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Intekron is the market leader in the production of steel doors. Using the latest engineering developments, modern technological equipment and relying on twenty years of experience, the company has gained popularity both among Russian consumers and abroad..

Construction device

The entrance door consists of a steel frame, equipped with additional longitudinal stiffeners – with built-in anti-slip plates, installed at an angle to the supporting parts of the frame. They are designed to strengthen the insulation with which the frame is laid..

On one side there is a built-in pocket of locks, separated from the door by a steel partition – to prevent insulation from getting into the locks and failing. On both sides, the frame of the door leaf is sheathed with steel sheets, on which decorative panels are applied. The door frame consists of a steel profile, encased with steel plates, a seal is laid around the perimeter. The door is equipped with main and additional locks.


The company’s specialists guarantee high reliability and durability of products, which achieved due to the following technological conditions:

  • The thickness of the steel sheet is at least 2mm.
  • Mineral wool is used as an insulating material, the density of which is at least 11 kg per cubic meter..
  • All models use a high-quality seal that will not allow noise and odors to enter the apartment..

  • Corrosion protection of the door metal is ensured by expensive powder coating. This makes the door resistant to mechanical stress and weather conditions..
  • Reinforcement of the corners of the door leaf and frame increases burglary resistance and prevents deformation of the product during operation.
  • Installing only high quality expensive locks that are durable and provide reliable protection.

Types of finishes

Steel doors “Intekron” are decorated in several ways, which allows you to choose a product for any style of the apartment or the facade of a country house.


  • Decorative forging – a wonderful decoration of a steel door, which is made by hand and has a unique pattern. To give the effect of antiquity, a patina can be applied to the metal, which imitates abrasions, which looks very impressive.
  • Finishing with a second steel sheet, on which patterns and relief designs can be made. Painted inserts are used, which are framed with stainless steel.

Laser cutting on the outer sheet looks very unusual – using a polished substrate. Often two metals are combined (for example, polished and painted), they lie in different planes and due to this create the effect of volume.

  • Looks unusual combination of perforated top sheet and bottom mirror. The use of triplex, finished with polished stainless steel, creates the effect of a precious stone. The thickness of the additional sheet decorating the main sheet varies from 1.9 to 3 mm, which gives the product additional strength and makes its appearance very effective.
  • Overhead elements made of 2 mm steel with ornate designs and a variety of patterns.

Glass finish

  • A window as a decorative element of a steel door looks beautiful in combination with a lattice made by laser cutting or forging.
  • Stained glass with a pattern applied to it will provide good lighting from the street, decorate the facade and indicate the delicate taste of the owners of the house.

Decorative panels

  • Laminated MDF Panels, made in the form of a volumetric pattern and imitating natural wood of valuable species – the most demanded type of decoration. It is versatile and affordable.

Thanks to the use of multi-colored lamination films, combined models are made that combine several colors at once. This technology significantly expands the range and makes it possible to choose a door for any (even the most unusual) interior.

  • Milled models available in combination with mirrored surfaces or forging elements. They look very impressive and visually expand the space..


Steel entrance and interior doors of the Intekron company are distinguished not only by their presentable and solid appearance, but also by their high reliability, durability, and burglary resistance..

Great attention is paid to the safety of the room in which the door will be installed.

The company’s specialists use the latest developments in the field of burglary resistance in the production of doors, due to which all products manufactured by Intekron are distinguished by a high level of protection..

To increase the level of strength and reliability, the following auxiliary elements are used:

  • Armored linings are installed on the cylinder mechanism from the outside of the door and reliably protect it from burglary attempts.

  • A rotating carbon insert in the body of the armor plate will reliably prevent drilling.
  • The fastening screws are made in a through version, which will not allow you to break the door.
  • Armor pads are made in a shape that makes it impossible to grip with a tool.
  • Bulletproof eyes installed on the doors will prevent them from being knocked out of short-barreled weapons.
  • Armored steel plates, which are installed between the outer door panel and the lock, will protect individual parts of the lock structure from drilling.


Steel doors “Intekron” are equipped with the following useful devices:

  • Eyes. An important functional detail that allows you to view the outside space (distance – up to 5 m). The Leo and Armadillo eyes do this easily. For more effective observation of what is happening outside, periscopic eyes are used, which are capable of providing an overview of up to 200 degrees.

  • Observing from a distance of 5 cm from the peephole in low ambient light will allow high-aperture model. The most convenient is the video peephole, which allows you to watch what is happening from the side of the door. Wide angle cameras broadcast information to the big screen.
  • Gate valves, spinner – popular parts of door hardware, not only performing the function of locking the door, but also being independent elements of door decor.
  • Closers and knocking (door knockers). The former help the door to close smoothly, while the latter perform an exclusively decorative function..


The company produces not only traditional single-leaf, but also double-leaf models, which are distinguished by the presence of an additional door leaf. One of the doors of such a door is considered inoperative, it is additionally equipped with upper and lower latches – for fixing in the closed position. The second is working. There are options with both a blank canvas and glass.

The products are used in openings that are wider than the dimensions of a single-leaf door.

Originality of products

There are a lot of counterfeits, so manufacturers are forced to use the following degrees of protection, confirming the authenticity of products:

  • the logo is placed in the upper corner of the front part;
  • the presence of the brand name is mandatory on the end part of the door leaf;
  • availability of a technical passport, which is attached to each model – indicating the serial number and production date;
  • the keys are placed in a special sealed package.

Customer Reviews

Consumers highly appreciate the quality of Intekron doors, especially the following positive points are noted:

  • The thickness of steel sheets is at least 2 mm, which increases the strength of the door and its resistance to deformation.
  • High class locks securely protect the premises.
  • The presence of high-quality seals does not allow foreign smells and noises to enter the room.

  • Due to the reinforced frame of the structure, it is impossible to bend the leaf or turn out the door frame. The presence of armored protective elements increases the burglary resistance of products.
  • Beautiful modern design.
  • The disadvantage is the high price of products.

How doors are made "Intecreon", you will see in the next video.

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