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Doors “Rada” is the undoubted leader among Russian manufacturers of interior doors, which has been successfully operating in the market for a little over 10 years. It is distinguished by a wide assortment – the assortment includes 11 collections with more than 200 models, and a modern approach that designers use when creating new collections.

About company

The Russian factory “Rada” has been producing interior doors and related materials since 2006. In just over a decade, she managed to become one of the largest companies in the production of high-quality and stylish paintings. In addition to interior doors, its range includes wall panels and sliding partitions..

What distinguishes Rada doors is stylish exterior design, use of natural and high quality materials and reliability. Brand doors are sold in 215 cities of Russia and abroad in company showrooms and official dealers.

The production is located in the city of Ulyanovsk, but there is also an official representative office of the brand in Moscow.


The door brand “Rada” is widely known not only for its stylish collections, but also for its high quality products. The company gained its fame thanks to following its philosophy: to make doors for people and their homes. At the head of everything, she puts humanity, comfort and reliability, and, of course, the stylish external design of the models.. Among the features of this brand are:

  • A wide assortment in which different styles are presented: classic, modern, modern, minimalism, hi-tech and mixed directions;
  • Doors “Rada” are covered with natural or eco-veneer. There are no canvases made of 100% solid wood in her collection;
  • Fame. People are used to trusting companies they hear about. “Rada” is one of them;
  • Average pricing policy. The products cannot be called cheap, but also not too expensive. The average price for a canvas is about 15,000 rubles;
  • Promotions and discounts that the company regularly pampers its customers with. Thanks to this system, you can buy doors at a very competitive price;
  • Warranties and service are what also distinguish Rada products. The company gives an extended warranty: standardly – 1 year and 2 years as a guarantee from the factory itself.

The advantages of the brand can be added to the regular updating of collections: new models, shades, decor.

Here you will find modern and unique production technologies, materials and developments like triplex glass – a durable and safe material for the design and decoration of canvas. “Rada” uses environmentally friendly and safe materials for covering canvases, including natural and eco-veneer.


The brand presents interior doors, wall panels and sliding partitions. Interior doors are presented in 11 collections from strict classics to bold modern. Let’s consider them further.


The “talking” name of the series hints at the involvement of nature in the creation of this collection. It includes 10 veneered sheets, each of which has a unique pattern on the surface. The model “Rain” personifies the element of water: on the facade of the door there is a cascade of light inclined lines. “Stone” – an even, smooth canvas with a slight gloss.

Doors of the “Nature” series are created by human and machine hands – the latest automated equipment. For cladding models, natural wood veneer is used – a thin cut of valuable wood species. The door image is completed with a 70 mm or 100 mm flat casing.


The model range of this collection includes 5 canvases with linear motifs. Each canvas is not just a boring panel, but a real work of design art. Symmetrical or asymmetrical lines on the facade of the door emphasize the minimalism of the monochromatic model and turn it into the main accent in the room. As for color, pastel colors are used here: white, beige, gray, 11 shades in total.


This is a relatively new collection inspired by classic concepts. The lineup is represented by only 3 doors exclusively in pastel shades. Soft tones can be complemented with patina decor in one of three shades: gold, silver or bronze.

Brand designers advise combine the white shade of the canvas (white enamel) with a golden or silver patina, beige – with bronze. In addition to canvases, the Antique collection includes wall panels and original patinated platbands..


The modern collection is based on geometry – strict forms and straight lines. This series is ideal for modern and dynamic interiors in the city, where it is important to create an unrivaled style. The canvas has a glass insert of black, graphite, white, beige or dark brown, graphite or bronze shades. Gthe glossy insert can be placed horizontally or vertically, and it precisely divides the canvas in half.

This series is unique in the colors of paintings in coffee shades: “Americano”, “Espresso”, “Mocco ice”, “Ice cream” and snow-white “Enamel”. Recently, the collection has been replenished with new natural shades: beige “Latte” and “Caramello”, brown “Mountain oak” and “Cappuccino”, gray “Menange Gray”.


The collection can be summed up in two words: conservatism and minimalism. The strict form of the canvas and triplex glass, natural shades and premium quality are what these canvases have embodied. In the facing of each of them – veneer, inside – solid pine. Glossy glass is used as a decor: snow-white, white or black with diamond engraving. Triplex glass is distinguished by safety, high density and high cost in the external design.

The canvas of the “Marko” series can be dull, then a modern accent is given to it by aluminum moldings – thin metal stripes on the facade, located horizontally.


Trending canvases are distinguished by the conical shape of the panels, which gives the canvas volume and an unusual shade (due to the play of light). The lineup is represented by 6 models: a pair of “deaf” and with glass inserts. Doors “Polo” are ideal for interior in the style of minimalism or “high-tech”.

In the canvases of this series, 8 mm triplex glass is used, which consists of two glasses glued together. On impact, it does not crumble into small fragments, retains its integrity due to its high strength.


Doors made of natural veneer combine three current trends: modernity, minimalism in design and environmentally friendly materials in decoration. The lineup is represented by 4 canvases: two deaf and two with glass. For the decoration of such a canvas, tinted Belgian glass 4 mm thick is used, which has a rich deep shade..

Thin aluminum moldings are used to decorate the “blank” canvas. But there is a model without embellishment.


Modern classics embodied the classic forms of canvas and minimalism inherent in today’s interior. Doors of this series are distinguished by a laconic design and a minimum of decor in decoration.. There is used glass, it is exclusively matt satin with diamond engraving. Despite the adherence to the classics, this collection contains many atypical shades for it – “Gray oak”, Mocha ice “,” Double black “and other coffee and wood shades.


The classic collection is represented by canvases in natural colors. The outer coating of these models is natural veneer (ash, oak, sapele, makore). Each canvas can be accompanied by one of four platbands: a classic figured one with or without a crossbar, a platband with capitals made of natural veneer or solid hardwood.

Wooden canvases of this series exactly reflect the good old classics: strict forms, monochromatic wood texture and ideal proportions. Here you will find “blank” doors and with glass, which is adorned with decorative glass with diamond engraving..

For glazing, white or tinted satin or stained glass with facets is used.


It is customary to associate modern with strict forms and modern minimalism, but this is not always correct. The “Modern” series is a rounded canvas, discreet decor and soft, exceptionally natural shades. There are no strict rectangular lines in these doors and even a slight asymmetry is noted, which creates a homeliness..

If we talk about the platbands of this series, then there are two types: semicircular and curly. Models with glass can have one-piece or partial glazing.


This collection is versatile and practical. It cannot be designated in a certain style – it is suitable for completing the image of any room. Natural veneer of valuable tree species is used for facing the canvases – oak, wenge and walnut.


About the doors “Rada” speak differently. In positive reviews, buyers note a moderately large assortment. On the one hand, it is large – 11 collections with several hundred models. On the other hand, it is quite enough to make the right choice. Doors “Rada” are distinguished by their high quality, which is noticed even by a non-professional.

Among the negative reviews, there is a lot of information about poor-quality installation and delayed delivery times. But this is exclusively the fault of the sellers, dealers and installers. If we talk directly about the factory and its work, it is almost flawless..

Doors “Rada” are of high quality. They serve for ten years or longer, depending on the operating conditions. Buyers note that even the bathroom door looks great in 10 years. There is no need to talk about interroom, they always look like new.

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