Doors-pencil cases

Doors-pencil cases

Recently, it has become possible to save the interior space of apartments and houses by installing sliding door structures instead of traditional swing doors. One of their varieties is a pencil case door. This door system is designed in such a way that the sash, when opened, completely slides into the wall-mounted pencil case. As a result, the door practically does not take up space and does not interfere with the placement of different furniture on these square meters. When closed, the door performs its original function, that is, it closes the opening, and at the same time solves the problem of forming a new space with a unique interior.

Features and Benefits

A pencil case door is a sliding structure that functions with a special case mounted in the wall. It hides the entire door leaf, so that the door does not swing open as usual.

Shit-pencil case not only differs from other options, it has many other advantages:

  • significant savings in usable space – no space is needed to close it. The area occupied by the swing door was previously considered dead, now the door slides to the side and in the place that it saves, now you can even put furniture or use it differently, nothing will stop it;
  • installation of the structure does not imply the installation of a door threshold;
  • safety of use – no need to be afraid to hit an open door, as when using a swing system;
  • good fixation in the opening – it will not slam down from a draft, you can leave it in a slightly open position;
  • uncomplicated maintenance – ease of installation and dismantling of the guides allows you to easily repair and replace;
  • silent operation;

  • automatic door opening is possible;
  • simple installation with the condition that the requirements for the installation of this system are met;
  • a variety of canvases decor, a rich assortment of accessories;
  • stylish design;
  • long service life, if all the conditions for the quality of materials and installation are met;
  • originality: the pencil case door is an original novelty that can surprise everyone.

Like any complex system, the pencil case door has some disadvantages:

  • low sound and heat insulation of the entire structure;
  • installation work without special knowledge and experience is difficult to do on your own, it is better to turn to professionals;
  • more expensive installation, if we compare the installation of a standard door, self-installation will save you money;
  • dust accumulates, which can be removed with a vacuum cleaner;
  • wear of the rollers, but after a while they can be replaced.

Construction and materials

The door-pencil case is completed with a ready-made cassette-case, often sold separately from it. If, in order to save money, you purchased a door without a cassette, you will have to make it yourself. Installation of a cassette for a sliding structure is possible subject to the necessary condition: the dimensions of the opening must be twice the size of the door leaf. Only then will it hide in the inner space of the pencil case or cassette.

The structure is made in the form of a metal and wood guide rail, which is equipped with rollers. It is on it that the canvas is installed, and the movement is carried out along the guide. The different cassette configurations depend on the door leaf design. Cassettes are made of plywood, wood, plasterboard.

After the pencil case is installed and the door fits into it, you can begin work on finishing and masking this structure so that it is not visible at all.

This can be done in different ways:

  • drywall;
  • plywood;
  • plaster;
  • in another way or material.

The finish completely hides the pencil case, which can be done with wallpaper, tiles, or in some other way. Everything will depend on the prevailing style in the house..

Complete set of the pencil case:

  • canvas;
  • pencil case for hiding the door;
  • motion limiter;
  • door handles;
  • rollers.

An important element of the mechanism is a guide, along which the sash moves. It can be installed in different ways..

Guides are:

  • upper – the most common, used in the case of a light canvas;
  • combined – used for heavy doors.

Experts do not recommend fixing the rail profile only at the bottom, so the movement will not be smooth when opening.


Doors with sliding systems are divided into two main types.

Single leaf

Such a system is used under the condition of a small opening, if its width is not more than one meter. The single-leaf cassette is fixed to the ceiling or wall; in this version, you do not need to install a door frame.


If the doorway is wide – more than one meter, a double-leaf design is required. This design is characterized by the installation of a double cassette: that is, a separate one is installed for each sash, the canvases have their own cases. And one guide connects them together.


The designs of the niche itself for placing the door leaf may differ depending on the design features of the wall where the door will slide. There are two fundamentally different options here: this is a load-bearing wall of a house or a wall that is not load-bearing.


It is on such a wall that the frame of the building is held. Therefore, violation of this design can lead to disaster. A niche is simply completed to such a wall, making a frame made of metal or wood. Then this structure must be closed with plasterboard, followed by finishing in any way for masking. This can be wallpaper, paint, or any other type of finish..


The non-load-bearing wall used for fastening the cassette must be dismantled. Simply put, it just needs to be destroyed, and in its place a partition with a built-in niche should be erected exactly according to the dimensions of the door leaf. This design is called a false wall, it contains a cassette for a one-leaf or two-leaf sliding door. This technique makes it possible to leave the same wall thickness, which allows you to save the maximum number of useful square meters in the space of the room..

Sliding mechanisms

Sliding mechanisms are:

  • Closed type – it is installed inside the false wall during its construction, where the cassette for the sliding door is also mounted. The design of the mechanism has a certain size, so it makes the wall a little wider, but the useful space obtained during the hiding of the door to the cassette more than compensates for this disadvantage. In the load-bearing wall, such a mechanism is mounted in an attached pencil case, the structures of which are sewn up with plasterboard;
  • Open type – the external mechanism, together with the guide, is installed along the outside wall, along which the door leaf moves.


According to the methods of opening, the door-cases are divided into automatic and mechanized. Door leaves, which weigh up to one hundred kilograms, can be set in motion in one of the following ways:

  • Pencil door possible connect to automation: The opening mechanism is activated after reacting to an approaching person or group of people. Operation of the automated door requires an electrical connection, but it can also be operated from a battery. The scheme of work involves a rather serious load. Automated sliding structures are found in large shopping centers and supermarkets. A similar mechanism works almost silently, door models vary in size and finish.
  • If the room is not so intense loads, you can use mechanical method. Mechanized structures are installed in residential buildings and offices.

Interior pencil systems can work successfully and correctly if the wall on which the entire structure is attached is sufficiently flat. If it is not, its surface has bulges, cracks and other irregularities, it is necessary to level it. Only then can the pencil case be installed. It is better to build this system with the help of professionals. So the structure will not break and will not fail in the near future from unprofessional actions during installation..

Consumer reviews for such doors are mostly positive. Basically, everyone notes how much more spacious it has become in the house after installing the pencil case door. True, many talk about a high price, but at the same time they understand that the design is worth it, the product has been used for a long time and are very satisfied with it. They also note the durability and strength of a similar model..

And of course, the main positive feature of such doors is convenience and compactness..

How to install a pencil case door is shown in detail in the video.

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