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Each person uses this irreplaceable thing a thousand times a day and practically does not notice it. She firmly entered the life of a modern person, this product protects and protects his home from uninvited guests. The most ordinary door has become a necessary element of any room. A person in their own home behind strong doors feels safe, which is why it is so important to choose durable models. Each owner strives to ensure that the doors have an interesting design. These are the qualities that Novy Mir doors possess..


By the doors you can judge about the owner of the house, about his wealth. Therefore, many strive to purchase high-quality, strong, beautifully designed products in order to proudly open the doors to guests..

Such products can be divided into two types: entrance and interior.


The entrance doors are chosen especially carefully. This is the face of the whole house. They should be distinguished by strength, moisture resistance, fire resistance, reliability and beauty. Various types of wood, metal, fiberglass and stainless steel are used in their production..

For front, entrance doors, it is very important what kind of locks they have. There are electronic or mechanical models to choose from. The manufacturer of doors “Novy Mir”, when creating their construction and decoration, takes into account the design and style of the building for which the products are intended..


Such doors are presented in a wide range. Considering that the product will be located indoors, when choosing, you need to pay attention to its environmental friendliness. It is important to choose such models that will match the style and characteristics of the room. For example, the door to the kitchen is different from the product to the bedroom or bathroom..

Such products are created from wood or its combined species.. They can be covered with veneer or laminate, depending on the client’s wishes. Of course, the cost of solid wood products will be higher than the price of the combined model. Additionally, you can order noise or heat insulation.

For beauty and convenience, many owners choose built-in stained-glass windows – they are suitable for interior options.

Doors are also distinguished according to the principle of opening – stable type, swing or swinging.

Selection features

In order to choose the right door model, you must first decide what it will be – entrance or interior. Then the material from which it will be made is selected. Next, the design is thought over, all the features of the room where the product will be installed are taken into account.

It is worth consulting with a specialist if a non-standard product is purchased. When going to approve an order, it is advisable to immediately decide on the accessories (handles, locks). If you wish, you can order any element for the door that will make it individual and unique..

If the product is ordered according to individual measurements, it is better to invite the master to your home so that he himself makes the correct measurements. It is also important to decide in advance with the master or the brigade..

You should not install the door personally, as inexperience in this difficult matter can lead to the fact that over time the product will deform, then it will break..

If a person wants to purchase a ready-made copy, then it is enough just to choose the desired option from the presented.

Specialist recommendations

In order for the door to function correctly, certain rules must be observed when designing it:

  1. Do not order a copy of more than 2 m 30 cm.To install doors that are too large, you will have to use decorative panels with imitation of the product.
  2. The fabric should not be too thin.
  3. The door leaf (two- or three-leaf) should not be less than 300 mm.
  4. Do not install a double-glazed window in the door more than 1 m or 1 m 20 cm.
  5. If the product has a handle, it is not worth ordering one electromechanical lock – a second mechanical lock must be installed with it.

Customer Reviews

Having considered the reviews of the owners of the “New World” models, it can be noted that usually consumers are satisfied with the quality of the products themselves and the work of the masters in their installation.

However, there are people who have come across products with defects. They complain that the coating will peel off, the product is deformed, and the locks do not work. Some of the reviews are negative. Buyers are dissatisfied not with the product, but with the team that performed the installation – the doors were not built very well. However, usually the reviews are positive – both about entrance and interior models..

It is worth considering all these simple rules related to the selection and installation..

Products “New World” will easily fit into the interior and give a feeling of security and comfort.

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