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Home protection is the main concern of any family. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good front door, which, in addition to its protective properties, must have a beautiful appearance. It must comply with international safety requirements and have a high degree of thermal insulation.

It is also important to have high-quality interior doors in the apartment, which are designed to protect rooms from drafts, noise and extraneous sounds. They help create personal space, contributing to the creation of a cozy and comfortable environment..

It is the company “Gefest” that manufactures interior and exterior doors that meet all quality standards.

About company

The Russian company “Gefest” is engaged in wholesale and retail trade in various construction products. She has vast experience in the trade field, and therefore cooperates with many domestic and foreign companies..

Basically, “Hephaestus” specializes on the sale and installation of entrance and interior doors. Due to its professionalism, the company offers a wide range of products, customer service, consultation with potential buyers and the conscientious performance of its duties..

The company differs from other manufacturers by its high quality, as well as numerous services that can be used by all buyers. Experienced specialists will carry out all the necessary measurements and carry out installation work.

When purchasing products, customers receive a long-term guarantee and a contract in which the customer undertakes to fulfill all declared obligations.


The Gefest company offers its customers to purchase entrance or interior doors of any complexity and design. Among the variety of models, the buyer can always find an option that is ideal for his apartment..

Types of products:

  • Fireproof have a high level of protection of any premises from the penetration of fire. Their designs are equipped with several degrees of protection that contribute to the product’s resistance to fire, smoke and gas. Thus, no dangerous factors will penetrate the premises and harm the people and things inside. The peculiarity of aluminum structures is that they are made of durable and high quality materials that meet all safety requirements. They are equipped with an anti-smoke insert, which ensures complete tightness and protection against the penetration of fire and smoke into the room. Depending on the model, they can have different degrees of fire resistance, which can withstand negative factors for half an hour, an hour and 90 minutes..

All products are specially tested for fire safety, and therefore have quality certificates. They can be installed in any room, be it a city apartment or a warehouse..

  • Cold best suited for indoor installations that do not require thermal insulation. It is ideal for offices and shops. They have a lightweight design that is able to maintain their proportions for a long time. Distinguish between classic, sliding and folding doors.

  • Warm designed to protect your home from intruders. These entrance doors are made of aluminum, therefore they have not only high reliability, but also thermal insulation..

  • With thermal break help to ensure the safety of the home and prevent cold, drafts and high temperatures from entering the interior. Their design features have the property of not accumulating condensate, which keeps the product from damage. The door heating is powered by electricity.

  • Glass have a visually light appearance and consist of an aluminum profile and a glass unit. Products are produced with stained glass, frosted and tinted glass, which allows you to decorate any interior with them. They are suitable for installation in an apartment, house and even in a bathhouse..


When choosing entrance and interior doors, many people base their choice on wooden structures, considering them to be more reliable and safe. However, modern technologies make it possible to replace wood with other high-quality materials, one of which is aluminum..

Aluminum doors are environmentally friendly and safe products that are distinguished by their strength and durability. They tolerate changes in temperature and humidity well and do not require special care..

Products of the company “Gefest” differ increased stability, strength and reliability. For their creation, high quality materials are used that do not react to negative environmental influences. These include corrosion, moisture, fire and sunlight..

These doors are easy to install and simple to operate. After installation, they will not require additional maintenance, except for periodic wet cleaning..

In addition, they have a decorative beautiful appearance. Therefore, among the variety of models, you can choose the desired design that will match the style of the building or room..


The products of the Gefest company are in great demand among buyers and many construction companies. Thanks to her conscientious attitude to work, she has won the trust of customers who have been using Hephaestus products for several years..

Buyers note that the entrance and interior doors from this manufacturer meet all the declared characteristics and protect the home well from external negative factors. The aluminum entrance doors are stable, the locks do not jam and the hinges do not creak. Interior products help isolate the space from extraneous noise and draft penetration into the room.

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