vertical and horizontal stiffeners, which prevents the web from being wrung out when breaking.
  • Heat and sound insulation, which is placed not only in the canvas, but also in the box. Basalt mineral wool, which is made by melting rocks, is used as a heater. This material does not emit toxic substances, does not cause allergic reactions, is not flammable, has a low thermal conductivity.

  • Two sealing circuits. The rubber profile is placed along the perimeter of the door leaf, it protects the door from hitting the frame, accordingly, softens it and eliminates the rumble. Tubular seal prevents gaps that can cause drafts and odors.
  • Modern locking systems. All models are equipped with two locks, which are installed in a protective pocket inside the door leaf and a euro-lock. Cylindrical locks in premium models are reinforced with a mortise armor plate, which excludes the possibility of breaking the lock.
  • Doors are equipped with hinges with support bearing, which are resistant to abrasion and ensure that the door leaf does not sag or creak over time. For the installation of the hinges, anti-shear nuts are used, which prevent them from being cut. But even if suddenly, someone succeeds in doing this, two anti-removable latches are provided inside the canvas, which will not allow you to remove the door.

Plus, all products are equipped with many additional options, which is important for a reasonable price..

The option “Box sheathing” allows you to refine the doorway, close its metal parts with decorative material. Also, in all Etalon doors, the lock zone can be strengthened. The peculiarity of this option is the double thickness of the metal in the places where the locks are installed and the entry of the pins, which allows the blade to resist when trying to forcefully break.


Gone are the days when the front door represented only protection and reliability. In recent years, in connection with the updating of stylish interior solutions, manufacturers have been tasked with creating not only a high-quality product, but also a beautiful one..

Interior and exterior decorative overlays are made of MDF. These are compressed wood fibers, for which carbide resins are used as a binder. It is thanks to the resin that MDF becomes durable and practical. The process of its manufacture allows you to make overlays with any pattern, be it a carving or a volumetric pattern..

Etalon plant offers its customers a huge selection of decorative overlays, there are about 500 options in more than 30 colors.

Everyone will be able to choose the configuration they need, suitable for any interior. The collection also includes models with metal moldings, mirrors, double-glazed windows and forged grilles..

  • With metal molding. A 5-10 mm wide metal plate acts as a molding, this is an excellent addition to MDF overlays. The molding can be both vertical and horizontal, which contributes to an optical increase in the height or volume of the room.
  • With mirror. A door with a mirror is a godsend for small or walk-through corridors. After all, looking at yourself before leaving is a habit of many.
  • With glass unit and forging. As a rule, such doors are chosen as street doors. In the manufacture of the canvas, it uses impact-resistant glass. Forging is not only an elegant decoration, it also helps to protect glass.

Buyers’ opinion

Most of the reviews about Etalon are negative, but they did not concern the quality of the products, but the quality of service and installation:

  • non-fulfillment of obligations in terms of production time;
  • poor work of dispatchers who do not warn customers about the changed delivery conditions;
  • unprofessional work of installers, and as a result, defects that sometimes require dismantling the door.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that this is exactly the case when the reputation of a product is spoiled by the human factor. Nevertheless, Etalon door manufacturers do not despair, they adhere to the following slogan: “Let nothing limit the buyer’s imagination when choosing entrance doors”, well, perhaps common sense.

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