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Since doors are the first thing people see before entering a room, the stylish and trendy décor inside will not make a chic impression if the door does not match it. Some of the most striking examples of doors are the products of the Sofia factory. These are Hot Couture products on the door market, the level of which is recognized in the homeland of high design – in Italy..


The Sofia factory makes custom-made modern, presentable doors for elite interiors. These doors are made from imported Italian materials, developed in our own design laboratory Sofia lab and pass the highest quality standardization.

Famous designers from Italy cooperate with the factory on an ongoing basis:

  • Garcia Cumin is the author of the Sofia style since 2012;
  • Franco Poli – one of the professors of the Venice Academy of Arts;
  • Riccardo Giovanetti – the author of the company’s showrooms, also representing the factory’s exposition at the Trienalle Art Museum (Milan);
  • Egidio Panzera – the developer of the main style directions “Sophia”.

It is the presence of famous names in the design world on the staff of the company that makes it possible to talk about the exclusivity and recognition of the products of this domestic brand. Today you can find analogues of some door leaves and materials produced by the Sofia factory. However, on the Russian market there is no manufacturer who could repeat the design findings, color presentation of products and the quality of coatings inherent in this brand..

Since the service life of the door is largely influenced by the quality of the installation, the engineers of the Sophia factory have developed a unique technology for making the door frame from various materials virtually on a turnkey basis, that is, with cuts, fitting grooves and processed edges of platbands. Also, a feature of the production of doors “Sofia” is the fact that hinges and locks on door leaves are installed directly at the factory. Thus, the door purchased by the buyer is almost completely ready for installation..


Modern trends in interior decoration have led to the emergence of interesting engineering solutions that allow you to save space by abandoning the traditional approach to opening doors..

Factory “Sofia” offers the following fashionable designs of door systems:

  • Sliding doors, which are presented in the following varieties:
    1. Doors – “pencil case”, the canvas of which, during opening, moves inside the door frame, built into the wall;
    2. compartment doors that have a hidden modification from this manufacturer, the mechanism of which is hidden behind a decorative wall box;
    3. “Magic”, a distinctive feature of which is the arrangement of guides in the door leaf, which gives the impression of sliding the door through the air;
    4. “Mystery”, hiding the mechanism of the mobile system inside the door leaf, leaving for the viewer only an aluminum decorative strip, which is the upper guide;
    5. Folding door, also called “compact” or “accordion”. This door is equipped with a mechanism due to which the door leaf folds into two equal halves and saves usable space..
    6. Door-“book”, when opened, which is assembled inside the doorway in two asymmetric parts and moves to the side thanks to a hidden mechanism.
    7. Roto, or rotary door, when opened, the door remains in the opening, moving perpendicular to one of the sides.

    • Doors that replace the interior partition. There can be from two to four canvases – this is the so-called “cascade of sliding doors”, which, when opened, moves inside the doorway by means of the upper guides and a mechanism hidden in the canvases.

    • “Invisible”, or hidden doors, which are often referred to as “invisible”. Such structures are installed in a special coplanar box, flush with the wall and without the use of platbands.

    • Classic, or swing doors.

    Dimensions (edit)

    Door leaves from the Sofia factory can be made in accordance with both the European Union standards and the GOST of the Russian Federation. This means that they can have the usual height of 2100 mm in the EU, and are produced in widths from 600 mm to 900 mm. For doorways with Russian dimensions, you can choose doors with a height of 1900 mm or 2000 mm and a minimum width of 550 mm.

    Thus, the buyer, if desired, can choose the following dimensions of the door leaf:

    • 550 mm / 1880 mm;
    • 600 mm / 1900 mm;
    • 600 (900) mm / 2000 mm;
    • 600 (900) mm / 2100 mm.

    A feature of this brand is production of doors with a height of 2300 mm. Also, for some collections there is the possibility of producing a door leaf with a width of 1000 mm. In the Skyline collection, the height of door leaves can reach 3500 mm, thus the door occupies the entire height of the wall and reaches the level of the ceiling, expanding the space and creating non-standard design proportions of visiting.

    It is possible to purchase door panels of non-standard sizes, this point should be additionally discussed when ordering. Since the data may differ for each collection, it is advisable to agree on a style solution even at the stage of erecting doorways. The thickness of the door leaves is 35 mm.

    On the site of the company “Sofia” there is an opportunity to contact a manager who will provide recommendation sheets for all options for door systems or interior door partitions.

    Materials (edit)

    At the heart of the design of Sophia brand door leaves is LVL-timber, which is a modern building material made of softwood veneer. Due to the large number of pressed veneer layers and the transverse arrangement of wood fibers in each layer, this material turns out to be very durable and surpasses solid wood in physical and mechanical characteristics..

    The door base is coated with a material such as HDF (high strength fiberboard), which replaces the usual MDF from this manufacturer. Preference is given to HDF precisely due to its higher density, since in terms of other indicators this material no longer differs from MDF, being just as environmentally friendly.

    Particularly noteworthy are the coating materials used for cladding door panels:

    • Veneer, which is a thin cut of valuable wood species. The Sophia factory uses top grade white ash and oak veneer, which is selected for the “shirt” of each door using a computer, so that the level of matching in shade and structure is ideal.

    • Cortex, the name of which means “bark”. Sophia is the only Russian manufacturer that works with real cortex, which is high quality polypropylene and is produced in Japan. Exclusive Japanese cortex has rich colors and a high level of durability due to the additional coating.

    Doors in such a cortex are not afraid of pets’ claws, moisture and perfectly convey the pattern and texture of a living tree. At the same time, Japanese-made cortex is recognized as environmentally friendly and is used in medicine and in the food industry..

    • Acrylate, which is a varnish produced on the basis of acrylic, but with some differences, for example, increased strength and hiding power.

    • “Silk”, which is a finishing material, feels and looks identical to the real fabric. This coating was developed and produced in Germany, and has, in addition to a noble gloss, rich color and high strength, which allows it to be used for finishing door leaves..

    Glass is often used as inserts in Sophia door leaves. It can be different in color, beveled or engraved. The strength of the glass is ensured by the peculiarities of its structure, since the manufacturer uses such a modern development as glass-triplex. The presence of a special film between two layers of tempered glass additionally strengthens it and does not allow fragments to scatter even in the event of a direct impact. Glass options can be varied:

    • Matte;
    • Transparent;
    • Mirrored;
    • Glass satinato;
    • Glossy mirrored glasses.


    Covering of door leaves made at the Sofia door factory is distinguished by a special recognizable elegance. This impression is the result of painstaking work of designers and technologists. It can take up to six months to develop some shades of veneer, but the final result turns out to be exclusive, since it will not be possible to find similar shades from other manufacturers.

    Colors in which veneered door leaves are presented:

    • Oak can be:
    1. rustic;
    2. bleached;
    3. natural;
    4. light;
    5. ombre oak;
    6. glam;

    • Ash is painted in the following colors:
    1. White;
    2. beige;
    3. black;
    4. beige.

    • The following veneer names are unique:
    1. cantata;
    2. habanera;
    3. baroque;
    4. rhapsody;
    5. eclectic
    6. bleckdandy;
    7. country and many others.

    • The innovative cortex material is available in colors that mimic the bark of natural wood or various surfaces:
    1. Sandal;
    2. Wenge;
    3. Canaletto walnut;
    4. White maple;
    5. Jersey;
    6. Linen, etc..

    • Acrylate coatings can have colors:
    1. Carnelian (glossy varnish);
    2. Jasper;
    3. Opal or ivory;
    4. Classic white lacquer.

    • An unusual, spectacular surface called silk is available in the following shades:
    1. Black silk;
    2. Silk gray;
    3. Ash silk.

    • The color options of the glass used for the inserts are very interesting. At the request of the customer, you can install transparent, opaque, mirror or frosted (satinato) glass of the following shades:
    1. Bronze;
    2. Silver;
    3. Silver-bronze;
    4. Black

    All elements of the door frame and plinth are made in the same color and texture as the door leaf itself, which creates a single harmonious element of the interior.

    Which is better?

    It is rather difficult to determine which of the Sofia door models is the best, since the quality of workmanship is of a high level for each product of this brand, and the style solution depends on the preferences of the individual buyer.

    In order to facilitate the choice, the manufacturer offers door leaves, the design of which is developed within the framework of complete collections.. To date, this brand has created 8 collections:

    • A distinctive feature of the door leaves of the “Original” collection are vertical glass inserts, which can have different widths..
    • “Classic” is distinguished by paneled inserts, which can be either wood or glass. The relationship between the inserts is unique, as are the shapes in which they are made.
    • “Rainbow” – these are colored doors covered with bright acrylate and do not have inserts.
    • “Rain” – these are three-dimensional drawings on a glass sheet, imitating the flowing streams of rain. Such door leaves with inserts are unique and produced only by this brand..
    • “Manigliona” is represented by unique canvases, which, as a door handle, have an elegantly shaped finishing detail that turns into a decorative strip. These are the Hot Couture doors.

    • “Smart” represents door leaves with a transverse veneering direction. Elegant glass or mirror inserts are also located across the door leaf.
    • “Rainbow” – these are colored doors covered with bright acrylate and do not have inserts.
    • Skyline offers door designs that are not limited in height. Such high doors can reach the ceiling or have a length that is convenient for the buyer..
    • “Crystal” is the author’s collection of the Garcia Cumini Associati design studio. These doors are decorated with an innovative silk coating, they combine aluminum and wood..

    How to choose?

    The innovations that distinguish the entrance systems of the Sofia factory include our own developments and patents used in the production of door openers. You can get acquainted with them in more detail in showrooms opened by this brand, and replacing traditional salon stores.

    A feature of the presentation of door systems and partitions in the showroom is their presentation in various interiors, which greatly facilitates the choice, since the buyer is able to see the selected product in all possible presentation options. The client will be able to purchase a door or partition in any of the style solutions:

    • High design interior;
    • Contemporary style;
    • Vintage style;
    • Classic style;
    • In Scandinavian;
    • Soft luxury style.

    The buyer can be offered a door leaf for painting, various options for folding doors, sliding partitions, as well as noble double-leaf doors. All handles and hinges have already been taken into account when creating this or that model, the parquet of the same company and the baseboard are matched to the door, therefore the customer is freed from the need to independently resolve these issues. Such a systematic approach to the choice of doors is unique in the domestic market for these products..

    At the moment, such a service is available to customers. exclusively in large cities. In the event that the customer does not have the opportunity to personally visit the showroom, it makes sense to use the company’s website, which presents a detailed product catalog, which includes all the information necessary for choosing. When visiting the site, it is worth calling the representatives of the company and personally discussing the points of interest. Delivery of the product to the regions can be ordered either directly from the manufacturer or through a network of dealers.

    Reviews and repairs

    When looking at the reviews on the doors of the Sofia factory, the first thing that you can pay attention to is their huge number. This fact speaks, at least, of a significant volume of sales and popularity of products of this brand..

    There are both positive and negative reviews among the reviews. Positive feedback is very noticeable about a set of doors with telescopic platbands. From the authors report that for 5 years of operation, nothing happened with locks, door panels and glass and they look like new, despite the presence of a small child or animals in the apartment. However, since the platbands of one of the doorframes strangely move away from the wall, there are still questions to the manufacturer..

    Several reviews are clearly negative, in which the doors are called “paper”, claiming that they are made of pressed paper. Since LVL-timber is indicated in the catalogs of the company as the frame material, the question arises whether the outraged buyers have purchased replicas of a well-known brand. Also among the reviews there are complaints about the work of dealers in the regions and advice, ask the company’s website for the addresses of official representative offices, so as not to communicate with unscrupulous suppliers.

    Repair of veneer or varnish, as they say in the reviews, does not cause any difficulties. In the first case, wax grout is used to remove scratches, in the second, the stain is covered with a spray varnish. In cases where the glass is loose in the door, you have to contact repair specialists, since the company does not do repairs. However, in cases where the warranty period for the product has not expired, the manufacturer replaces the loosened door with a new one..

    Most of the buyers who installed the doors of this company are satisfied with their quality and appearance, noting that they look expensive and make a good impression on guests. “Italian doors at Russian prices” – this is how the Sofia doors can be generally described, judging by the reviews

    Options in the interior of the apartment

    A holistic approach to the selection of the door structure and interior design allows you to create a harmonious and balanced interior space in rooms decorated with doors from the Sofia factory. Due to the huge number of combinations of colors and textures of the coating, the door leaves of the “Sofia” brand can be selected both for classic interior options and for ethno or techno styles..

    Elegant door leaf from the collection “Smart”, executed in a modern style, absolutely functional. Opaque glass inserts are not just a decorative element, they allow you to determine whether the light is on in the room, and, accordingly, whether someone is there. An additional plus is the fact that, thanks to glass elements, the door looks lighter, it seems to let air through itself and fits perfectly into the interior in the style of minimalism.

    The transverse arrangement of the inserts and veneer of the door covering is ideally complemented by rectangular lamps located on the steps of the stairs and designer chairs of an unusual shape.

    Collection door “Skyline”, covered with a beautifully named rustic oak veneer, is also good exclusively in modern interiors. The unusual surface emphasizes the non-standard dimensions of the door structure, which will be appropriate in a loft-style bedroom or in a living room decorated in a high-design style.

    Soft Luxury is a style that is a modern embodiment of modernity. This is the style of door leaves from the collection. “Rain”, which are decorated with vertical glass inserts, imitating the flowing streams of rain. Such a door will be appropriate both in the interior of an exquisite living room, and as a double partition in the bedroom. Well-chosen color combinations will emphasize the taste of the owners of the premises, and the uniqueness of the door leaf design will leave no doubt about their penchant for luxury.

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